Pandya Store 2nd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Gautam calms down Suman

Pandya Store 2nd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhara recalling Gautam and smiling. The kids come to help her in work. They take the utensils out. She goes to stop them. They play with the water. Dhara comes there and falls down. The kids try to hold her and fall with her. Suman comes and looks on. Shiva asks are you fine. Dhara says call me Bhabhi, not Didi, I m married to Gautam. They call her Bhabhi. She smiles. Suman says stop this drama, then this relation will break, then I will get new Bhabhi for you. Krish asks why, I like Dhara a lot. They sing a song for Dhara and dance. Gautam comes and smiles. He says most lovely and unique, wow. Krish says you married Dhara Bhabhi, she told us. They smile.

Dhara asks Suman to keep the money box. She says its the first earning of the new shop. Suman scolds her. Dhara says you have the first right on everything. She makes Suman touch the box and takes blessings. She goes. Suman smiles. Its morning, Suman sees Dhara taking care of the kids. The kids start laughing. Dhara asks why are you laughing. Shiva says Suman is finding a new bahu to get you married again. Gautam looks at Suman.

Suman says kids watch tv and say anything. Shiva says not tv, I had seen it, I got the money from the agent, you keep it. Dhara asks him to have food. Suman says you are making my kids away from me, take the food, I won’t have it. Gautam says I will see mum.

Jagat gets the files of the mill and reads it to Prafulla. Suman cries. She says I m scared to lose my kids, Dhara will take my place. She talks to Darshan’s pic. Gautam says no one can take mum’s place, your children love you a lot. Suman says I don’t say bad about her, you leave her. He says I have married her, she is my wife, how can I leave her, she is a nice girl, you know her. She asks him to go. He hugs her. She smiles.

The goon comes to the wheelshop and asks for money. Dhara says you won’t get money from this shop. The goon asks do you think we are fools, we want the money from this shop also. Gautam scolds him. He says you won’t have any right on this shop, this shop is on the road, you won’t have any rights on the earnings, go away, else we will call the police, you will get beaten and have to run away. He asks the goon to pay for the Chikki, loan and business are different things. Goon pays money. He leaves. Gautam gives the money to Dhara. She smiles. They work all day and shut the shop at night. They leave. Its morning, Dhara feeds the food to the kids. The ladies come and taunt Dhara. Dhara gets sad.

Shiva tries to lift sack. Dhara says don’t do this work, focus on studies, Gautam will be glad, stay clean, what will anyone say. The ladies ask will you have your own children or just raise your Devars, give a good news to us also, get sweets. They leave. Dhara doesn’t care. The goon says you have to pay the fine to the municipality. Every small vendor sees the municipality officers coming. They all clear their stalls and hide it. Gautam, Dhara and kids also remove the things from the stall. The kids ask Dhara to sit on the stall fast. They take the stall. Gautam smiles.

Gautam and Dhara are dancing in the pandal. Someone comes in the house to rob the jewellery.

Update Credit to: Amena

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