Pandya Store 28th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Gautam agrees for marriage

Pandya Store 28th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaki coming home. She says Prafula is saying right, you have to marry Anita, this house needs a woman, she will manage your family. He says I m not selfish to marry to make my wife a maid. She says you are thinking wrong, it will be her house, I don’t know about Prafula, if Anita does something wrong, then be ready to have this guilt. Prafula says this poison isn’t strong one to kill you. Anita says you should drink this poison, it will be a big story, better you drink this poison for my sake. Prafula thinks there is water in this bottle, if I tell this to your parents, then they will not act well, its better that I lie to them. Prafula says fine, I will drink this poison alone. She says remember, just I will have a right on Pandya store.

Some men come to meet Gautam. Kaka says he has gone out, its a festive. The man says we came to buy the shop. Kaka shouts this shop isn’t on sale. Dhara says Anita will be called an owner of the house, not a maid. He says I had promised dad to open Pandya store branches in the entire city, I can’t give time to my dreams and Anita if I marry now, will it be fine. Prafula says you will marry Gautam, I won’t give you anything, okay, go, you three drink this poison, Gautam will come running, then marriage will be fixed. Kaka threatens to beat the men. The man calls him mad. Kaka gets angry and says they are lucky that Shiva isn’t here. Gautam says I want my wife to stay as my queen. Dhara says you are thinking her dreams will end, maybe she accepts your dreams, she will get your love and consider yourself, she will be happy to get you and these lovely kids, they will love Anita a lot, you saw that Anita is sensible.

Gautam thinks. Anita says I will call Gautam and we will act to die, we won’t need to drink the poison. Dhara says there should be someone who hears your problems and supports you. She talks of a girl’s dreams. Gautam asks her to come back. She asks is it yes for marriage. Gautam says yes. His brothers dance. Kaka calls Gautam. He asks why is it so noisy. Gautam asks Dhara to talk to Kaka. Dhara says Gautam agreed to marry Anita next week, is everything fine at the shop. Kaka says its a good news, things are fine. He says Dhara gave a good news, I will not tell about these foolish men. Dhara asks Gautam to go to Prafula and tell the good news to Anita. The kids ask Dhara to accompany them. Gautam says you will come with me, I will talk to Hardik. Dhara says okay. Gautam goes to take mum’s blessings. He goes to Maa. He says someone has spread my marriage news with Anita, I wasn’t agreeing, but Dhara convinced me, I agreed for the marriage. Maa nods. He asks am I doing right. She recalls her husband’s death.

Dhara says we have to do everything together, don’t get angry on Prafula. She asks the kids to get ready. Gautam asks why is Maa tensed. She signs towards the cupboard. Gautam shows the things and asks what does she want to say. She recalls Darshan bringing a file home and asking her to read everything. She goes to get water. He gets a heart attack and faints. She runs to see him. She cries hugging him. Gautam gets the file and says you wanted this, you scared me. Anita calls Gautam. Dhara answers. Anita says he asked you to answer call, tell him not to insult me, tell me that I m going to die. Dhara asks her to listen. Anita disconnects.

Gautam checks the file. Dhara comes and says Anita had called, she is worried, she will do something. Gautam asks Maa shall I go, Anita is worried. He leaves. Maa thinks Gautam has to know this, else it will be late. Anita says Prafula won’t drink the poison, dad will drink it. She thinks Prafula shouldn’t be upset with me. Jignesh worries. Prafula’s husband comes. She asks him to stay well, look at his clothes. She sends him to wash his face. Anita asks Jignest to drink the poison. Gautam, Dhara and his brothers come to Prafula’s house. The kids meet a little girl Raavi. Shiva spoils her dress in anger. Dev scolds Shiva. Jignesh drink the poison and says something is happening. Gautam and Dhara come. Gautam asks what happened to Jignesh. Prafula asks are you ready for marriage. Gautam says yes. She hugs him. Anita smiles.

Prafula says its tomorrow’s mahurat for haldi. Gautam checks the file and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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