Pandya Store 27th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Anita apologizes to Gautam

Pandya Store 27th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhara serving the food to the kids. Shiva sits sad. She doesn’t talk to Shiva. She gets Hardik’s call. He says wheelshop is arranged. She asks him to take Kaka along, she wants to surprise Gautam. Anita gets ready and recalls Gautam. Saroj compliments her. Anita leaves. Shiva hugs Dhara. They cry. She says you have grown up, you know everything. Suman comes and looks on. Shiva says don’t get angry, I will go to school, I promise. Dhara asks really. They smile. Suman insults Dhara again. Dev says studying is good, Dhara also wants Shiva to study, its not wrong. Suman says you like books. She hugs Dev. Dhara says I have talked about your admission in some schools, you have to come. Shiva says fine, I will come, let me go and help Gautam at the shop, he is alone. Dhara says fine. He hugs her. Kids hug her. Suman says she makes sure that kids support her, she will snatch my kids.

Anita comes to the store and asks for mehendi. Gautam gets shocked seeing her and recalls everything. He asks her to go. She apologizes and says I still love you, forgive me. He says stop it, whatever had to happen is over.

Dhara touches Suman’s feet to take blessings. Suman says I bless you to go away from us, so that we get rid of you. Dhara smiles and goes. She thinks I wish the shop gets much profits. Anita asks Gautam to please forgive her. Dhara and Kaka bring the wheelshop. Kaka says you got a great idea, your hardwork will work. She says its maths, we can pay the loan well by this wheelshop earnings. Anita hugs Gautam. Gautam says leave me, what are you doing.

Gautam pushes her away. Dhara sees Anita at the store. She sees the lipstick mark on Gautam’s shirt. Gautam and Anita see Dhara. Gautam thinks Dhara may feel that Anita and I love each other. Anita goes to Dhara. She sees the stall. She says you have broken old relations, I was going to marry Gautam, don’t you miss me. Dhara says you refused to marry Gautam for the sake of money, none can forget you, Anita, you have insulted my husband, I will always remember you, I want to forget Gautam’s insult, keep meeting, I will return that insult to you. Anita leaves.

He asks are you upset. Dhara asks him to do puja on the new shop. Kaka says manage this shop, I will see Pandya store. Suman sees some girls’ pics. The man says once you select any of these girls, Gautam will leave Dhara. Shiva hears this and comes to see. The man shows many alliances.

Dhara and Gautam do the shop’s puja. Gautam smiles seeing Suman’s name on the shop. Shiva scolds the man for getting Gautam remarried. Suman says Shiva is like a saint, he is affected by Dhara. She likes two pics. She says I will show it to Gautam. The man charges 500rs. Shiva thinks to teach him a lesson. Kaka says Dhara has won heart by keeping Suman’s name for this wheelshop, Darshan used to regard Suman as Laxmi, this shop will do well. Dhara hides the lipstick mark on Gautam’s shirt. She asks him to do puja. Suman thinks none can stop me from ousting Dhara.

Dhara says I have to go home, kids would have come. Gautam asks if you shower all the love on them, what will you do when our baby comes. She looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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