Pandya Store 26th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Gautam takes a stand for Dhara

Pandya Store 26th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhara asking Kamal to show the balloon shoot game to the man. The man apologizes to her. Dhara smiles. Anita and Prafula laugh. Prafula pinches her. She says you said you want Pandya store for yourself, it will be mine. Anita says there is no difference. Prafula says there is a difference, mine is not yours. She goes. Anita thinks Pandya store will be Anita supermarket one day. Gautam comes. Shiva tells how Dhara saved Krish. Gautam hugs Krish.

He says I told you many times, don’t go with a stranger, how would I live without you. He hugs his brothers. He beats the man and gets him arrested. He asks inspector to punish the man. Lady asks did you leave the wedding invite just like that, how will you handle Ankita after marriage. Gautam thinks what’s this confusion, how will I manage my family, shop and this marriage. Prafula and Anita stop at the stall. She buys the spoilt snacks for the kids. Gautam says you were doing wrong, there is law to punish. Dhara says its right, losing loved ones is painful, fine I will not take law in my hands.

Krish smiles seeing a ride. The kids go to enjoy the ride. They insist and take Gautam. Gautam gets scared. Dhara diverts his mind by talking about his shop. She asks him to enjoy the ride. Gautam’s bag falls down. He jumps to get the bag. Everyone gets worried and comes to him. Dhara asks what’s special in this bag. Gautam says I got some clothes for mum and made pandit do the puja, I have the puja flowers, he asked me to keep the flowers near her head, if the flowers fell down then, I can’t let that happen. Anita laughs and says you have bargained well. Prafula does a drama. She puts the local stall snacks in a big shop’s bag. She says they should know that we got this from a big shop. Dhara and Hardik pray. He says we have new memories, I will never forget that day of Makar Sankranti. He recalls losing their dad.

Gautam and his dad hugs them. Hardik says uncle didn’t let us meet our dad, he encouraged me, he gave us respect, else because of our mum…. the world’s taunts would have ended us, I feel uncle is still with us and encouraging us, there is no one to make sweets in his house. Dhara says tiffin is ready, sweets are ready for them. Hardik gets a call. He says there is a short circuit at the shop, take tiffin and go to the house, Kaki is there. She says I m not mad to meet her, don’t worry.

Gautam and his brothers come home. They see many guests coming to congratulate him. The lady says I was worried that you maybe marrying Dhara, but I was relieved when I saw Anita’s name on the kite. A guy stops Dhara on the way and teases her. The lady says Dhara isn’t good to become Laxmi of the house. Gautam defends Dhara. He warns Kaki against saying this again. The guy asks Dhara for a coffee date. Dhara threatens to slap him. A lady comes and asks what’s happening here. Dhara asks Kaki to explain her, he troubles her every day. Kaki asks Dhara to understand, she is a girl, she should be careful. She lectures Dhara. The guy leaves. Dhara cries and says I have understood everyone but no one understood me. The lady says when your wife comes, she will throw out Dhara from the house. The guests leave. Dhara cries.

Prafula asks Gautam to marry Anita. He refuses to marry so soon. She emotionally blackmails him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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