Pandya Store 23rd September 2021 Written Episode Update: Gautam pacifies Dhara

Pandya Store 23rd September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavi saying Dhara always stood behind you, I m happy to stay behind Dhara. Suman says you will be divorced with Shiva after nine months, train Rishita well, Dhara’s baby will come, she will get busy in handling baby, Rishita will handle the house, Shiva’s new wife will come till now, its not good to make a new bride work. Raavi worries. Kamini scolds Kalyani and Kirti. Kalyani says if Janardhan knows that we meet Rishita behind his back, then… Kamini says I will handle Janardhan, I spoke for Rishita’s job. She gets a call. Kirti asks what happened now. Kamini says Rishita refused to go for interview, don’t know what did that family do, we have to make her work.

Dhara likes the food. Raavi says you stay happy, when you shout, I worry for the baby, baby doesn’t know you are so lovely. She smiles. Dhara says when you are so good, then why did you go leaving my Shiva. She asks Raavi to answer her and go, did Shiva look so bad to her. Raavi says I never had a problem with him,I didn’t care for his clothes and lifestyle. Dhara says but he thinks so. Raavi says he is insecure, he never understood me, I can’t help him. Dhara says he isn’t less than anyone, try to talk to him, maybe he tells his feelings. Raavi says he doesn’t talk, he raises a question on my character, he sent the divorce papers, I have always tried to keep the relation, he is weak, he can’t fight for me and this marriage, how shall I keep a relation with such a person. She goes.

Shiva looks at some garments at a shop. He recalls Raavi’s friends. Rishita sees him and says what is he doing here. The man asks do you want to buy clothes for Dev, Gautam or Krish. Shiva says why, I want to change my style. The man says you should change your style, Raavi has come back, she should see new Shiva. Rishita smiles. Gautam comes home. Raavi gets water for him. He says I have to do all the work by going by walk. Raavi asks can’t we buy a new bike. Gautam says there are more expenses, the baby will be coming, we should save money for Dhara. Dhara looks on. Gautam worries. He says you don’t misunderstand me, I was explaining expenses to Raavi. Anita comes home. Dhara asks Gautam to keep his mouth shut. Anita hugs Raavi. She greets them. She asks Dhara are you fine. Dhara says yes. Anita says I want you to stay fine always, I forgot, Gautam wanted a cream for Dhara, you had sent Krish with the list, he didn’t get this cream, he told me that he didn’t find it, I got it for Dhara. Gautam thinks Krish can’t keep anything to himself. Anita asks what happened, I m sorry, you didn’t want to tell this to Dhara.

Dhara takes the cream. She thanks Anita. She says Gautam finds my face bad, I should apply this cream right away, fine, I will apply it. She goes. Raavi asks Gautam to understand, its because of hormones. Gautam worries. Anita thinks my herb is working. Dhara screams. They run to see her. Dhara’s skin turns red. She asks do I look Apsara now. Gautam says forgive me, I was worried for you. Raavi runs outside and brings some ice for relief. Dhara says I don’t want to apply any ice. Gautam says sorry Dhara, don’t punish yourself. Anita looks on. She gets happy. She thinks I didn’t do anything to the cream, and still this reaction. Gautam asks shall I take you to doctor. Dhara says no, stop worrying for me. Raavi goes to Anita. Gautam says I can’t leave you for hundred births, forgive me, I love you. Dhara says I love you too. Anita gets angry. She goes with Raavi. Gautam says I heard you talking alone and asked Krish to get cream for you. He sings Ruth na jaana…plays… Dhara smiles.

Its morning, a bangle seller comes home. He asks Dhara what happened to your face. She says nothing, I applied something wrong. Dhara likes the bangles. She asks Raavi to check the earrings. She goes to get money. Rishita says I also want bangles. Raavi asks didn’t you go for job interview. Rishita says I don’t want to do a job. Dhara gets money for bangles and earrings. Rishita thinks how shall I ask money from Dhara, I also have a right.

She asks Dhara to give 500rs. Dhara checks the bangles and says I will give 200rs. The man says no, 480rs final. Dhara says no, 200rs is final. She says Rishita, I had seen bangles in the market, I will get same one for you. Dhara says I don’t want it. Rishita says we don’t want it, she doesn’t want to give money for me. She argues with Dhara. She says you are insulting me in front of him to show that you have the money power in your hands.

Rishita argues with Dhara. She says I will do a job now.

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  1. Risssshuuu rishita aare abhi to bol rahi thi ki job nahii karna hai . I think ek baat sahi hai this suman is very highly mad I think suman ka character thoda light karna chahiye and for Rishita she should do a job y suman kisi ko kuch karne nahi deti

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