Pandya Store 22nd September 2021 Written Episode Update: Dhara’s worry increases

Pandya Store 22nd September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavi saying your face didn’t get dry, stop crying. Everyone dines. Suman says Kanta was saying that her son is having an affair. Gautam says Jignesh doesn’t look so. Suman says Kanta told me that her son is doing right, he got a child also, his wife stays awake with the baby, and he is busy on phone with his lover. She asks Rishita to sit with Dev. Dhara asks does Kanta think its Jignesh’s mistake. Suman says many affairs start when wife is pregnant, the other woman took away her husband. Gautam coughs. Dhara looks at him. He asks Shiva to change the topic, Dhara will get worried. Shiva says I will try. Dhara says but all the men aren’t same. Suman says no, my husband wasn’t such, we had four sons, but the one who has to do this, he does this, wife thinks her husband can’t do it. Raavi gets the brinjal curry. Gautam asks her to serve more. Dhara says its brinjal dish, you both don’t like it, but still eating it. Shiva says you made it so tasty, we didn’t know its brinjal. Gautam says yes. Suman says yes, my heart got bitter, but this dish made me happy. Raavi smiles. Shiva says I will kiss your hands. Dhara says Raavi made the dish, I didn’t. Shiva looks at Raavi. Dhara says when I make brinjal, everyone troubles me, I had to make two more dishes always for Shiva and Gautam. She cries. Suman says they don’t let me eat in peace, drama started again. Anita stops Krish. She asks from where are you coming. He says nothing. She says show me what is it. She drops the medicines. She sees the skin cream. She checks the list. She hides the cream.

Dhara says I m angry, so I m crying. Gautam says don’t cry. Shiva says yes. Dhara sees Raavi and hugs her. She says sorry, I m not angry on you. Raavi says don’t say sorry. Dhara goes. Suman jokes. She asks everyone to have food. Krish comes and says I m also tired, Gautam made me run for work. He gives the money and medicines. He says I got this secretly, I didn’t let anyone know it. Gautam gets angry. Suman signs to ask what. Gautam says its medicines. Suman and everyone nod. Krish says it had face cream for Dhara, you are getting old and forgot it. Raavi asks him to not talk and eat food. He goes to get food from the kitchen. Suman laughs on Gautam.

Shiva thinks Raavi is like Dhara, was she like this before, no, why am I getting attracted to Raavi. Dhara says I make brinjal and they think its poison, today they were eating it so much. Gautam comes. He says you look cute in anger. She says I don’t want to talk to you. He asks why are you angry. She says you had eaten the brinjal dish. He says I like all the dishes you cook. She says I m not a fool, I will make brinjal dish, you won’t eat it and run away. He says I won’t run. She says you will really run. He says I swear on our baby, I will not run anywhere, forgive me. She hugs him and asks why am I getting so much anger on little things, its good that you all had brinjal dish today. He gets a call. He asks shall we go ahead now. She gets angry and says you took me for granted, you want to answer the call right. He says no, calm down, you are mixing things, I got multivitamins and skin cream also. She asks why, is my skin not good. He says no, its good, but you were saying that your skin is getting dry. She asks did you believe me, my skin isn’t good, so you got this cream. He says supplier is calling me, I have to go, I will come back and talk. He leaves. She says you have changed, you used to say you are with me, you have run away, I have to use the skin cream now. She checks the medicines bag. She doesn’t get the cream.

Rishita sees her certificates and cries. She recalls Dev and her old moment. She says I want to fulfill my dreams. He says no one will stop you from doing a job, everyone will support you. She hugs him. FB ends. She says Dev you have changed a lot. She gets a job interview call. She says I m not looking for a job right now, thanks. She ends call. She says I m missing all the opportunities for you, Dev.

Suman asks Dhara to get ready, Raavi will give her good competition in cooking, but Dhara used to serve sweets always. Raavi gives her kheer. She says Dhara said you eat sweets after having food. Suman says red cat dog, you don’t talk English in front of me, what do you want now, you want me to praise you. Raavi says yes, you can praise me, I can handle the house well, Dhara can rest. Suman says you mean this house doesn’t need Dhara.

Raavi says I mean she can rest for nine months and I can handle the house. Suman says I will tell Dhara that you want to out her. Raavi feeds her the kheer and stops her from shouting. Suman asks how dare you. Raavi says you know Dhara’s mood swings, we shouldn’t anger her, she is the best, have the kheer. Suman says don’t act, you want me to praise you, you are competing with the best bahu Dhara, Dhara did the same, she overtook my house and my sons ten years back when she came in this house, I couldn’t do anything, I was handicapped that time. Dhara comes and hears them. Suman says I couldn’t say anything, but Dhara handled me, my sons and my family well, she changed everything ten years back, change can’t be stopped, I couldn’t do anything that time, now Dhara can’t stop the change that has come today, I was helpless that time and today Dhara is helpless, if Raavi gets praised, then Dhara will just watch it.

Anita says Gautam, you wanted the cream for Dhara’s face glow, Krish didn’t get it, I got it. Dhara thanks Anita. She says I should apply the cream right away, Gautam isn’t liking my face now. Gautam worries.

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  1. This suman is highly mad and this seen is so cute when shiva praise the Brinjal dish unware that is made byy Ravi

    I literally like Krish. Krish Cast written in very huge comedy way I like his acting,dilogue delivery, actions,way to joke and his expression

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