Pandya Store 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update: Rishita creates a scene again

Pandya Store 21st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev and Shiva bringing the raw materials inside the house. Dhara gets tea for Suman. Gautam comes. He asks what’s all this, what did I tell you. Shiva says we are not using your FD money, we will make a room for you, Dev took money loan from his friend, we will return it, you can fulfill dad’s dream, if that’s imp, then room is also imp for you, we will make it. Gautam says you have grown up, you are doing this for me. Dev says you did a lot for us. Krish says you forgot me again. Gautam asks him to come.

Prafulla misses Raavi. She says don’t know she gets food there or not. Anita says I will go and give this to her, I will meet Gautam also. Prafulla says you met him yesterday. Anita says I m in love, forget it, come. Prafulla says she is mad. Raavi hugs Dhara and says you will get a new room. Suman hugs her sons. Dev asks Krish to go and study. Krish says its okay. Dhara asks him to study. Gautam asks Dev how much money did he take loan. Dev says don’t worry, he is my friend, I will manage. Anita comes home and says I got this dish for Gautam. Dev and Shiva ask why, he doesn’t like it, even I don’t like it. She says it was a joke, I got this for Raavi, what’s happening here. Dhara says Dev and Shiva are making a new room for Gautam and me. Anita gets shocked. She says this room shouldn’t be made. Rishita wears her dress.

Krish enters the bathroom. They both scream. Krish says sorry, I didn’t know. She asks could you not knock and come, you know the bolt is damaged. Krish and Rishita come to everyone. Dev asks what happened. Rishita says its too much, you can see Raavi doesn’t have a bed, Dhara doesn’t have a room, no one sees that I don’t have a bathroom, Krish came there without knocking, I want an attached bathroom before Dhara gets her room. Krish says sorry, I didn’t know it. Rishita says I want my bathroom first, I can’t face embarrassment every day. Dhara asks Dev to make bathroom for Rishita. Dev says no, you don’t need to make a sacrifice, we will make the room, we will fix that door. Suman asks Rishita to mind her tongue. Rishita still argues with Dev and Krish.

Dhara says I don’t want a room, make a bathroom for Rishita first. Dev says no, it will happen as Shiva and I thought. She says I can sleep in kitchen, I have no problem, Rishita is saying right. Rishita says yes, they are not newly married, they can sleep in the lawn, I have seen it happens in middle class families. Dev asks Rishita to grow up, she knows it was not Krish’s mistake. Dhara stops Dev. She asks him to respect Rishita, say sorry to her. Krish says I should say sorry, its my mistake, I should get punished. He asks Rishita to beat him with a slipper, and end the matter here.

Suman stops him. She scolds Dhara. She says I will decide, first room will be build here. She asks Rishita to tell her dad to buy a house for her. She scolds Rishita. Rishita says we have no AC here, I was feeling the heat and went to have a bath. Suman asks Dhara not to get in between and insult her. She says you gave your room to Rishita, I m sleeping in my room, I don’t want any discussion now, room will be build now. Dev asks Krish to get a bluetooth speaker and hammer also. Krish asks are you breaking it, fine, I will tolerate it. Dev fixes the bluetooth speaker there. Dev says whoever will go to bathroom now will play the song here, we will use this idea until we get this fixed. Shiva says its nice idea. Raavi says now we can make a room for Dhara. Shiva says we are still your little children, we did it for your happiness. Dhara hugs him. They all hug Dhara. Suman smiles. Gautam cries.

Anita thinks I won’t let this room get built, Rishita will help me. Rishita thinks Dev just cares for Dhara, not me. Anita stumbles. Raavi holds her. She asks her to be careful. Anita says I will go now, come home for some time. Raavi says I can’t leave my house. She sees Shiva. Rishita argues with Dev. She asks why are you angry on me. He says you always keep demands, Gautam and Dhara sleep in the lawn, they gave their room to us, you know their sacrifices, you can’t even support me, if you get in between, then…

She asks what will you do. He says I will forget that you are my wife. She says you already forgot it, you want me to die or leave the house. He says just end the matter, if you love me, then you have to respect Dhara, stop making issues of little things. She says it means you don’t care for me, better I will take a bath near the well. Dev says you did wrong to ask for bathroom instead room, we have ten options to fix the bathroom, Dhara sleeps in the lawn, think if this happens with Kirti. Rishita says why would that happen. He says like you married in this house, if you realized your mistake, then rectify it, understand that Dhara is everything for us.

Everyone gets shocked seeing something falling over Suman.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Ibadat Kapoor

    Today episode was boring
    Where was raavi in entire scene.

  2. justanothershivifan

    yaar what kind of family doesn’t repair the bathroom’s lock all this time?
    @pandyastore producers stop this anita nonsense its getting too dumb and stupid!!!

    1. In middle class family it takes months to get small repairs done. In our own house bath room door never closes complete. Still no issue is made No drama created . As soon as you feel some one is approaching you make your presence inside to be noted . No ten minutes scenes are created. In villages bath room doors are made of palm leaves. These doors can not be looked from inside or outside.

  3. Will they take a week to repair bathroom’s door?? Weird family..first they should work on their house nd improve their standard of living..after that they can open as many branches as they want

    1. Very true

    2. @surabhi, rightly said

  4. Rishita created a scene for a reason could you imagine if your devar come to bathroom while changing horrible right and they nothing said to Krish you atleast knock before entering I would definitely slap him first he enters room without knocking and now bathroom

  5. Stupid privacy..krish to sabke room me bina knock kiye aa jata hai 🙄🙄 gautam or dhara ka room hi nai hai 🙄🙄 or ab ye bathroom ka lock pata nai kab thik baja ke bathroom jaao 🙄🙄

    1. So annoying music while u r in bathroom🤦🤦

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