Pandya Store 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Gautam rejects the proposal

Pandya Store 20th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gautam saying I broke the FD, I went to arrange more money, keep this money in the locker, I will send money with Shiva and get the land back. Suman comes and says you are my gold, we should keep you in locker, I thought your dad’s dream won’t be fulfilled now, but you are the best, you are freeing the land and also opening new store. She asks Krish to get dhol, they will distribute laddoos in entire Somnath. She goes. Dhara asks how will we open a new store. Gautam says we have to keep the responsibility. Dhara asks him to get freshen up, she will get medicine. He says you were my medicine. She says I m and will always be your medicine. Krish says new Pandya store is opening. Suman gives laddoos. The lady asks is Dhara pregnant. Suman says that will also happen, its for my children’s success, they are opening a new branch of Pandya store. Prakash comes home. Shiva asks Dev to talk to Prakash and give advance. Dev says get money from the locker. Shiva says Gautam will beat me, I will ask him first and then take money. Dev says fine. Shiva calls out Gautam. Krish says he went for a bath. Shiva goes to knock the bathroom door. Gautam sings loud. Shiva calls him out. Dev asks what happened. He laughs and says Gautam will not listen to anyone now, go and get money, he will be happy, I m elder, I m giving you permission to take money, go. Shiva goes and takes the money.

Gautam comes and stops Shiva. He asks why do you need money now. Shiva says come with me, you will understand. Prakash asks Dev to choose the design. Dhara comes. Dev says Prakash isa contractor, we wanted to talk to you, we want to build a bedroom for you on the upper floor. Dhara asks what. Shiva says yes, we sleep in our rooms, you and Gautam sleep in the hall, you also need your privacy. Dev shows the design to Dhara. Dhara sees Gautam. Krish says plan is good, but why did you not involve me in this plan, you hide things because I m young. Shiva says you always spread the news. Dev takes Prakash to see the area. Shiva asks how is the surprise.

Gautam says take this money, its not for contractor, we have to free that land, I broke the FD also, we have no money, get the land papers from Rasik, do as I say. Dev says Shiva, give them advance, then he will start the work. Prakash says you can come to the shop and give the money tomorrow. He goes. Krish says I had told you, they want to make your bedroom without asking you, they should be scolded. Rishita and Raavi come. Rishita thinks just I get old things here. Raavi says wow, a new bedroom for Dhara, its good, I don’t like that you sleep in the room. Gautam says room can’t be built now. Dev asks why, we can’t see you sleeping in the hall. Gautam says you know it, we have no spare money. Dev says we will give this money.

Gautam says no, we have to free that land from Rasik because… He thinks it won’t be right to take Janardhan’s name. He says we have to open a new branch first, we have to free that land, Suman has distributed sweets in Somnath, she is so happy, didn’t you see. Suman says he has gone to heaven, but we are imp than his dream, I will tell them that I just distributed the sweets for no reason. Gautam says I decided to open the new branch on dad’s birthday, I won’t let you get embarrassed. He asks Shiva to pay money and get land papers back, don’t use mind in between. Suman prays for his happiness. Gautam says I don’t want to talk to anyone now. Suman calms him down. Dev says we have six months time to free the land, how long will you guys delay the pregnancy. Everyone looks on. He goes. Shiva says this money. Dhara says do what Gautam said, get the land papers back, don’t do anything else. She goes.

Krish asks why doesn’t we have anything done without a drama. Shiva says we will make a room for Dhara and Gautam. Suman nods. Gautam sits sad. Dhara comes and gives him tea. She says children just spoke of the room construction, you should have explained them with love, no need to get upset. He says I m upset on my helplessness, I m not able to keep you happy or fulfill your needs, they can see that, so they are giving solutions, mum can also see that now, what shall I do now. Dev looks for some petty cash. He doesn’t get anything from his books and bags. Raavi comes and collides with Shiva. He moves her away. She says stop. She gets her jewellery. She says you can use this to get money for the bedroom. Shiva looks at her.

Dev says this degrees are of no use, when I can’t fulfill Dhara and Gautam’s needs, I don’t have money to give them happiness. Rishita comes. She says I have some money. Dev says I don’t want your help, I will arrange it myself. Shiva asks don’t you have sense to sell jewellery, I will get the tag of a thief. Raavi says jewellery is to use for needs, you always misunderstand me, try to understand me sometimes. He looks at her. He asks why shall I try. He goes. She says I m getting hurt by his words.

Gautam says we will get insulted if Suman’s word isn’t kept in front of everyone, I want to keep Suman’s smile. Dhara says you are not doing anything wrong, please don’t feel guilty.

Rishita wears her clothes. Krish enters the bathroom. She gets shocked. She complains to Dev. She says I want an attached bathroom in my room before Dhara gets her bedroom. Suman and everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. This gautam is such a useless husband🙄🙄

    Shiva behaves so rudely with raavi..she wanted to help him..she was with him when police was after him..but all shiva can do is misbehave with her..

    Gautam garibi card khelta hai or shiva illiteracy card khelta hai 🙄🙄

  2. Ibadat Kapoor

    I think shiva too much hurted by seeing raavi diary,but raavi would be hurt…
    I completely agree that gombi is really useless.
    And today no shivi scene so boring

  3. justanothershivifan

    poor ravi selflessly trying to help and getting hurt instead… and there’s rishita🤦‍♂️

  4. As far building a room doesn’t need that much amount like they don’t have money and they already have Gautam and dav’s land so why Delhi another land I know they want to make Pandya stores branches but two land is enough for that
    The show is boring to watch land drama again started now only Gautam and dhara’s baby track can save this serial

  5. Pouspavady beedasee

    Shiva is rude to raavi because he fall in love with her but after reading her diary he think raavi will never kove him because she gave her heart to dev he is do painful as he never love someone before

  6. @Pouspavadi so he will always be rude to her? Shiva has done many stupidity but raavi supported him everytime..if he thinks that raavi will never love him thn he can divorce her..why to misbehave?? Why will raavi take his tantrums?

    1. Lol evn raavi insulted him many tymz
      Blind raavi fans stop being fake feminist nd always blaming shiva fr evrythn
      Evn raavi said to Dhara dat she took advantage of her situation nd gt her married to her sharabi devar
      Lol ur raavis true nature nd character was out in dat one sentence
      If she s thinking so low abt shiva den madam s acting as if cares fr him wen she has this type of thoughts on her mind

  7. @priya he came drunk nd started speaking rubbish..what do u expect from raavi after this??
    Is it raavi’s mistake that shiva is illiterate?

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