Pandya Store 1st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Dhara feels jealous

Pandya Store 1st March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaka praising Dhara in front of Gautam. He blesses them. A girl comes and flirts with Gautam. She buys many things while talking to him. She asks him if he will come home for home delivery. Dhara says I will give it, you go and handle the shop. The girl says you pack this, I will ask Gautam about the corn flour. Dhara says we don’t have it. She takes the money from the customer. She smiles and puts it in the earning box. She sees Gautam and smiles.

Jagat comes home and says we lost a mill. Prafulla gets shocked. Anita says Gautam has opened a wheelshop now. Jagat says Darshan used to handle all the work, we used to get the money. Prafulla asks him why didn’t he learn. She blames Darshan. Jagat says no, we cheated him so we got this loss, we trusted a man who now cheated us, he took money from us and didn’t pay the wages to workers for three months. She worries. Shiva stops the matchmaker and asks for his money. He shouts thief…. The man returns 500rs and goes.

Jagat says we will mortgage the mill and take loan. Prafulla scolds him. Dhara goes to Gautam to take change. Kaka goes to give the change to the customer. Gautam says you know what you have seen isn’t true. She says we have to go home delivery from today. He goes to her and says listen to me first. She says let me work. They have a moment. Zindagi….plays… A lady comes and asks for groundnut oil. She compliments Gautam. Dhara gets angry.

Gautam says I will go for delivery. Dhara asks how will you go with this lipstick mark. He asks where. He recalls Anita hugging him. Dhara angrily tries to wipe it. He smiles and says you know Anita and I had nothing between us, she came here suddenly. She asks did I ask you anything, you both have a past, I know… He says past is past, because you are my present, future is also you. She smiles.

He goes for home delivery. Prafulla says you are lucky to not marry, look at me, what did I get by marrying, Jagat is a duffer to lose the mill. Anita says Dhara insulted me, I want Gautam back. Gautam comes back to the shop. Dhara says I have to go home. Dhara says we had a sale of 1450rs. Gautam says its Dhara’s earnings. He asks Kaka to share accounts with Dhara. She says I spoke at a school for Shiva’s admission. Gautam says its good. Jagat comes to Prafulla. He says we have to have a loan to get the mill, sign the papers. She gets angry and asks how did you think I will sign the paper, get me the money, I want my mill back. He asks how shall I get money. She asks him to get money from Gautam. He says you think they will like to see my face. She gets angry. She thinks to find out which treasure did Gautam get. Dhara gets scared seeing an insect on his back. She tries to hit it. She falls over Gautam. Dekha pehli dafa…plays…

Gautam and Dhara dance in the pandal. A goon enters the house and faints down Suman. He robs the house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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