Pandya Store 17th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Rishita plays a prank on Dev

Pandya Store 17th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavi and Shiva arguing. Gautam says we can’t help them, they have to make their relation themselves, come. Raavi says you are like oil, I m clear water, we can never unite, I knew you had married me to trouble me. Shiva says I don’t care what you think, I can hate you, the world will see the marriage of two people who hate each other. She gets away. He saves her from getting hurt. She says you won’t sleep here. He pours water there in anger. They both sit away. Dhara recalls Rishita and Raavi. Gautam comes and feeds her food. She says I wish that every girl gets a husband like you. He laughs and says you will get many sautans. She says I wish that my children’s lives get happiness. Rishita sees Dev sleeping. Prafulla wakes up Anita. She says Jagat is running since his mill got shut. Anita asks her to run as well. Gautam and Dhara spend time. Prafulla says invite Hardik for breakfast. Anita refuses. Prafulla says its not a big deal, he didn’t have good breakfast since his sister got married. Anita says his sister married 10 years back, don’t you think that its too late to invite him, I know what you want, I did whatever you said, but I will not listen to this, I can’t trap Hardik. Anita says I m not a machine, I m a human, I can’t do this. Its morning, Dhara tells Suman that she did all the puja arrangements. Suman says fail, you forgot it. Dhara says everything is done.

Suman says make the couples do the aarti well. Dhara agrees. Janardhan gets angry. Bua and Kalyani look on. Bua says we have to make a plan to bring Rishita back home, then everything will be fine. Kalyani asks what can be that day. Bua says you have to die. Kalyani asks what. Bua says you have to fake die, once make this news reach Rishita, then she will come back here to meet you, we will lock her, we will see how she goes back. Kalyani smiles. Rishita sees Raavi laughing at her. Raavi taunts her on her wedding night. She says I was forced to marry, but its your love marriage, there is not much difference between you and me, you have no imp for Dev, his family is imp. Rishita says shut up. Raavi disappears. Rishita says I was imagining that, I have to do something. Janardhan calls the goons. He shows Dev and Shiva’s pic. He asks them to kidnap them and kill them. The goon says it will be done. Rishita goes to the room. She spoils her sindoor. She smears lipstick marks on Dev’s face. She says now no one will know that nothing happened between Dev and me at night, I will sort out things between us. Raavi makes tea for everyone.

Dhara comes and says I will give tea, Suman doesn’t take sugar. Raavi says I know. Dhara says Shiva takes tea with much sugar. Raavi says I didn’t get bitter gourd juice for him. Rishita comes and asks are there no attached bathrooms here. Dhara says you came here like this. Rishita says I just woke up, Dev is still sleeping. Raavi cries. Shiva comes and asks for tea. Dhara says go out, I will get tea. He asks why, tea is made, who made the tea. Dhara says Raavi. Shiva holds the tea tray. He scolds her. He says you didn’t make tea for me, its good, she would have added poison in it. Rishita smiles. Dhara says Rishita, don’t feel bad, just don’t come out like this, there are elders and young ones in the family. She takes Rishita to show the bathroom. Raavi recalls Shiva. Rishita says such a small bathroom. Dhara says its bathroom, not bedroom. Rishita says they should have made a good bathroom at least. Gautam sees Shiva and thinks he used to always smile, I wish he gets happy. Hardik comes and asks them to leave for kuldevi puja. Gautam says we will leave soon. Dhara gets tea for everyone.

Dev comes out. He has lipstick marks on his face. He asks Dhara for tea. Krish teases him. Shiva thinks such a big thing happened because of him, he is making his life. Dhara asks Dev to go and have a bath, he has to go for puja. Dev says I will go for bath later, how do you know that I didn’t sleep all night. Shiva says everyone knows. Dhara asks Dev to have bath first. Dev says I have a headache. Dhara says go to room, I will send tea to the room. Gautam and Hardik smile. Dev leaves. He says don’t know why everyone was staring. He sees the lipstick marks on his face. He asks how did this happen. Rishita comes to the room. He says you did all this. She smiles. He asks why. She says I m your wife, its my right to do mischief. He says everyone joked on me outside, what would they think, I m angry. She laughs. He catches her and tickles. They fall over the bed. He says I want this Rishita, who is stubborn, I can see your innocence, you understand when I explain things with love, I love you. She says you will get your Rishita, I have tolerated a lot, I need some time to come out of it, I want my Dev. He hugs her.

Prafulla asks Anita to have tea. She asks what did you think. Anita says nothing. Prafulla says call Hardik, make him fall for you, think once, you will be superior to Dhara, just think of it, you will get old soon, call Hardik. Dhara asks everyone to get ready soon. Hardik gets Anita’s call. Gautam and Dhara look on. He asks why is Anita calling you. Hardik says she was hurt yesterday, I had to go and drop her home. Gautam asks why is she calling today. Hardik says maybe for medicine prescription, don’t joke, we are not in college, children are here, what will they think. Gautam says their age is to have children now. Hardik asks what are you saying. Anita calls again. Hardik says I have some imp work, I will meet later. Gautam jokes. Hardik leaves. Dhara asks did he go to meet Anita. Gautam says let him go, its good. She says I have to pull his ears, he doesn’t need to meet Anita. He says yes, tell him, where is Krish. Krish comes and says I didn’t get a car on rent, don’t worry, I got four bikes.

Gautam says I asked you to get car. Krish says two bikes will be in spare, I will also drive one. Dhara asks Gautam not to scold Krish. Dhara comes to Raavi’s room. She sees the gifts for Dev. She pacifies Raavi. Raavi cries and says this storm has changed me, will everything get fine now. Dhara asks her to see Gautam, he had a past, he forgot his past, Gautam and she have become each other’s happiness. Raavi says my past is different, I have spent my entire childhood with these memories, how can I forget it. She cries. Dhara hugs her. She says we have to make present better, Shiva and you have to try, I m sure you both will love each other a lot. Raavi says you did wrong to fix my marriage with Dev, you ruined my life by making me marry Shiva.

Dhara prays for Dev and Shiva’s lives. Goons stop Shiva and Raavi on the way. Shiva gets beaten up. Raavi cries for him.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I like Rishita’s character. She actually has different layers to herself, and shows character development. With time, she’ll learn to adjust n the Pandya house n care for others. Please, we shouldn’t judge her badly or call her evil. Give her some time, she’ll be an amazing character. An interesting one. I hope Raavi doesn’t turn out to be a weak, sacrificial, Devi type woman (typical female leads from our daily soaps). She fights with Shiva, I know, and enjoy that, and she should also be the jolly, lively, strong girl who won’t let anyone step over her. I’m looking forward to adventures of Raavi and Rishita. I wish they’ll show a special bond between these two, which the girls will eventually realise. Ummm… Dhara is good, but she’s too much of a crybaby and boring woman for my liking. I hope Raavi-Rishita form a team and then there’s like, drama between Dhara and Raavi-Rishita (who find it difficult to be good Bahus). Dev is also not bad, and Shiva too. But the way he treats Raavi is unfair. He was not forced, but still he agreed and now tortures Raavi for all this. I don’t find Dev-Rishi responsible for Shiva-Raavi’s marriage. It was all Dhara’s stupid plan which could’ve been avoided. Last point, I hope they get a love interest for Krish soon. Because I guess, his love story will be much more exciting than Dev and Shiva’s. Cos Dev and Shiva are already married to their partners and there won’t be very interesting scenes. They didn’t show that much before the marriage. I want to see more of a love story, where they fall in love, get romantic, have ups and down, face the issues together and at last marry. Okay, that’s enough for my comment.

    1. No no,actually Shiva and raavi’s story is goona be wonderful and we will see how these two people will lead a life together.And from now the story Pandya store is really starting.Raavi and dhara will be in a team and rista feels difficult to adjust but soon all three become close.but Dhara and raavi will be more close.Also we will admire the romance between raavi and Shiva.But it will be boring to see Dev and rishta.

    2. Liz

      Wow!!!! I hope what u said comes true… I just Love Shiva-Raavi pair…. cute, loving 🥰 & naughty…..
      Rishita is very selfish & self centered girl… I find it hard to like her

    3. I also really like dev-rishita pair they r cute together

    4. No dear…. Its a remake of tamil serial pandian stores where it is shown that rishita is a selfish sort of women… I doubt they will show rishita as a good character here…

  2. Liz

    Shiva is soooo sweet ….. the young Shiva & the grownup Shiva resemble a lot, lagta hai jaise ki woh Chotu has really grown up into this grown one 🥰😍…..Kanwar Dhillon is apt to play this role…. loving him really…..
    Looks like he’s stuck with Mami ki behan ki beti forever 😀😃😃😃😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Admire Hrishita. She is a very normal young lady, she had the guts to stand up for her relationship & stand by her love for Dev. Didn’t just become a sacrificial goat like how they show other women in the daily soaps. Such a refreshing change. Don’t show her as a vamp later on! Let her be the strong, courageous, normal young woman as she is now. Except that she should be diplomatic, soft spoken & put her views forth more gently so that she wins the hearts of the Pandya famil, and Dev also will listen to her if she says the same things in a diplomatic way,sweetly, and not as frank and honest as she is right now…Sugarcoat her words & get the Pandya family to do as she wants, just like dear Dhara has been doing all along🙂 Raavi is also so natural & spontaneous.Rishita & Raavi & Dhara, Anita,they are all such a refreshing change from the ultra mahaan, sacrificial brainless bimbos shown in other tv serials right now on Star Plus. Especially liked Hrishita in the show.

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