Pandya Store 15th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Gautam slaps Krish

Pandya Store 15th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krish worrying seeing Dhara. Raavi says we have to understand his identity the way he is. Dhara calls Krish and hugs him. She says you are my son, if you want to tell me something, then you can tell me. He says yes, I had taken such things when I needed, I won’t take it every day. Raavi says its okay, I have no problem that you took my things, my Nanand would have taken it if she was there. Dhara signs no. Dhara says its good you got the cards, we will play it. He says yes, come. He goes singing. Dhara says maybe you are saying right, I couldn’t understand my Krish. Raavi says we will go.

They sit playing. Raavi thinks Shiva is staring at me, does he know that I told Dhara everything about Krish. Krish wins again. Rishita asks how do you win always, you are cheating. Krish says you catch me. Raavi says I don’t know playing this. She sees Shiva and goes to play. She asks Dhara to teach her. Dhara explains her the game. Rishita says you guys always have much fun. Krish says its nothing, we have more fun always. Dhara and Raavi look at him. Rishita says Kirti and I used to play fun games and watch movies at night, and go for having chaat, I really miss her. Dhara says call her and talk. Rishita says no, dad will get angry and may slap her. Dhara says everything will be fine. Dhara asks Raavi to ask. Raavi asks Krish his fav card. He says red, red ribbon, red chunri and red king. Dhara says king may make you lose. Krish says so what, I like the king. Raavi says I told you, he is changing. Shiva looks on and says I think Raavi told everything to Dhara. The man asks Suman to help others. Anita says Suman can’t work. Suman says I m on wheelchair, I can’t help, Prafulla will do it. Prafulla says no, I had worked all the day, I m very tired. The man takes Prafulla’s name and goes.

Rishita says I have won. Krish says no, Raavi’s score is the highest, the lowest scorer is the winner, give me 100rs, its a deal. Raavi asks Dhara to give it. Dhara says fine, wait. Rishita asks Raavi don’t you have money, you should ask Shiva, not Dhara, you have right on Shiva’s money. Krish says we won’t have money, Dhara keeps all the money, if we need it, we ask her. Rishita says its wrong to ask for money for every little thing. Shiva says you always call little things wrong. He jokes on her. He wipes her hands with Raavi’s dupatta. They argue. Krish doesn’t fight and smiles. Krish thinks finally, Raavi agreed to me. Shiva thinks I have to get Rishita on line before she tells more. Rishita says Dev’s phone isn’t reachable. Dhara says Gautam has sent him to the market, there is a meeting also. Rishita says he didn’t come. Gautam comes. Dhara asks where did you send him. Gautam says I had sent him to the dealer, I had gone to the market, give me water. Raavi goes to get water. Rishita says you should have sent Shiva, even he is sitting idle since morning. Shiva takes a bag. He hides from Raavi. Raavi sees him and hides. They collide. He holds her. She says I have to go and give water to Gautam. He asks her to go. She goes.

Rishita asks how did you send him. Gautam asks what do you mean. Rishita says we had a big fight, I was upset, he didn’t convince me, he left, you send him. He says I was going, he said he will go, so I sent him. She says Raavi is dear to you, you want to punish me, you know I will feel lonely without Dev, so you sent him away. Prafulla digs the soil. Suman asks her to do the work. Dhara says you are misunderstanding Gautam. Rishita says no, Dev switched off the phone to punish me, I didn’t know you will behave like this with me. Gautam says Rishita, you and Raavi are equal for me. Rishita says no way, you know her since childhood, its partiality with me. Krish shouts have you lost your mind, don’t you understand when Gautam said once, you don’t know how to talk to him. Gautam gets up and slaps Krish. They get shocked.

Gautam says she is your Bhabhi. Krish asks how was she talking to you. Gautam says her husband didn’t come home, she is questioning her brother, and you shouldn’t interfere in between, come on, apologize. Dhara asks Krish to apologize. Dev comes there. Krish turns away. They see Dev. Rishita says Dev, where did you go, you know how Krish spoke to me behind your back, he insulted me, he treated me badly, as if I m a stupid girl, no one can talk to me like that. Dev worries.

Krish scares Rishita. She screams and faints down. Dhara comes to her room.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. AAYU

    Yaar just when I thought that this childishness was behind Rishita, she just had to open her mouth and spew nonsense! I mean Gautam had such a meaningful and productive conversation with Rishita but she still reverted back to her snooty self. I am just tired of all this blaming and doubting drama. I think even Dev is starting to think that he made a mistake by marrying Rishita which serves him right for his cowardice but still there are constant conflicts in the family and it is all because of him!

  2. OMG rishita is so antagonistic all the time, she started blaming Gautum as well. she thinks everyone is against her and she takes every fact personally and negatively, even the fact that the family knows Raavi since childhood means they will favor her more. If Rishita continues behaving like this, it is natural the brothers wont like her. Krish was having second thoughts about playing pranks on rishita, but now that he got slapped by Gautum because of this argument, he will now want to scare Rishita even more. Rishita needs to calm down and at least try to treat them as family. some day she has problem with Dhara, some day with Raavi, some day with Gautum… she wants to stay alone with Dev. But will she be able to do all the house work, take all the responsibility of married life alone? She wants to do manicure, pedicure, and others to do all the work be it for bonfire or regular work, but she also wants others to leave her alone. She needs to grow up and become a little responsible else she will alienate everyone, even Dev.

    1. Exactly….I feel Dev and her should actually move out for a while then she will learn importance of family

  3. I get so angry at Guatam always slapping or scolding Krish and Shiva for Rishita’s sake ,when will they realized her selfishness and scold her and Dev that keeps indulging her as it should be.That is why a rift is coming between the brothers and that is also what is responsible for the prank they are playing on her.If they are not careful she will do Ife the family.
    I wish Suman was around,she is better in handling people like Rishita than Dhara and Guatam

  4. Earlier I was against shiva and krish’s plan of scaring Rishita…but now I think they are correct……persons like her should be treated like this only…..she deserves this…..I mean how can anyone be such a foo…how can she tell that gautam sent dev so as to keep her away from him……she is so stupid…she isn’t a 5 year old kid that only when anyone comes to her and speaks to her very politely then only she will understand anything…..she is neither mentally unstable….then don’t know why she always behaves like this.disgusting she is!!!!

    1. Rishita is very disgusting !!!

    2. Yes, you are rigth.
      Now I also feel like this.
      Every day means sometimes she blames ravi sometimes Dhara now gautam.
      How many time he will also explain her ?
      And In new promo I have that dhara is beating shiva.
      😯 I was shocking really for me shayad dhara beats rishita instead of rishita.
      Means she is only alone who have this problem neither dhara have nor raavi.
      Now I don’t like this rishita .

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