Pandya Store 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Dev defends Raavi

Pandya Store 15th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavi asking Rishita to stop insulting her. She says Dev you don’t have courage to take a stand, I told you my feelings, why didn’t you gather courage to tell me the truth, I understood that Dev isn’t in my fate, you also accept this and stop insulting me, I don’t want Dev or this room. She cries and runs away. Prafulla talks to lawyer. Jagat gets the papers and checks. He is shocked. He asks lawyer to leave. He asks Prafulla how can she get Raavi divorced. She says Shiva is mad, I can’t tolerate him. He says I know he is pure gold, he will keep Raavi happy. Gautam asks Krish to make hotel booking for Shiva and Raavi.

Shiva asks why, I didn’t change like others, I can adjust anywhere in the house, Dev got greedy after marrying a rich girl. He taunts Dev and asks him to become a Ghar jamai. Gautam raises hand on him. Dhara stops him. Jagat says you have ruined Anita’s life, I won’t let you ruin Raavi’s life. He tears the divorce papers. She says you don’t get anything else to taunt me, I will get Anita married, I swear on you. He worries on her false swear. Gautam says we will stay the same, Shiva you have to remember the limits of relations when you talk to Rishita. Shiva apologizes to them. Dhara says your new life started now, will you break the family, I didn’t raise my three children like this. Shiva says I get angry when anyone insults you and Gautam, this isn’t right, its happening because some people changed. He goes. Prafulla asks Jagat to make prayers for Anita and Hardik.

He looks at her. Dev says I didn’t think wrong for anyone, but I have given sorrow to everyone, I m sorry. He goes. Rishita asks what’s his mistake, why do you insult him always. Dhara says I m trying to handle everything. Gautam says everything will be fine. He hugs her. Janardhan asks the man about the business. The man says the buyers refused to buy the grains. Janardhan says I run the market. The man says they know you and kept the condition, your fear ended there. Janardhan says I got insulted because of Rishita, Bua won’t let me do anything, but I will hide this and do something for sure. Prafulla comes to Anita. Anita asks shall I write kirana list now. Prafulla says no, show interest in Hardik. Anita says I don’t like him. Prafulla says you will be unmarried if you lose Hardik, just write about his likes and dislikes. Shiva comes to Raavi and says we got married, you are my wife, we have to stay together, if I can tolerate you, then you can also tolerate me. Raavi sprays perfume and says I can’t stay here. He says go and wash my clothes, do my wife’s duty. She scolds him.

Shiva asks her to make food for him. She shouts shut up. She gets a stick. She says I was helpless to marry you, I knew you will claim your husband’s right. He says yes, go and get the oil to massage my leg. She says I will hit you. He disappears. She drops the stick. She sits crying. Shiva recalls the family. Krish comes and says younger ones suffer between the elders’ fight. Shiva says we are brothers, don’t forget. Krish hugs him and goes. Rishita says I can’t believe that its my wedding night today, Dev just come. Dev comes to the room. Rishita dons the ghunghat. He sits upset. She says I just know that we got married, its our wedding night today. He says you just think of yourself, why can’t you think of Raavi’s pain, her life is ruined, you just care for yourself, you were fighting for a room, you didn’t think for Gautam and Dhara, you don’t care for anyone. Rishita says you care for everyone, except me, you are scolding me, I know Shiva was forced to marry Raavi, why are you telling me, he could have refused, why did he get Raavi’s burden. Dev says Raavi isn’t a burden.

Raavi scolds Shiva and says we can never unite, you married me to trouble me. Shiva says we hate each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Shiva and raavi’s love story will be more interesting and I’m waiting for those episode..

    1. Me too😍😍

    2. Liz

      Yeah…. it would be smashing love story , very interesting too 😍😍😍 can’t wait long for that

  2. Gautam nd dhara are leads na? But it seems shiva nd raavi are laeads

    1. This serial have now 3 main leads and 3 main pairs

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