Pandya Store 14th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Shiva and Raavi decide to compromise

Pandya Store 14th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shiva asking Dhara about his cupboard. Dhara stops Krish from saying anything. Rishita calls Kirti and says I have a good news, I got a job. Raavi hears this and says congrats. Rishita says don’t tell me you won’t do the work. Raavi say we can talk later and discuss this. Rishita says I want my certificates, I will come home. Kirti says nobody likes you here, you can come when no one is at home. Gautam says I have locked the cupboard, have food, I will tell you later. Dhara asks Krish to shut up. Raavi thinks Dhara is in stress because of me, if Rishita goes to do a job, then Dhara will need to do all the work alone, shall I stay here or not. Shiva says I will get the curry. Dhara says I will get it. Rishita sees Shiva coming. She worries and goes. Shiva gets angry seeing Raavi. He thinks he is imagining her. He goes to her. He holds her. She leaves the plate. He catches the plate. Tumko paya hai….plays….

Suman asks why is it so silent, did Shiva break her head. Krish says no, its silence before a blast. Shiva asks Raavi to leave. Raavi says this isn’t just your house. He throws the plate and asks her to leave. She says I won’t go anywhere. They argue. Krish comes and stops Shiva. Raavi gets tensed seeing the knife. Krish screams and says Shiva stabbed Raavi. Dhara asks how can he do this. Krish says not in reality, in my imagination. Suman beats him. They all try to hear Shiva and Raavi. Shiva keeps the plate and leaves from the kitchen. Raavi thinks am I dreaming, he didn’t fight me and left, is he fine. Shiva comes back. Everyone sits to have food.

Raavi gets the curry. Everyone looks at Shiva. Gautam asks Shiva to say what he wants. He says I locked the cupboard, it has Raavi’s clothes, I thought you may burn her clothes in anger like you burnt the bike. Shiva sits. Krish says something is wrong, I thought it will be a big issue, but he is silently eating. Shiva thinks what is she doing here, did she change her divorce decision, how did she come back. He says I m done. Krish jokes on him. Gautam stops Shiva. He calls Raavi. He asks them to listen carefully, they will not fight, if they can’t respect each other, then they won’t insult each other. He warns them. Dhara asks Krish to get bedsheet for them. Gautam asks her not to worry for Raavi, stay angry on her, Raavi will find the clean sheets herself, she is part of the family now. He gives the cupboard keys to Raavi.

He asks Dhara to come and have medicines. Dhara goes. Dhara says I want to have something. Gautam says you just had food. She says I want to have something spicy. He asks how will I find any chaat vendor now. She asks him to just go. He goes to the kitchen and says Dhara is using the baby’s coming, how shall I find something spicy. He looks for something spicy in the kitchen. He gets scared seeing Suman. She asks what are you doing here, are you serving your wife, what does she want. He says nothing, I couldn’t eat anything well because of Shiva and Raavi, so I was feeling hungry, what are you doing here. She says even I couldn’t eat anything well, so I came to eat some dry fruits. He passes it to her. She asks him to have it, give it to Dhara also. He says sure. She goes.

Shiva makes his bedding. He says Raavi isn’t saying why she came here. Raavi comes. He asks did you come to create a drama. She asks him to keep tone low, how can she sleep in the room when he ended the relation. She says court hearing date has come, our relation is of few days. He says I know well, I m tired fighting with you and myself. She says I m also fed up fighting with you. He says you want to stop fighting me, did you come to say this. She says I told everyone, I didn’t come here for our relation, but for Dhara, its imp to take care of her, her health is imp, I don’t know if Rishita will understand her, but I understand her well. He asks did you really come for Dhara. She says I had prayed a lot for her baby, when she needs me the most, then I can’t get scared of you and sit quiet, you adjust now. He says fine, sleep now. She says by what right, your wife has a right to sleep here, I have come here as Dhara’s younger sister.

Dhara says I don’t need your favor Raavi, let me make tea. The matchstick falls on Dhara’s saree.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Ofcourse raavi will be blamed tomorrow ..also rishita will be asked to quit her job nd be at kitchen 🙄🙄

    1. true

  2. Moses Pratap Sindia

    I just hope my Dhara is truly pregnant cos I know she can take it for others happiness. That’s why I love her selfless nature.

    1. @moses pratap sindia selfless? Please tell a bigger joke. If she really was that “selfless” then she would have taught her devars to properly respect their wives but both her devars do bhabhi jaap endlessly forgetting to respect their wives insulting them every now and then. And on top of that she is showing attitude to Raavi. Okay agreed Raavi did very wrong by burning the saree gautam gave as he does not deserve that type of treatment. But he understood that its not for him as the anger was for only Shiva which unfortunately got vented upon the saree and the others. But Raavi feels guilty about it hence she staked her self respect and went to that house for dhara without a second thought. Dhara is now getting overboard with her disgusting attitude. She needs to tone down. Shiva and suman are already there to insult Raavi so the so called Mahaan dhara devi does not need to include herself in that list. She is now just as selfish as her saas and jangli devar.

    2. If Raavi staked her self respect today,then even Dhara had staked her self respect on the Janmashtami day when she went to give the dress.She knew what the consequences would be,how Raavi would react,yet she went.Today if Raavi doesn’t deserve this behavior, then even Dhara doesn’t deserve the behavior of Raavi towards her since the day she got pregnant. Firstly Raavi misunderstood the reason of celebration and created a scene and after that,everytime she met someone from the family except Shiva also,she misbehaved with them,why?what was their fault?

    3. @Vismaya thats dhara’s problem if she really knew how Raavi will behave she should not have gone to “stake” her respect specially when she is pregnant. And yes the other commentator is correct Raavi does not deserve that behavior from her maha saas, assistant saas and on top of that the illiterate husband. As for Raavi she was completely unaware that Dhara was pregnant until recently. She always considered Dhara as her sister so knowing that her sister is pregnant she won’t do anything from her side which she feel would give stress to her sister which is exactly why she risked her self respect by going inside that household even after signing divorce papers sent by her illiterate, insolent, mannerless, disrespectful husband. Just like how the commentator said she had complaints only against her terrible husband and no one else. Though dhara rishita and krish forced her to wear the saree, If she did not want to wear that saree then instead of setting it on fire she should actually have returned it back safely. But unfortunately since she didn’t listen to anyone she misunderstood the situation and hurted their sentiments. And their fault is they continuously keep forcing Raavi to maintain the bond with shiva specially knowing that its actually Shiva’s fault in which the eldest brother and dhara too did acknowledge. But dhara always keep forcing rishita to bring raavi knowing very well that she will only get insulted and disrespected by suman and shiva. The sensible matured eldest brother understood that Raavi was not angry at him and didnt have any complaints regarding him though her sentiments got vented out to the whole family instead of just shiva. In that household only gautam is the one who truly understood Raavi and suffered and why she did.

    4. How will Raavi get to now about Dhara’s pregnancy?
      First she misunderstood the reason for celebration and crated a scene and whenever someone tried to tell her,she always said that they were celebrating her divorce and not let them tell anything and shut them up.

    5. @Vismaya the problem with this serial and the two devars are the serial is way too overboard with the bhabi centric concept. Agreed bhabi is like a second mother who deserves respect. No problem in that but the original version of this serial is way way better because the devars knew how to give proper respect to their wives along with their bhabhi. But in here the hindi version is revolving only around dhara. Dhara is not the only one who has emotions or whom everyone should care about. There are many others too in this serial. Doing bhabhi bhabhi jaap continuously will not make anyone a better person until and unless they learn to treat their wives better.

    6. *and the serial

    7. @Vismaya That is the reason she felt guilty because instead of giving anybody a chance for explanation of the celebration reason, she misunderstood the whole situation as it has just been not more than a day or two for the signing of divorce papers thrown at her by her idiotic husband.

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