Pandya Store 13th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Raavi comes to Pandya house

Pandya Store 13th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Gautam and Dhara talking of Shiva and Raavi. She says you may think I m selfish, Shiva and Raavi don’t respect our words. The man gets black colour for Shiva. He says you lost and made us lose to a girl, Raavi won because of you. Krish throws black colour on them. He says girls can take part, but not win, your overconfidence made you lose, not Shiva. The man gets angry on Krish. He says Shiva made Raavi win deliberately, he can get happy, we have seen how Raavi left him, she will never come back. Raavi comes with her bags. The ladies ask her where is she going, she is getting divorced, did her Maasi made her leave the house. They taunt her. Shiva scolds the guy and asks him to leave.

Krish says don’t fight with everyone, they didn’t say wrong, Raavi will never come back. Raavi comes home. Raavi sees Dhara and smiles. Everyone comes and sees her.

Dhara asks why did you come. Raavi says I have come to stay. Suman asks by what right. Dhara says you want to insult us more. Raavi says by the right of your love. Dhara says you have burnt that right with that clothes, I forgot your love and also you, I don’t need your love or you, go from here. Raavi refuses to go. She says you have seen my love and anger, now see my stubbornness, I will not go from here. Gautam smiles. Dhara says I know to break your stubbornness. Raavi asks what will you do, will you break my head, I will get a knife, I will not go even if you hit me with a knife.

She gets the knife and asks her to hit her. Suman says we don’t need you here, I know Prafulla has sent you, she can’t see us happy. Raavi says no one sent me, I came by my wish. Suman says just go from here. Dhara says Rishita, make Raavi’s bag out. Raavi says no one will touch my bag. She asks Dhara not to shout aloud, take care of herself. Suman says Dhara wants to throw your bags out, get out. Raavi says my divorce didn’t happen, I have a right to stay here, no one can make me out of here. Gautam smiles.

Anita says I did as you said, but Dhara is pregnant, how will I marry Gautam. Kamini says you can still marry him. Kalyani comes and hears them. Kamini says Dhara will be busy with the kid, you make Gautam your best friend, his mum likes you now, you go to their house with fruits, show them that you are happy with them, leave the rest to me.

Dhara gives the notice and says hearing date has come. Suman asks Dhara to calm down. She asks Rishita to call the police, tell them that a thief has entered our house to steal our peace, her Maasi has sent her. She cries. Rishita says police will scold us, Raavi and Shiva aren’t divorced, she has a right to stay here. Gautam takes Raavi’s bag to her room. Suman and Dhara stop him. Kamini asks do you want to tell this to Rishita. Kalyani says its nothing like that. Kamini says you invite Rishita and Dev home for lunch when Janardhan isn’t home, its imp to unite before breaking them up. Raavi comes to her room.

Gautam says don’t feel bad of Dhara’s words, she is angry, she will melt in some time, mood swings happen in such times, I read on the internet. Raavi hugs him and says congrats, I m very happy for you, you will finally become Papa, I m so happy. He says thanks, welcome back. Dhara cooks the food and coughs. Raavi comes there and sees her. She says I will do. Dhara says don’t try to force me, my mood isn’t better, do you want everyone not to have food because of you, I don’t need your charity. Rishita comes and says you go, I will get the food. Dhara says don’t let Raavi do any work. She goes.

Raavi thinks I got emotional and came to take care of you, am I hurting you more. Rishita says thank me, you are here because of me. Raavi says you needed me. Rishita says we were managing without you also. Raavi says we will give food to everyone. Rishita says you can wash the food and serve food, then shift the food to utensils, I will make a call and come. She goes. Raavi smiles. Shiva and Krish come home. Krish asks why so much silence. Dhara asks him to get freshen up and come. Shiva says I m also feeling hungry, serve the food, I will change and come. Dhara says I will get the food. Krish says I will get it. He sees Raavi working in the kitchen.

He shouts ghost…. Raavi and Rishita look at him. He says Raavi was alive, did she die, she was a good soul. He sits crying. Rishita says shut up drama king, take the plates. Raavi says there are many days to question, go out and don’t ask anything. Krish goes. Rishita says finish the work, I will make a call. Rishita calls Kirti. Shiva finds the cupboard locked. He sees his clothes on the bed. He hears Raavi’s voice.

Shiva goes to kitchen and sees Raavi cooking. He holds her. He asks how dare you come back. He says this is not just your house. He scolds her and asks her to get out.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Why the hell raavi came back?? To get insulted from dhara suman shiva??

    1. I know right same but by looks of it she feels guilty.

  2. Sakeenah

    I think she went back because she wants to take care of dhara and her baby but why is dhara over doing it….all I want now is for Raavi to be strong and for her to give Shiva any kind of treatment he gives her..

  3. Love you ❤️ Shivi ❤️ 😘
    Shiva and raavi saath mein bohot acche lagte hai ❤️

  4. @jora badal really?? they disrespect nd abuse each other especially shiva never miss a chance to insult raavi..u like seeing such abuses??

  5. It’s good she came back. It shows she human feeling. She’s humble and down to earth.
    Even if the Pandya family are insulting her she should endure and stay there to help Dhara and the troublesum mother-in-law.
    Shiva is a stupid human being. But I know with time he will come to love his wife and stop behaving like a jerk
    💪💪💪👍 🍦🍨

    1. Apart from the fact that she is humble. She was wrong also.In the sense that she should not have shut everyone out. She built a relationship with them. It was not as if all of them were supporting was shiva did. Shiva and his mum gangan are the problem.(and Dhara bhabhi sha but her own wahala is small) They think that they are always right. You people know that all the insult she gave the family especially gautam he doesn’t deserve it. So she is actually feeling guilty also.

  6. I am seeing this show after many days feed up of these drama 😑…….😠😠this show should not be Pandya store it should be Pandya family ka namak mirch drama😂😂shiva and suman always overreact firstly suman overreacted with dhara and now with raavi and shiva he is also every time loggerhead towards raavi…….but raavi has now understood he mistake 🤗

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