Pandya Store 13th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Shiva gets uncontrollable

Pandya Store 13th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krish’s friend coming to Suman and telling everything. Suman cries and says Dhara’s child dream broke once again, Prafulla and Anita did this. She calls Prafulla. Prafulla is sweeping the floor. She takes the call. Suman scolds her. She says you and Anita stole Dhara’s baby, how can Anita try to get someone’s baby in her womb. Prafulla gets shocked. She says stop it now, don’t say nonsense. Suman says Anita is at the hospital, you don’t know anything. Prafulla asks what. Suman says don’t do a drama, Anita is getting Dhara’s baby in her womb, I will punish you both. Prafulla worries and says Anita is mad for Gautam, I have to go there and handle the matter, else Suman will kill Anita. Suman says enough now, I will burn Anita in this fire.

Shiva says you are also involved, how can you fall so low, I had a doubt on you both, but I didn’t know Raavi will do this. Rishita is leaving. Sagar comes. He says you are leaving early. She says I know, I have an emergency, I will do the work at night and send you, I really need to go. She goes. He smiles.

Kamini asks Kirti to buy clothes for Rishita also, she is so upset, new clothes will make her mood fresh. Kirti says sure. Kamini thinks now no one will doubt me that I was with Anita at the hospital. Shiva says you always want bad for us, I will kill you. Raavi says leave her. Anita runs. Shiva runs after her. Dhara cries. Suman comes to Gautam. Gautam asks what is she doing here. She says I want to see Dhara first, Anita and Prafulla did this, I will not leave them. He says Dhara isn’t answering, I will get her, go home. She refuses. Gautam asks Mohit to take her home. Mohit says she isn’t listening, what shall I do.

Suman says I won’t go, take me there, I will beat Anita. Guard says solve the fight at home, go. Gautam says my family is stuck inside, I will go inside. Guard says don’t worry, there is no fire, just smoke. Gautam and Suman go inside. Guard stops them. Gautam says my family is stuck. Prafulla comes and says Suman called me here to get me burnt. She sees Suman. Suman and Prafulla argue.

Suman says Kamini, you and Anita broke Dhara’s dream. Anita shouts for help. She comes running. Everyone looks on. Shiva says I will kill you. Gautam asks Shiva to stop. Shiva catches Anita. Prafulla throws a bottle at Shiva’s hand. Shiva says you did wrong with Dhara. Rishita comes. Everyone tries to stop Shiva. Raavi says leave her, else I will call the police. Prafulla says make a video of him.

Shiva says she did wrong with Dhara, leave me. Prafulla makes a video. Shiva says leave me Gautam. He pushes Gautam and Krish. Krish asks Gautam are you fine. Shiva goes to Anita. Shiva cuts Anita’s hair. Everyone gets shocked.

Police comes. Prafulla says Shiva has cut Anita’s hair. Inspector slaps Shiva. Shiva gets arrested.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Ravi heard with her ears what Kamini said over the phone, that no one can stop Anita from being Mrs Guatam Panda. She was there and saw everything, so why is she asking Shiva to leave Anita.
    They should punish her so badly. I don’t understand why it should be Shiva they are arresting. Anita should be arrested for murder. This is murder. A foetus is a life.
    Please do this case well and treat life with sanctity. A life has been wasted by Anita and Kamini. And their collaborators in the hospital. They first stole someone child, and then killed it. Make it in such a way that everyone involved does not go Scot free. Or otherwise, make it such that the baby is in Dhara’s womb or else, the whole drama will not make sense
    In most of your serials, doctors are shown not to keep the secret of their patients. How can you explain Kamini and her family knowing about Dhara antenatal visit, the day the time. Doctors and nurses who are supposed to fight for the right way of practice is agreeing to transfer another woman’s foetus to another woman’s womb. All in the name of acting.

    1. Shiva wife is not helping at all

  2. I agree why does Ravvi not stand up for the truth she saw Anita pulling the bottle snd the file Dhaka’s what was it doing in Anitss room
    Ok Ravvi did not read the name but she should say Anita called to to come and that idiot Kamini said on the phone that you have Ravvi there God I hope they put Anita in jail snd finally hope that Gautam and Dhara become parents pleeeesssse

  3. Writers please stop this crap and show love confession of Shivi. But before that punish harshly that Anita and kaamini. And for god sake stop showing negativity. Just punish the villains please. And Raavi please speak up and tell your husband that you were not involved anyway in your evil sister’s plan. Just let him know that you have no part in this. Writers please just give a proper storyline else too much of negativity in ITV shows now

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