Pandya Store 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Dhara apologizes to Raavi

Pandya Store 13th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gautam saying Dhara didn’t know about Dev’s love for Rishita. He says she took Dev’s alliance to Janardhan’s house, she got insult in return, why, is she ruling in this house, we can’t give her any respect, Rishita has insulted her, Dhara has silently tolerated it, she has lost her esteem, did she do this to rule here, you think she is responsible, there is peace in this house because of Dhara, she got Dev and Rishita married, she got Shiva married to Raavi, I m sure that Shiva and Raavi will love each other, she is the string who has kept all the pearls united, if this string breaks, then you and I can’t save this family, how many times will Dhara prove her goodness, its ten years of marriage, if you don’t understand her, then how will the new bahus understand her. Suman says you are giving me a lecture, get out. Gautam goes.

Suman asks Dhara to leave. Dhara also leaves. Gautam sees his bedroom given to Dev. Dhara takes Gautam to the stairs. She asks what did you do there. He asks didn’t you see mum saying that. She says you broke your promise and spoke between us, you have no right, I didn’t speak between you and your mum, I had no right, go and apologize to Suman. He says I know, I m also feeling bad, its true that I did wrong, I regret, but the truth is, I don’t regret what I told her. Dhara says mum is mum, she has a right to scold children on mistake, you were also upset with me, why can’t Suman be upset with me, can’t she scold me, its not her mistake. She says you have told bitter things, its wrong, go and apologize to Suman. He asks how can you be so right always.

She says I have been proved wrong in Dev’s matter. He says stop it, I can scold you, its imp that you don’t let wrong happen with anyone, you always make sure of it. He hugs her. They cry.

Raavi cries. Dhara comes and asks her to take a step to keep her relation. Raavi asks where do I have to go. Dhara says come to the temple. Prafulla says I don’t have money to waste on them. Ladies come to meet Prafulla. They give shagun for Raavi. Prafulla sees just 50rs. She asks Anita to take the juice glasses back. Jagat asks what are you saying. Prafulla gets angry on the ladies and asks them to leave. Dhara guides Rishuta and Raavi with the rituals. Dhara says you are angry on me, its not the mistake of traditions. Raavi asks will everything get sorted, will my fate become the same. Dhara says no, but coming life’s beginning will become auspicious. Jagat says every woman has a right to save money like you do.

Prafulla says Dhara ruined Raavi’s life. He says no, you are wrong, you have spoiled Anita’s life yourself, Dhara has handled the matter in Raavi’s case. Krish makes Raavi do the rituals. Dhara asks what are you doing. Krish says I m helping you. He says Raavi, you never thought for anything since childhood, why are you thinking now. Dhara asks him to apologize to Raavi. He says sorry and goes. Dhara stops Raavi. Raavi asks why, will you force me again. Prafulla says if Shiva refused for marriage, then this would have not happened. Prafulla says Raavi will never stay happy, Dhara will pay for price. Jagat jokes on Prafulla. Anita says you broke my marriage and even today my life is stuck. Anita gets sad. Prafulla says you come out of the past, I have done your setting with Hardik. Anita says you broke my leg. Prafulla says you need to make little sacrifices. Dhara asks Raavi to have prasad. She asks Rishita and Raavi to have prasad, then she will drop them to their rooms. Krish calls Dhara. Rishita taunts Raavi. She says I have heard that old love is tough to forget. Raavi cries.

Shiva tries to arrange Raavi’s luggage. He gets a gift for Dev. Rishita argues with Raavi. Shiva gets angry. Raavi says I don’t want Dev and this room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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