Pandya Store 12th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Gautam faces a big trouble

Pandya Store 12th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hardik and everyone waiting for Gautam and Dhara. The ladies talk that Gautam married Dhara, not Anita. Suman doesn’t hear it. The ladies go out to talk. Gautam gets Dhara home. Shiva says when mum knows about Dhara, she will throw us out. Dev says mum dislikes Dhara. Hardik sees Dhara. Dhara smiles. She asks which brother comes till sasural to do sister’s bidaai, go home now, I have to cross this path myself. She hugs Hardik. Hardik says don’t worry for the shop, I spoke to some people, we will come out of this problem soon. Kids ask them to wait outside. They run to get a surprise. Hardik blesses Dhara and goes. Gautam asks Dhara what shall I explain mum, don’t know how will she react. Dhara says I m also scared, I feel everything will get fine, I will take Suman’s blessings. Suman asks the ladies. Kaki says everything is fine. Suman hears her sons talking. She smiles. Shiva says I have seen the bride kicking the rice pot and then spreading the blood in the house. Dev says duffer, its red colour, not blood.

Shiva says oh okay. Suman goes to welcome the bride. Dhara sees her and puts the ghunghat over her face. Gautam says you hid under the ghunghat on seeing mum. Dhara says let it be for some time, I will take blessings and remove it. Kids do Gautam and Dhara’s grahpravesh. Dhara gets tensed. Gautam and Dhara get Suman’s blessings. Suman signs them to show bride’s face. Krish nods. Shiva stops Krish from lifting the ghunghat. They fight. Gautam asks them not to fight. Suman signs Gautam to lift the ghunghat. Gautam says I will do it later, I want to go to store. Jyoti asks Kanta to tell Suman that Gautam married Dhara. Kanta says no, Suman may get a shock hearing this, I will regret all life then. Gautam, Dhara and kids come to the store. Some goons are on the way. Dhara says I had put ghunghat on myself on seeing mum. Gautam says I will tell mum before anyone else tells, I will go and come, its last day to repay the loan, I will request them to get few days time. She nods.

Prafulla argues with Mama. She says I will not spare them, Suman could have told us that Pandya store is gone, don’t help them. Krish does tika and welcomes Dhara in the store. Goons reach there. Goon throws the aarti plate. Everyone gets shocked. Gautam asks who are you all. Goon shows the property seizure papers. Gautam says we have time till 4pm, I will talk to Harish. Goon says your dad couldn’t do anything in 6 years, what will you do in few hours. Gautam says I will call the police. Goon says Pandya store will get locked right away. Gautam says let me talk to Harish once, then do anything you want. Goon catches his collar. A man comes and says goons have entered Pandya store, they are fighting with Gautam. Jagat Mama says I will come. Prafulla asks him not to go anywhere, she will go and see the picture. Dhara tries to help Gautam. Goon pushes her away. Dhara falls down on the ground. Gautam shouts Dhara….

Prafulla says I have got plates for begging, your store is gone. Gautam and Dhara come. Prafulla pushes Dhara over Suman. Suman gets shocked. She asks Gautam to make Suman out of the house. He worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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