Pairs are Made in heaven…. episode 5

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Recape:swasan and raglak meeting ..

Today episode:
Both swaragi sat and talking.
Sanskar:yes miss rhaizada hw can  i help u ?
Swara:actuly we want u hotel .as we are conducting our fashion show.
Sanskar:ok..which date u want ?
Swara:on 20
Sanskar:20 im sry miss rahizada all hotels are already booked for 1week..after 1 week it will be free.
Swaragini was sad.
Ragini:any other option..i mean can u suggest any of ur friends hotel.
Sanskar:ya i have one resort ..if u can see once and decide ..its out of the city.
Swara(happy):im ok with this
Ragini:shona 1st see the place and decide. Swara give her angry look ..ragini bite her tongue…
Ragini:im mean  mam u we first check the place ..
Swara:ragini hw many time i should tell u call me ny name…nt shona or mam
Ragini:how can i.. both sanlak are confuse ..
Laksh(in mind):ragini is owner then y she is calling her mam
Sanskar(mind):y miss rhaizada calling her mam ..and shona nice name and smiled
Sanskar to swara: by the way miss ur self?
Swara:im swara..
Sanskar:miss swara u have meeting at 11
Sanskar:then u here.i mean rhaizada meeting.
Swara:ya actuly i have  took appointment for rhaizada meeting only.
Sanskar: ..ok ..nice to meet u
Swara: pleasure is mine.
Samskar:so what u decided? Swara afref thinking
Swara: ok we will check the place if we will satisfied then we will deal
Sanskar:takr u time as much u want.
Swara:we dnt have time when we will see?
Sanskar:tmrw mrng 10
Swara:ok done.

Then they talk lil bit and abt leave laksh inttruputed.
Laksh:miss rahizada wait.
Both swaragini stoped and turn to laksh .. sanskar was confused by his act ..
Laksh(looking to ragini): actuly   i wanted to thank u ..swara was confused why he is calling ragini as rhaizada ..both swaragini sawa each other ..ragini was controling her laugh and swara understood that they are misuslnderstan.
Ragini:thanks for what laksh.
Laksh:for giving my sister job in ur company.
Rangini(confuse):when i given job?
Swara:who is ur sister?
Laksh:miss khushi mehta.
Ragini:bt i havt done anything..
Laksh:ur so nice u have done this and dont wanted credit and u dnt wanted to show off .im impress
Ragini:look mr laksh.. i havnt done anything and i hvnt given job to ur sister ..  u should thanks to ASR for this ..
Laksh: ya bt after telling u only mr.ASR given her job.
Ragini:what me …i hvnt told anything..then laksh told khushi told her hw he shouted and lossed job and due ASR sister..ASR given job..both swaragini understood he is talking abt swara.
Ragini:then u have to thank miss rhaizada for this.
Laksh: ya thats way im thanking u ..
Ragini:bt im nt miss rhaizada
Sanlak:ur nt miss  rhaizada ?
Ragini:no  miss ragini designer of RFW
Laksh:then who is miss rhaizada?
Sanskar:ya we have meeting with her. Where is she ?
Swara:im miss rhaizada
Swara:ya im  swara singh rhaizada..
Sanlak are shocked and happy also.
Sanskar:then y didnt told early only ..
Swara:bcz i want to hear only swara nt rhaizada …when some one call me miss rhaizada then i feel like im elder then them and they all are giving me more respect ..i want my identity nt my family identity ..i want to prove my self ..
Sanskar was impressed by her thought.
Sanskar:nice thought miss swara.
Laksh:sry mam
.and thank u.
Swara:y sry and y thanks?
Laksh:sry for thinking ur employ and thanks for giving my sister job.
Swara: mr laksh ur sry and thanks will nt accepted.

Sanlak and ragini are shock hearing this
Swara:i ll nt accept sry bcz im also a normal person i also work there so im employ only and ur thank will be nt accepted bcz i havt done anything ..its miss khushi tilent she gt job ..she is execelent.
Sanskar was happy for her choice and impressed by her thought.
Sankar:i heard lot thing about ..that ur rude arrogant and all its all wrong ..
Swara:even i also heard abt u the same and its also wrong.
Sanskar:u both brother are same.
Swasan smile .
Swara: ok mr Sanskar we  will leave u tmrw.
Sanskar:ok miss swara ..all shook hands .
Both raglak were  talking went out and swara and sanskar was still in meeting hall.swara went near door and stoped by hearing
Sanskar:nice name
Swara(smile):thank u. And swara left ..both raglak and swara was in parking while sanskar was them frm his cabin ..swara feel gaze and turn and saw sanskar and smiled..then both swaragini left .

Precape: swasan and raglak resort .manan and uttu meeting

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