Pairs are Made in heaven….episode 4

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Precape:swara arrival
Today episode.
A pleasant morning a girl was jogging wearing pink track suit ..high pony and a some stands of haurs are on face and earphone in ear and running ..while she was running she bumped to a person and about to fall ..a strong hand are holded her on her waist and she clucther the person shirt due to fear if falling and eyes are closed .the man lost in her beauty.. she slowly opend her eyes and lost in his brown eyes..they both came to sense when her mobile rings . They stood straight and compose themself ..then attended the call

Caller:shona wer r u ?
Yes the girl is swara
Swara:bhaiyu came to everythimg fine. And caller is arnav
Arnav:han i searched in home didnt found u so called.
Swara:bhaiyu u knw na i cm daily jogging..anyways cmg home bye
Arnav:ok bye and ended the call
After ending the call swara turn to the person said
Swara: sorry and thank u mr

Ya the person is sanskar
Swara: ok thnk u mr sanskar.
Sanskar:ur welcm
Swara:ok bye and she left
Sanskar(thinking):o god she is beautiful she is like an angel …i cant take of my  eyes  ..i have fallen for her ..while going home back swara was on lost on her thought.
Swara(thinking): what happend to me y i allways lost in his eyes..t i feel good when near me .. i feel protected in his arm.y ..what us this feeling..she was in her thought..
Screen shift to rhaizada mansion.
Manarv and dadi are having coffee then ragini enter the mansion
Ragini:good mrng dadi..gud mrng bhai and manu.
Dadi:are rago beta gud mrng
Arnav:good mrng ladoo

Manik:good mrng baby doll
Ragini(irtitate):ahh manu dnt call me that name
Manik:then y u call me manu.stop calling me that name..both started fighting arnav and dadi and laughing seeing there fight ..
Dadi:enough both of u..ragu come havr coffe

Ragini:no dadi i have work ..i camr to meet shona
Manik(dramatic): that way im thinking y mrng mrng she came her…  seeing up  side  and acting ..o god no one loves me ..all lpves shone di only no one loves me ..started fake cry.
Ragini holdong his ear.
Ragini:chup dramebaaz ..always daram ..
Manik:oooo di nt doing drama..ok tell when shona di went to london hw many days u came to meet us. U always come when shona di is here ..u never care abt us..Ragini was silent ..and a tear came in her eyes…arnav saw that and shouted on manik.
Arnav:manik stop u joke ..she is crying . Manik saw ragini and hugged her and cupped her face
Manik:are di i was jst kidding..u knw na i akways tease u only ..he holdes his ear and sais cutly
Manik:chorry di..ragini melted seeing his cute face and told.

Ragini:its ok..
Manik:if u forgive me then give me ur closeup add..
Ragini smile and pulled his cheeck..
Ragini:i knver get angry on u baby ..
Manik:dadi bhai and di ..dnt tell shona di that i made raga di cried ..if she gt to knw that then she will nt spare me ..arnav was abt to tell somthing he stoped seeing in entrence and looked at manik..ragini and dadi also shocked to see entrence..manik observe all expression and follow there gaze and he was double shock. Arnav compose him self and told
Arnav:shona when u came?
Swara enter the home and asked..

Swara:jst the way baccha wt ur  telling who will nt spare u ?
Manik(confusingly): u didnt hear what i told?
Swara:no i jst enter when u told she will nt spare me ..who nt spare u?all are relaxed ..bcz they knw if anyone of them get tears in there eyes..shw not spare the person who are behind the tears..bcx for her ..manarv and dadi and rago are her life ..she treat ragini as sister and her family as her family..
Manik:no one di

Swara:bacchu  u knw u cant lie me ..right
Swara:then tell
Manik:o actuly ..he told all what happend there and swara was angry.
Swara:manik hw can u talk like this..all are shock bcz swara never call manik by name .she call him prince bacchu or jaan
Ragini:its ok shona..he was kidding ..
Swara:ragu hw could he talk like that..he knw hw u love him..
Ragini:its ok shona leave that..nw get ready we have to go to office..
Manik:im sorry di ..i ll nvr talk like this agian ..i  was jst teasing her…swara feel bad after scolding manik..
Swara:baccha dont do like this again .ok
Manik:ok di .and he hugged her..

Ragini(dramatically):ooo im also preaent here.
Arnav/dadi: mee too
Then all had a group hug .
Dadi:shona go fresh and come to have bf and u all lets have bf and ragu come have u fav kheer..
Ragini:o thank u dadi and hugged her ..swara went to her room and all went to dinning table and after getting ready swara came down and wnt to dinning tabke and had bf and went to their respective wrk ..
Screen shift to mehta home.
Khushi was running here and ther and laksh was seeing her ..fainaly laksh gt irritate and held her ny her shoulder and asked.
Laksh:di calm down why are u running here and there..
Khushi:lucky i hv meeting i need to be there and if i get late i lose my job..u knw abt my ..i told na yesterday only ..
Laksh:ok calm ..u get ready i ll drop u ok..

Khushi:ok..she gt ready and both left to office ..laksh drop khushi and abt to go bt asked
Laksh:di u told na ur boss sister who is she i want to meet her.
Khushi pointing toward parking where swaragini are coming ..
Khushi:she is my boss sister .

Laksh follow her direction he saw ragini   where as swara went back to car to bring her file laksh thought ragini is rhaizada
laksh:ok bye di i ll go
He left frm there and went in his cabin ancd  thinking
Laksh(thinking) :ragini is rhaizada ..ASR sister and owner of RFW ..she never told me. O how i forget she called ASR  as bhai

Ragini and laksh are talking  then a car came and stood near them and man slide the window and that person is Asr
Arnav: ragu what are u doing here..
Ragini:bhai i came to meet my friend.

Arnav:ok ..are u coming or still  here.
Ragini:no bhai u go ..i ll come letter
Arnav:ok bye .take care
Ragini:ok bhai.

Flashback end
Laksh was in deep thought ..her landline start ringing which break the chain of thought
Sanskar:mr laksh come to cabin

Laksh:ok sir
Laksh kept phone and went to sanskar cabin..laksh knocked the door
Sanskar:come in..laksh we have meeting with miss rahizada coming .i want all schdule..right now .
Laksh : ok sir
Laksh went out and came after 10 mins
Laksh: sir u have one meeting with miss swara at 11
Sanskar:ok ..after that
Laksh:sir  no meeting
Sanskar:then arrange meeting with rhaizada at 2 .. while talking sanskar PA(priya) enter the cabin.
Priya: sir miss rahizada came thry told they have meeting with u 11.
Sanskar:what i have meeting with miss swara at 11..did miss swara came.
Priya : no sir

Sanskar after thinking .
Sanakar: ok arrange meeting with rhaizada ..
Priya : ok sir
Sanskar: laksh meet me in meeting hall 10 min
Laksh : ok sir ..laksh and priya left cabin ..while laksh was going to his cabin he saw ragini sitting in waiting room abd reading some file..he went to ragini.
Laksh: hello mam
Ragini lift her head and saw laksh

Ragini: hey laksh how are u.
Laksh : fine mam
Ragini: laksh are u ok..y are u calling me mam call me ragini
Laksh :  sry mam i cant call u by name .. priya came and inform abt time
Priya: mam wait 10 min meeting will be start..
Priya went and laksh turn to ragini
Laksh: ok ragini .. imm sry ..miss rhaizada see u in meeting ..he left before she tell.
Ragini(thinking):o god he thinking me rahizada nt rahizada ..swara is rahizada.
While she was thinking her thought was broke by priya.
Priya mam:meeting will be start ..sir is waiting
Ragini:ok they both left to meeting hall and enter the meeting hall again she got shock when she heard sanskar.
Sanskar:hello miss rahizada

Ragini:hell mr SM im miss ragini  before she complete swara enter the meeting hall sanskar was mermerized by seeing her she is wearing black jeans and pink shirt and black jacket and wearing black heels and were as ragini wearing blue denim jeans and white formal  black heels..and wearing both are looking perfect bussiness lady.
Swara:sry i was on call so came late ..sry fr making u wait.
Sanskar: its ok ..plz u both take seat ..

Both swaragini took the seat ..
Sanakar was lookung at swara and talking.
Sanskar:what u like to have tea coffee or juice
Swaragini:no thank u

Laksh saw sanskar and follow his gaze and it stoping on swara
Laksh(thinking): y sir is looking and talking to her ..boss is sitting beside her..o god this girl should miss rhaizada and ragini should be middle class girl it will be easy for me. Howerver mr SM is rich any girl can marry im nt rich to marry this rhaizada .sir is staring her may be he like her then she should only rhaizada na y my ragini is rhaizada..

Precape: sanlak got to know swara is rahaizada and ragini is gadodia

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