To which pairing are you looking forward in JNDSD?

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door is going through a high dramatic phase. Atharv’s memory has come back. He has turned normal and remembers his life till the point when Kailash separated Vividha from him. Vividha tells the truth to Atharv that he lost his memory before and turned into a child, being mentally unstable for three months. Atharv gets shaken up by the bitter truth. Nevertheless, he gets content that his mother and Vividha are with him even now. Atharv feels lucky to get another motherly figure Suman in his life. He is happy to stay with Vashisht family, but also tries to figure out the things happening around.

Ravish and Vividha are married. Ravish truly loves Vividha and is sacrificing his love for Atharv and Vividha’s happiness. Ravish is trying his best to hide the things from Atharv which could give him a shock. Atharv succeeds to find out that Vividha got married to Ravish Vashisht. He vents out his anger on Vividha for not waiting for him and moving on in life with Ravish. Atharv regrets that the girl to whom he gave his life and soul did not value his love. Though, the truth is something else. Vividha still loves Atharv and decides to divorce Ravish. The love triangle is going on at an intense level. Both the pairings of the show, RaVidha and ViTharv have gained much appreciation and fan following. To which pairing are you looking forward in JNDSD? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. RAVIDHA all the way. Without getting anything in return he did so much for her just because the serial started with atharva and vividha it doesn’t necessarily mean they have to end up together. Ravish and vividha have so much chemistry writers shouldn’t ignore that. I have been watching this from the beginning after seeing everything I feel ravidha should be together.

  2. Only and nly vitharv.only vividha and atharv has chemistry. This story is only of vividha &atharv.There is no more role for ravish in this serial. Ravish is nly a parallel lead in this serial .serial gave him some importance bcz he is the brother of main lead atharv from the bgning and at end vitharv should unite.if that ra vidha unite ,then title of janana dil se door will be meaning will bcm javona dil se makers don’t give much imp to ravish as he is nly a parallel lead and it s better if u can pls avoid ravish frm this serial.
    We have no need of him. Don’t let him to come bw vitharv as a barrier. Pls
    We want vitharv nly.They r true soulmates and made for each other.such a lovely pair.drctr pls use ur brain and recognise our feelings.
    We want vitharvvvv

  3. It is unfair if ravish is paired with Vividha. The concept of love n the serial will be grounded as it would fail to protect the core element of the story titled JNDSD. Letting Kailash succeed in his plans spoils the concept of true love… Hence atharv and vividha has to be paired.. Vitharv had defined their own 7pere which was the excellent inspirational idea of expressing and sharing the essence and importance of true love to the audience, If Ravidha is paired then those newly defined 7pere by vitharv goes in vain…

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