“My pain”~Swara (Episode 1)

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Hey.. There I’m back with the very first episode of my work. Hope u like and enjoy it..

Episode 1

Shekhar is fuming in anger that Laksh dint just betray his daughter but made the guts to slap him in front of all the guests who were present to grace the occasion of the wedding of the Gadodia daughters..
He couldn’t see his Ragini in pain and decided that he will take care of his daughters and stand by them at any time.. A father he is afterall.
He made a strong decision , one would probably be in favour of his daughters’ life or against it, which only time would decide..
Then came the moment where he told both his daughters to never think of stepping in the maheshwari mansion and reminded swara of her promise..
Though swara dint want to abide by the decision of forgetting Sanskar and breaking ties with the Maheshwaris she knew she could do nothing, nothing at all being bound by her father’s swear…
A crying swara unable to control her tears and pain desperate in need of a person to share her feelings with, decided to meet her dida..
She for sure knew there was no other person who could understand her emotional turmoil other than her loving and ever sweet dida.
A quick run she entered into her dida’s house there her tears rolled down her pretty cheeks seeing her dida. All she could do was give her a tight hug and cry her eyes out in her dida’s embrace and that was exactly she did..
Lying on her dida’s lap she spoke to her about all the pain she endured and told her she can’t handle more pain and in breaking completely…
“Dida, hamesha mere saath aisa kyun hothi heinki, jhabbi mein shaadhi ka sapne dekhthi hoon aur apne haathon mein mehandiki rang chadne dethi ,meri shaadhi ki sapne pore hothe hothe toot jhathe hein??”
“Bolona dida , kya mein ithni bori hoonki meri shaadhi ki baadh ki zindagi mein kabhi kushiyan hi na ho???”
“Thak chuki hoon dida aur nahi ho saktha. Shayadh iske baadh mujhe kabhi mere shaadhi hi na ho aur tho apna pyaar to be hamesha oke liye lo dhoon… ”
As these words slipped from her mouth dida was let completely shocked to see her ever strong and happy granddaughter breakdown completely infront of her while all she could do was to stare blankly and cry along..
Neither of them cared to notice the eyes of the Gadodia family and mainly Ragini stare with teary eyes…
Though they were helpless and broken seeing their eldest daughter break down completely, they decided to keep quite and help her forget her love , so she needn’t have to endure anymore emotional pain…
On the other side Ragini decided Laksh was never was meant to be hers though she loved him truly and wanted to move on except for the fact that he had slapped her dad, she decided to let go and left things to the one above and completely to destiny..
She made herself strong and went to see swara probably an hour or two later only to see her elder sister in her casual clothes sleeping on her dida’s lap with a tear stained face and wet eyelashes.. Yet amongst all this she couldn’t miss the served foodplate which seemed more or less untouched indicating clearly that her sister hadn’t had a mouthful of food. On the irony how she had dinner due to the forceful feeding of her maa and dadi struck her.mm
Leaving the room she stepped into her room, with new resolution as to never fall weak and grow to reach such heights that noone would ever be able to question her life..
A new resolution she slept waiting for sunrise to start a new life, understanding the fact that with every sunrise and new day every person gains a new opportunity to live life in their way and a new way as well probably allowing bygones to be bygones and forgetting their past just like passing clouds don’t stay for ever.

One side was Ragini who made herself strong enough to make a new start regardless of what was her past and also of the fact that it was because of her that her elder sister had lost her love once again.. She already started her journey by trying to forget laksh…
Yet here was Swara, who still couldn’t come out of her emotional pain, she new the next day was bringing a new sunrise for her sister but was it going to be the same for her was a question she couldn’t answer.. will she be able to accept everything and really move on forgetting her love…

Finally. Done with the first episode… So here was how things were in the sister’s life…
How about the brothers’ life? How was it going to change? Will everything soon sort ? Heartbroken are a few while strong and courageous others!
Hoping for the best. Let’s see what happens next..

Guys, I focused completely on swara and ragini in this episode , so my focus will be on Sanskar and Laksh in the next episode..
I really don’t know when I will be uploading it coz if u have seen my profile then I have my semesters from Monday…
Promise to be back soon.
Till then love u all.
Take care.. ?????
Please try and comment. Do let me know the flaws and the beautys..
A big Hearty thanks for all those reading… ❤?????????

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  1. Adishu

    wow amazing n emotional… lovely….

    1. Akshara14

      Thanks dear.. Happie that u liked it..

  2. Deeksha gupta

    Amazing ….its swasan na ??

    1. Akshara14

      Yup.. It’s for swasan but not very soon will they get back.. Happie that you liked it.

  3. Simi


    1. Akshara14

      Thanks.. Happie that you liked it..

  4. Soujanya


    1. Akshara14

      Thanks. Happie that you liked it…

  5. Simin

    Veey painful

    1. Akshara14

      Yup.. I know a few more episodes would be a lil painful but later it would be a fun filled one.. Keep reading.. Thanks.. Happie u liked it.

  6. Vyshu10


    1. Akshara14

      Yes.. It’s a little painful and emotional one but soon things will change.. Thanks.. Happie u liked it…

  7. Pooja26

    awsm dear….
    post asap……

    all d best for sem…
    mine ginna start frm 5 dec……

    1. Akshara14

      Thanks for reading dear and Thanks for your wishes.. promise to be back soon.. All the best for your semester as well. What course???

      1. Pooja26

        m doing law…
        b.com llb

  8. nice start..tc..

    1. Akshara14

      Thanks. U too. ?

    1. Akshara14

      Thanks.. Happie u liked it..

  9. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear

    1. Akshara14

      Thanks dear. Happie u liked it..

  10. Arshaanya

    Intrstng vry nyc….
    Its swasan only na or both swasan n raglak??

    1. Akshara14

      It’s swasan and raglak.. mainly on swasan of which more or else about Swara’s pain. Happie u liked it.. Thanks..

  11. Very nice

  12. It’s awesome dear

    1. Akshara14

      Thank you dear…

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