Painful Love (Kanchi And Sukor) – Episode 3


             Painful Love



Recap:- Chakor pain, Suraj’s feelings towards her and Kanchi start of love.

Veer had planned to have a blast at night. So when everyone left, he took elders permission to enjoy their time. Veer, Vivaan, Swara, Tina, Sanchi, Chakor, Suraj agreed but Kabir Kapoor didn’t agree so Suraj had to make him agree and with lots of efforts, he agreed to stay.

All were in the hall sitting in a big round circle deciding what to play??

“Guys let’s play truth and dare.” Swara said.

“Yes let’s see who have the guts to chose dare.” Veer commented.

Everyone agreed but again Kharoos Kabir Kapoor disagreed.

“I won’t play any game.” Kabir said.

“Kabir please stay and play.” Suraj said but Kabir didn’t listen and stood up to go.

Just as he was about to go, Sanchi held his hand.

“Please stay na. If you consider me as your friend then play with us please.” Sanchi said looking straight into his eyes.

And this was enough for Kabir to agree. He silently went and sat on the right side of Sanchi. Everyone started staring at him like he is an alien.

“What now?? Don’t you want to play??” Kabir said seeing everyone’s staring.

“So guys I’ll spin the bottle first.” Veer said and spined the bottle which stopped on Swara.

“So Swara what do you choose, truth or dare?” Veer smirked.

“I am not scared of anything, so I’ll take dare.” Swara said and Veer was smirking.

Veer**You always show everyone that you are not scared of anything but now I’ll show them that u r also scared. Just wait and watch Miss. Swara Mishra, u will be scarred of my prank ups dare.**

“So Swara, you have to kiss the one whom I’ll tell you.” Veer said smirking making everyone shocked.

“Veer what are you saying? You can’t tell any girl to kiss someone just because of a stupid dare.” Chakor busted out.

“Relax Angry Bird, first see whom she has to kiss??!!” Veer said.

“I don’t want to see anything. You can’t just tell her to kiss.” Chakor was angry on him also because of the prank he did.

Suraj was admiring her.

Suraj**Moment before, you were crying and now you are fighting for someone. Really you are unique. And angry bird no it’s not good name for you, because you look like a wild cat when you are angry. My Jungli Billi.** Suraj smiled to himself.

Veer was pissed now thanks to Chakor who was giving him a long lecture. So he held his hands together.

“Sorry for doing a prank on you angry bird. Now let me complete please.” Veer was pleading.

“Okay.” Chakor was still angry.

“I wanted her to kiss this toy lizard.” Veer got a toy lizard out from his pocket.

“Oye Prankster, I’m not afraid of anything. Let me complete my dare.” Saying this, Swara snatched the it from his hand and kissed it leaving him shocked.

“See I completed my dare.” Swara said and threw the lizard on him but Veer was in a shock state so he didn’t notice and jumped screaming ‘help’.

Everyone burst out in laughter. Even Kabir smiled a bit. Veer was embarrassed but sat on his place sadly.

“Now I’ll spin the bottle.” Swara announced and spinned the bottle which stopped on Tina.

“I’ll choose truth.” Tina said.

“Ok so tell me Makeup ki Dukan how many guys have you dated till now??” Swara asked her.

“Hmm tough one.” Tina said.

“Really??” “Why so??” Sanchi and Chakor said in unison.

“Actually there are many, I haven’t count. Hmm may be if I guess, it’s ZERO.” Tina said little bit angry because Swara knew that still asked her that question and Swara had that mischievous smile on her face as she asked this question just to irritate her.

And there was a 440 volt smile on someone’s face. Who will he be?? Ofcourse Vivaan Kapoor.

So now Tina spinned the bottle and it was Veer’s turn. He chose dare and she gave him the most difficult task ever.

“So Veer Malhotra you have to dance on the song Dil Diyan Gallan.” Tina smirked.

“Ok but I’ll need a partner.” Veer said smiling.

“Oh ho let me complete na. You will dance on this song ALOONEE.” Tina completed and Veer’s smiled faded.

First he refused but at last because of everyone, he danced and everyone was laughing holding their stomach except Kabir who was lost in Sanchi. And Suraj was lost in Chakor.

Suraj was thinking**I can sense it Chakor that you are not normal…..I don’t know why but your pain which you are hiding from everyone, I want to help u to get rid of it.** He was in his own thought unaware of the fact that he has fallen in love with this beauty.

Veer completed his dance and felt embarrassed but still sat down and Swara gave him a pat on his back.

“You were very good Veer.” Swara said controlling her laugh.

“Hehehe very funny.” Veer said with fake laugh.

Again bottle spinned and it was Vivaan’s turn who was asked to tell a shayari. He said a romantic one looking at his love, Tina.

Now it was Kabir’s turn and he chose dare as Suraj and Veer initiated him to choose.

“I will give him dare.” Veer said to which Vivaan agreed.

“You have to sing a song.” Veer said.

This made Kabir and Suraj sad.

“My voice is not good. I can’t sing.” Kabir said in his ever arrogant way to which Veer gulped.

“Ok ok guys. I know noone wish to go to hospital being the patient by listening to horrible singing. So Dr. Kabir do one thing…..” Veer was taking time.

“Oye Prankster u will say or we should go to sleep.” Swara said.

“Ok Dr. Kabir you have to kiss the one whom you meet first among us today except Vivaan.” Veer said this in one breath and held his both cheeks.

“Fantastic idea. Do it Kabir and don’t worry you have to kiss him/her on cheeks not lips. Let’s see who the lucky person is.” Suraj said to Kabir and winked?.

After much persuading, he agreed.

“Ok ok I’ll do it but first take the permission from the victim of your torture.” Kabir said.

“Oh what torture we are not torturing you. Now tell us who the lucky boy or girl is who will be kissed by the hottest guy.” Veer said raising his eyebrows.

“She is….” Kabir said but couldn’t complete.

“Oh so she is hah.” Swara said in a teasing way.

“Shut up and let me complete.” He shouted and all shut their mouths.

“She is Sanchi.” Kabir said in a stern way.

Sanchi was looking at him as if she will eat him.

“I am not going to be kissed by him.” Sanchi said.

“Please Sanchi yaar don’t spoil the mood of everyone.” Tina pleaded.

Chakor knew Sanchi will not agree but she also didn’t wanted her to be a game spoiler.

“Sanchi it’s just a kiss on the cheek. Please let him.” Chakor said and Sanchi being attached to her knew she said it that means she has well thought about her decision.

“Ok.” Sanchi said.

Kabir came closer to her. They were lost in each other’s eyes and then Kabir moved further. Sanchi has closed her eyes and Kabir gave her a quick kiss on her left cheek and moved back. Sanchi opened her eyes and blushed. She excused herself and went from there to washroom. Kabir too went from there.

And everyone was like aww seeing this cute couple except a person who was jealous and murmuring curses.(any guesses who can be the person)

After few minutes, they came out and sat on their places ignoring each other’s gazes.
This time it was Suraj’s turn.

“Dare, I’m not a coward.” He said in his attitude.

“You have to dance with anyone you wish.” Kabir gave him a simple dare.

“Anyone!!?? Hmm who will dance with me…..umm…” Suraj said and stood up.

Suraj went towards Chakor whose gaze was on the ground.

“Will you dance with me, Chakor??” He held his hand out and asked her with his cute smile and Chakor was lost in his smile for a moment. Then she diverted her view towards Sanchi who nodded at her which was seen by Kabir.

So Chakor gave him her hand with a smile which cannot be called real nor it be called fake. Song played and both went in their dreamworld.

Allah Mujhe Dard Ke Kaabil Bana Diya
Toofaan Ko Hi Kashti Ka Saahil Bana Diya Bechainiyaa Sameyt Ke Saare Jahaan Ki Jab Kuchh Na Ban Saka Toh Mera Dil Banaa Diya

O Saathi Aa Bhi Jaa 
In Baahon Mein Ik Dafaa 
Toh Sukoon Ho Saanson Mein Be-Intehaa 
O Saathi Aa Bhi Jaa 
Kar De Bayaan Tu Bhi Zara 
Phir Tujhe Nigaaho Mein Main Rakh Loon Sadaa

Aankhein Moonde
Toh Jaane Kisse Dhoondey
Ke Soya Jaaye Na
Ke Soya Jaaye Na
Kisse Dhoondey
Ye Khwahishon Ke Boonde
Ke Soya Jaaye Na
Ke Soya Jaaye Na
Maano Nindiya Piroya Jaaye Na
Maano Nindiya Piroya Jaaye Na

Allah Mujhe Dard Ke Kaabil Bana Diya
Toofaan Ko Hi Kashti Ka Saahil Bana Diya Bechainiyaa Sameyt Ke Saare Jahaan Ki Jab Kuchh Na Ban Saka Toh Mera Dil Banaa Diya

O Saathi Aa Bhi Jaa 
In Baahon Mein Ik Dafaa 
Toh Sukoon Ho Saanson Mein Be-Intehaa 
O Saathi Aa Bhi Jaa 
Kar De Bayaan Tu Bhi Zara 
Phir Tujhe Nigaaho Mein Main Rakh Loon Sadaa

Their dances ended but their eyes were still finding something in each other’s eyes. Suraj was finding the reason of Chakor’s pain and Chakor was lost in those eyes which just said one word Love.

“OMG yaar you too were fabulous.” Tina said which made both aware and let go off each other.

“Tina you are right.” Veer and Swara both said together and looked at each other with amaze.

“Wah our thinking started to match.” Veera said and as a reply got a slap on his back head from Swara.

“This will never happen Mr. Veer Malhotra. NEVER.” Swara said trying best to not show her happiness.

“Okay so whose turn is now to spin the bottle.” Vivaan said to change the topic.

“Ofcourse Suraj.” Again SwaVeer said together. Now Swara crossed her hands in front of her chest and turned showing Veer attitude. And Veer being Veer imitated her actions.

“Ok Suraj spin the bottle or else I can’t say what will happen.” Veer said eying on his left side where Swara was still showing attitude.

“Ok I’m doing that.” Suraj spined and now it was Sanchi’s turn.

“Dare.” Sanchi said with confidence.

“Ok Sanchi let’s see ur talent. Sing a song but only if you have a beautiful voice.” Suraj said.

“Yes Sanchi sing very sweet.” Veer said.

“Yes Sanchi go on.” Tina said.

“Okay I’ll sing.” Sanchi agreed and started singing.

Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri
Jaan meri, jaan meri

Mere dil ne chun laiyaa ne
Tere dil diyaan raahan
Mere dil ne chun laiyaa ne
Tere dil diyaan raahan
Tu jo mere naal tu rehta
Turpe meriyaan saaha

Jeena mera.. hoye
Hun hai tera, ki main karaan
Tu kar aitbaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri
Jaan meri, jaan meri

Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee

Ve changa nahi o keeta beeba
Ve changa nahi o keeta beeba
Dil mera tod ke
Ve bada pachtaiyaan akhaan
Ve bada pachtaiyaan akhaan
Naal tere jod ke

While she was singing, Kabir was lost in her. Here Suraj was looking lost in Chakor who had her eyes closed feeling every line of the song. And a smile, a real smile formed on her lips which made Suraj to smile too.

Suraj**You look beautiful when you smile….and I promise to bring this smile on your face forever.**

Everyone applauded for her singing and now she spinned the bottle and it stopped on Chakor. Despite of everyone’s saying to choose dare, she chose truth.

“Wait wait wait…..I’ll ask question to this angry bird.” Veer announced loudly.

“Veer why u have to….” Sanchi couldn’t complete as Veer interfered.

“Please Sanchi please please please let me na.” Veer was behaving like a child.

“Fine go on.” Sanchi said really frustrated.

“Thankyou Miss. Golgappa.” Veer said smiling.

“Don’t call me that.” Sanchi said but Veer didn’t paid any attention.

“Ok so angry bird, tell us about your past…I mean you lived in Lucknow, so any boy….I mean love yaar….tell us about your past.” Veer completed.

Listening to the word PAST, a cold shiver ran down Chakor’s nerve. She was on the verge of crying, her eyes were moist. She was controlling her emotions. This didn’t went unnoticed by SuBir(Suraj and Kabir).

“Veer now it’s time to sleep. Tomorrow we have to go for shopping. Let’s go to our rooms.” Sanchi said as politely as she can as she was hell angry on Veer for asking such question.

“Arrey Sanchi…” Veer started but now Sanchi couldn’t control her anger.

“Veer I said na. Just go everyone.” Sanchi shouted at him.

“Sanchi.” Swara said.

GO.” Sanchi said in anger and everyone went from there to there rooms as they were confused about her anger except SuBir.

After everyone went Sanchi took Chakor with her towards their room. And now Chakor couldn’t control anyone, she started crying uncontrollably and Sanchi tried to pacify her.

After some time, she stopped crying and went towards the window of the room.

“Chakor atleast try to.” Sanchi said.

“Sanchi you know everything. You know that I’m suffering from many phobias.” Chakor said.

“Yes I know Chakor but atleast try to sleep.” Sanchi said.

“No I can’t that horrible nightmares will haunt me. I can’t Sanchi. You sleep, I’m here only talking to my chanduji.” Chakor said and Sanchi couldn’t do anything went to bed. And Chakor was awake the whole night like daily.

Swara and Tina were in one room, Veer and Vivaan in another and Suraj and Kabir in other. Suraj was thinking of Chakor only until sleep took over him.


So long chapter…

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