Painful Love ( Kanchi And Sukor) – Episode 1

            Painful Love                      (Kanchi and Sukor)



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Here is the first update of Painful Love. But this update is full of Kanchi. Sukor will enter from next update??.
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In Malhotra Mansion, whole house is decorated with white and purple balloons. A party was going to be held. The owners of SDCH have decided to throw a party for the interns of SDCH who are supposed to join the hospital the day after tomorrow.

In the hall, Dr. Malhotra is seen welcoming all the guests and Dr. Sunil Mishra entered with his wife.

“Sunil, u r late. U were supposed to come early.” Dr. Malhotra said.

“Anand u know na ladies take too much time to get ready and…..(seeing his wife glaring, he quickly changed the topic) Everyone’s here or not.” Sunil said being scared of his wife?.

“Some are not present yet Sunil.” Anand said trying to control his laugh?.

“Wasay bachiya kaha hai [BTW where r the girls]” Anand questioned.

“They went for outing. Just today they arrived from Lucknow and they couldn’t take rest before coming here.” Jaya answered.

“Arrey Jaya.” Savitri said coming from upstairs. And both ladies started with their talking.

Other side, a room was shown and a young man is shown completely engrossed in his laptop?‍? doing some work. He was so in his work that he didn’t noticed another man coming in his room.

“Bhai Bhai.” The man tried to get his attention but all in vain, so at last he screamed at the top of his voice.

“Vivaan I’m not deaf. I can hear you besides I saw you coming.” The young man replied still not taking his eyes off the laptop.

“Oh wow, see my brother is not deaf. He can see and hear me.” Vivaan said and his brother just rolled his eyes at his comment.

“So tell me Kabir bhai, what time is this?” Vivaan asked but Kabir just ignored.

“Really hospital staffs are right, he is a Kharoos (Grumpy) doctor.” Vivaan murmured but to his bad luck Kabir heard.

“Vivaan u said something.” Kabir asked still not taking his eyes off his laptop.

“No no.” Vivaan said being shocked.

“Bhai Don’t u think we will be late?” Vivaan questioned him.

“Late for wh….(then he remembered something) Oh no.” Kabir now jumped.

“We have to go to MM. Vivaan go and see whether Mom is ready. I’ll be down in 5 minutes.” Kabir informed him and he nodded and went downstairs.

After exactly 5 minutes, Kabir came downstairs and said no ordered his mom and brother to come with him.

After sometime, their car stopped so they came out and luckily they saw car repair shop. Kabir’s phone rang so he went from there. Kabir was busy in call but rain started so he ran towards shelter. He heard some voices from near and saw a girl singing and dancing in rain.

Cham Cham Cham
Cham Cham Cham
(Girl’s back is shown)

Zulfon se bandh liya dil
Sene pe udne laga aachal
(Her dupatta flew and Kabir holds it)

Mujse naina mila ke
Mausam hone lage pagal
(She turns and Kabir sees her face)

Sabse hoke befikar
Nachu main aaj
Cham cham cham…(hey!)..
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham
(Kabir gets lost in her)

Main nachu main aaj
Cham cham cham…(hey!)..
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham

Kabir was lost in her. Kusum and Vivaan came there in the repaired car.

“Golu beta, tu yaha kya kar raha hai [Golu child, what are you doing here.]” Kusum asked him and he quickly hide the dupatta behind his back.

“Hah bhai. Car is repaired. Let’s go.” Vivaan said. But Kusum saw him hiding something.

“Golu kya chupa raha hai. Dikha mujhe [Golu what are you hiding. Let me see.]” Kusum said.

“Nothing Maa. We are getting late. Let’s go.” Kabir said and quickly got in the car hiding the precious dupatta. Leaving Vivaan and Kusum in shock. And during the whole drive, he was thinking of the angelic figure he saw.

On the other side, the girl enjoying the rain was approached by another girl.

“We will be late. Let’s go.” The girl said to the one enjoying the rain.

“Swara, just some time more.” The girl replied.

“Sanchi, we have to reach the party.” Swara said.

“Oh God!! Main toh bhul hi gayi thi. Chalo jaldi warna Mother India will kill both of us.” Sanchi replied.

“Thank God, you remembered. Let’s go.” Tina approached them. And the trio headed towards the car.

In the MM, Kabir directly went to Sunil and Anand to get rid of Kusum’s questions.

Sanchi reached MM after few minutes with Swara and Tina. She was going to her dad but unfortunately she slipped and the next we all know. Hero came on time and saved his heroine. Kabir hold Sanchi on time and was looking at her cute face. His hand were around her waist and her hands around his neck. Sanchi opened her eyes to get lost in her saviour’s eyes.

After sometime, realising their position they parted away.

“Thanks for helping me.” Sanchi said but Kabir was still lost in her. She was looking stunning in her outfit. When she didn’t get any response, she waved her hand in front of her.

“Hmm…..hah you said something.” Kabir said coming back to his senses.

“Yes I said thanks.” Sanchi said smiling.

“Hmm it’s okay.” Kabir said.

“BTW hyy I’m Sanchi and you.” Sanchi introduced herself forwarding her hand.

“Hello I’m Kabir Kapoor.” Kabir said taking her hand.

“Sanchi beta, you fine?” Sunil asked her.

“Yes dad I’m absolutely fine.” Sanchi said and took blessings from Sunil and Anand.

Kabir**Oh so she is Dr. Sunil’s daughter. She is looking gorgeous.**

“Papa I’m going to my friends.” Sanchi said to her dad.

“Okay beta.” Sunil said.

“If you don’t mind you can join us umm.. Kabir right…I’ll introduce you to my friends and I know dad and uncle are really boring and they talk about their hospital only. Come.” Snachi said to Kabir.

“Sanchi to whom you are talking is your senior doctor and mentor.” Sunil said to Sanchi.

“OMG!!! So sorry Ka…hmm sir. Please forgive me. Dad why didn’t you told me… sorry sir I….” Sanchi becomes worried?and stammered but Kabir cut her between.

“It’s okay. I forgave you. BTW you can call me Kabir but not in the hospital.” Kabir said smiling? at her cuteness.

“Uff…thanks. You are so sweet sir…hmm…I mean Kabir.” Sanchi signed of relief.

“Kabir are you ready for the presentation?” Dr. Sunil asked him.

“Yes sir I’m ready.” Kabir answered.

Then Kabir showed the interns a presentation about their hospital’s reputation and their working. Then Sunil and Anand gave their long speech and then it was Kabir’s turn.

“So interns as u all know that day after tomorrow u r joining SDCH and it’s a big day for you all so………” Kabir continued with his looooong speech.

After his speech, elders left youngsters to enjoy and Sunil asked Kabir to take care of them.

Kanchi began to talk but then they heard Veer’s voice.

“Today is the second last day of our enjoyment. So let’s have a couple dance. Let’s enjoy guys and beautiful girls.” Veer announced.

“Come on guys. Let’s have a blast today.” Vivaan said from behind.

Song started and mostly everyone started to dance and yes I haven’t forgot her, Riya is in abroad to visit her friend Imli Kapoor.

Vivaan got a chance to dance with Tina and Swara was dancing with Veer who was not interested to dance with her. And Sanchi asked Kabir for his hand.

“If you don’t mind, can I dance with you. As from tomorrow you will not be my friend but my mentor.” Sanchi said forwarding her hand.

“Ofcourse I’ll dance and you will be my friend not only for today but till my last breath.” Kabir said holding her hand and his words made Sanchi blush. And they started dancing.

Maina pucha yeh dil se
Main kyu hu jahan mein
Ek dardkan boli tere liye

Maina yaadein taraashi
Aur khwaab bana di
Nayi duniya basa di, tere liye…….
Tere liye…..Tere liye……

Jo main kahta hoon
Jo suntan hoon
Jo sehta hoon, tere liye……

Main girta hoon
Sambhalta hoon
Phir chalta hoon, tere liye……

Koi dard hoon gehra
Koi aks hoon bisra
Main kya hoon bata de, tere liye…..

Yaadon ka chehra
Koi khwaab sunehra
Main kya hoon bata de, tere liye…..
Tere liye….Tere liye…..
Tere liye….Tere liye…..

The song ended but they were lost in each other’s eyes.

As soon as they came in reality, Swara dragged Sanchi with her not looking at Kabir who was continuously looking at Sanchi.


Next chapter, Sukor ??

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