Painful Love ( Kanchi And Sukor) – Character Sketch

             Painful Love           (Kanchi and Sukor)

                 Character Sketch


Dr. Kabir Kapoor:- The best neurosurgeon in the country. He is the senior doctor and mentor in SDCH. He is the heartrobe of the hospital. He is very professional, workaholic, rude and arrogant person.

Dr. Suraj Rajvanshi:- Best Friend of Kabir. He is also a senior doctor and mentor. He is also very handsome. Complete opposite of Kabir.

Dr. Veer Malhotra:- An intern in SDCH. Son of Dr. Anand Malhotra. A prankster, funny and childish natured guy. He is hiding some thing from everyone. Loves a girl from the hospital.

Dr. Vivaan Kapoor:- Also an intern. Crazy guy. Takes nothing seriously. Brother of Kabir. Loves his bro and mother a lot. Has a special bond with Suraj and Kabir. Has a crush on Tina.

Dr. Sanchi Mishra:- An intern in SDCH. Daughter of Dr. Sunil Mishra. Loves her family and beasties a lot. Has special bond with Chakor. Knows her past. Wants her to forget it.

Dr. Chakor Mishra:- An intern in SDCH. Close friend of Sanchi. Surname ‘Mishra’, it’s a secret, will be revealed soon. She has a painful past, which she doesn’t want to remember.

Dr. Swara Mishra:- Also an intern. Cousin of Sanchi. Her parents have died so she lives with Sanchi. Crazy and childish girl. Loves Veer from childhood.

Dr. Tina Raichand:- Intern. Friend of Sanchi. Beauty queen. Modern girl. Wants to fulfil her mother’s wish of becoming a doctor.

Dr. Riya Malhotra:- Intern. Total spoiled child. Loves Kabir but he doesn’t give a look to her. Has two friends, Madhu and Bala. Sister of Veer.

Dr. Imli Kapoor:- Intern. Behind Suraj. Evil girl. Spoiled brat.


Dr. Anand and Savitri Malhotra:- Parents of Veer and Riya.

Dr. Sunil and Jaya Mishra:- Parents of Sanchi.

Kusum Kapoor:- Mother of Kabir and Vivaan.


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  1. Aafiya

    Interesting.. Waiting for the first update.. All the best..

    1. Mahi33

      Thank you ?

  2. Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just love the story of Suraj & Chakur from Azadganj, not another Sukur.

    1. Mahi33

      BTW it’s SuKor not Sukur. SuKor r my fav couple. Just tell me what’s disgusting here in this story……..

    2. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to insult.

  3. The love between Suraj and Chakur from Azadganj was a unique and memorable love, Please don’t waste it!

    1. Mahi33

      I am not wasting it. It’s just a fan faction. I too believe that their love story was unique. Why u said Wasting???

  4. Mahi33

    Guys I am done here. This was the last update on Painful Love. I just wrote a FF and some are not liking, so I’m not writing anything here now.

  5. So so interesting and amazing……….. please yaar update soon……….your character sketch like to me my dream character sketch……….but the writer of sdch spoil the serial………… please yaar post soon………..take care yaar

    1. Mahi33

      Aww thanks anu dear. Yes they spoiled the serial.

  6. Please yaar don’t do this ………… please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please………..I am saying sorry for behave on that guy……….. please yaar stop the ff

    1. Mahi33

      Don’t be sorry. It wasn’t u

  7. It’s our huge request yaar please don’t stop the ff…………I am a big fan of you and your ff……….. please dost don’t stop this

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      Thank you so much Sumu. I will write just for you all

  8. Such a amazing character sketch.please update the next part soon

    1. Mahi33

      Thanks paro. Will update soon.

  9. Wow kabir and sanchi……….I am a big fan of them……….nice character………post soon……….one request please don’t stop writing

    1. Mahi33

      Thanks dear. Will surely update.

  10. I am a sukor fan too.i feel this ff is so so interesting and beautiful.sukor character are awesome yaar.please don’t stop the soon.we are waiting for your update

    1. Mahi33

      Aww thanks riya. Will update soon

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