Pain Trust Love episode 48

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Thankxx a lot guys for ur comments.. M really glad seeing ur response.. N vry happy ki u all still remember me.. Waise abb mein gayab nahi hungi.. N dear #Swasanangle no need to be sry.. I must thank u fr posting a 2 shots wen i didnt..

So let’s strt wid a new part..
Sanskar covered Swara properly n went outside to hall to tlk wid others.. Wen he reached he found everyone sitting quietly waiting for him.. Arjun had already tld wat had happened in Hospital.. How Raglak n others behaved wid Swara.. All were vry angry n upset fr Swara.. Seeing Sanskar Sahil went n hugged him.
Sahil: Sanky.. Dun worry.. Princess will be fyn soon..
Sanskar: I knw nothimg will happen to her.. N i wont even let anything happen to her.. She’s my life.. (to Arjun) Arjun Kavi wat happened to Shona suddenly? Y she became unconscious?
Arjun: Actually Sanskar.. Its not sudden..
Sahil: Wat do u mean by dat?

Arjun: Yeah.. Wat i mean is Princess is hiding many things frm us within her.. She’s vry mch hurt.. She shows dat she forgot everything n is strong.. Bt no she still now misses her family.. She’s vry mch hurt fr der distrust on her.. She pretends to be happy.. N wat ibwantbto tell is.. As she has hidden her pain deep inside her wenevr she is listening to dose rude wrds n taunts she cant take it.. So fr dat she’s in dis state..
All were shocked worried tensed n upset listening dis..Sanskar sat down wid a thud..
Sanskar:(crying) How cld i.. How cld i never see my Shona’s pain.. I always tell her ki I understood her very well. Bt I failed.. I failed.. (and he broke down)
Sahil: (sitting beside him) Dnt wry Sanky.. Nothing wld happen to our Princess. She will be completely fyn… Plzz dun cry n stay strong.. U hv to stay strong fr her.. Ok..
Arjun: Yaa.. Ur ryt.. N yes we hv to keep her happy alwyz n keep her away frm ne kind of stress..
Sanskar: Yes u all r ryt.. Nothing can happen to her.. Nothing can happen to my Shona.. She’s my everything. She’s my Life..i cant afford to loose her..
Arjun: Hmm.. Gud.. Bt she wldnt hv been in dis state today.. Bt she’s lyk dis cz of today’s incident..
Sanskar clenched his fist in anger remembering dat.. His eyes became bloodshot red in anger.. N dis tym noone wanted to calm him down….
Others: N we all r wid u Sanky..

Sahil: Bt Sanky frst we hv to think frm wer to strt.
Sanskar smirked a little hearing him..
Kavita saw him smirking n asked him.
Kavi: Sanky wat r u thinking?
Sahil: I guess I knw.. Sanky is dat d same?
Sansker nodded his head in positive.. N sahil too smiled kind of evil getting his plan..
Kavya: will u guys care to explain wat u bth r thinking.. Dont keep soo mch of suspense.. Plzz..
Sahil: Fcrse Darling.. We will.. Now come on listen to us carefully n noone shld get to knw abt dis ok..
Dey discussed abt der plan which is muted..
After talking for sometym dey all went to meet Swara n den left to der respective houses..
Maheswari Mansion :
All were hving dinner.. At dat tym Raglak entered.
Ap: Ragini beta.. Howz ur Dadaji?
Ragini: He’s better now.. N bck to home..

Laksh was looking frustrated n angry..
Ap: Laksh wat happened to u? Is everything fyn? Y u seem upset n angry ovr something?
Laksh: Nothing lyk dat Maa.. M fyn.. I will go n get freshen up.. Saying this he went.. Ap asked Ragini..
Ragini: Actually Maa today we again came across Swara n Sanskar.. Hearing Sanskar’s name Sujata was vry happy n forgot d surrounding..
Sujata: Wat u saw Sanskar?? Howz he? Howz my son.. He’s fyn ryt? U met him in Hospital.. Is everything fyn.. Is he ok?
Rp: Sujata.. Bas.. Look befr u speak..
Sujata realised n went frm der widout having dinner..
Ap: Huh.. U tell Ragini.. Wat happened..
Ragini explained wat all happened in Hospital n all shied listening her..
SM Mansion:
After all left Sankskar went to his room freshened up n came n sat near Swara.. N caressed her hair slowly..
Sansker: Shona dis is vry bad.. Y didn’t u tell me dat u still remember everything.. Y u kept all ur pain inside n made me happy alwyz.. M ngry on u.. Bt Huh.. I cnt be.. Cz ur my life.. Chalo koi nhi.. Frm now on i wont let u stay upset… U will alwys stay happy n cheerful.. Good nyt n I Love U..
Saying dis he pulled her to himself n embraced her tightly n slept..
To be continued..

Sry fr d short update.. Bt kya karun m writing by Mobile n nly 800 characters r possible.. Upar se i dun hv mch tym.. So dis is it fr tody.. Bubyee guys..

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