Pain Trust Love episode 17

Wow guys nyc guesses..thnkxx fr family members not so soon..
So lets strt now..
At S.K. Mansion
After opening d door d servant shouted being shocked..hearing his shout all went outside..seeing dat kavi smiled n swara’s eyes were twinkling seeing dat…all were confused..
Sanskar: Y d hell r u shouting lyk dis haan??
Ser: Sry sir suddenly i got frightened seeing dis..
Sanskar: Ok go now..i think it came here by mistake…
Kavi: No sanky it didnt came by mistake it was ordered by me..
Sanskar: Wat u??bt u cld hv directly sent to ur house address naa fr rishi y here cn u carry sch a huge thing wid u??
Kavi: Hello wait wait m not dat dumbo okay..its fr here nly someone was missing dis..n looked towrds swara who was nly looking towrds it amazed..
Sanskar: Bt kavi ders no baby here to play wid it..
Kavi: Offo..sanky ur too mch its for my princess…princess dnt stnd lyk dat go n bring it its fr u only…
Sanskar was standing wid his mouth wide open…n swara ran towrds d door n hugged d thing tightly..
Swara: Thnanks a lot di love u soo mch i was missing my softy cuty sweety teddy…love u soo mch…bt m confused how did u know…n dis one is too big i mean its bigger dan me also bt vry
tell me how did u know..
Kavi: U remember wen all wer busy in eachothers wrk of convincing u…u got some waste paper n strtd scribbling something..n den throwing it by crushing dose..
Swara: Yaa..its my habit wen i get bored or confused i bring some waste papers n scribble lyk dis n den crush it n throw u know wat i never know wat i ryt…
Kavi: Really..dats weird habit bt u knw u scribble d thing which u hv in ur heart bt it doesnt come to ur mouth as words..
Sanskar: Will neone tell wats going on??
Kavi: Haan..ur wife n our sweet princess has written something in dis which i got..see by urslf u will get to know..sanskar took d paper n read it..
Scribbled paper: Sanskar please bring my cuty teddy to me..m missing it lyk hell..
Sanskar: Seriously shona..out of d whole world u want teddies n chocolates..ur nt less dan a kavi it was fr me ryt??
Kavi: i got it n i had to convince her soo y to miss a chnce soo i got happy princess??
Swara: Very happy as i cnt get proper sleep widout saying gud nyt n hugging my cuty..n sanku dnt call me kid.
Sanskar: Okay meri pyaari shona now keep dis n come all of u hv dinner..
Kavi: Arey wait wait..see i hv some more fr uhh..saying dis she called someone..three persons entered wid ten small teddies each in der hands..
Swara: Wow di..i love u so so so mch u made my day..
Arjun: Princess i hv something more special fr u..
Swara: Wats dat??
Arjun: See der..swara looked towrds d gate n found a man wid two big packets..
Swa: Wat r dey jiju??
Arjun: U go n see..swara went n brought d two packs n opened it..n got vry excited..
Swara: Ur d best jiju..
One packet had a big chocolate cake n it was written ”For Our Sweet Princess” n a chocolate ice-cream pack..n other packet had all types of chocolates…
Sanskar: Arey yaar u all r spoiling my shona..
Swara: U shut up sanku..dey r nt spoiling me bt its der love n dey r pampering me..okay n dnt be jealous..huh..
Sanskar: Not again come its tym fr ur medicines..
Kavya: Arey sanky wait i hv something fr her..see swara.
Swara: Wow bhabi dis is lovely i mean ur just awesome..dese designs i mean all r superb..
Kavya: Now tell me which one u lyk d most first i will make dat dress fr dese all r designs fr ur dress i will design all by myself bt first chose fr now which one u lyk..swara liked all bt selected a beautiful gown design..n kissed kavya’s cheeks..
Swara: Ur sch a lovely bhabi..i luv ur designs specially beauty queen..waise i guess someone has forgotten abt me..bhaiii
sahil: Never in my lyf n here it goes..a man came n kept a big gift pack on d couch n went away..
Swara : Wats dis bhaii..
Sahil: U nly check..swara went towards it n slowly opened it..n her eyes were filled wid tears seeing d beautiful guitar in frnt of her n c looked at sahil wid teary eyes..
Sahil: Princess ur fond of music n playing guitar naa so dis is fr uh..did u lyk it??
Swara: Not lyk bhai i loved it..its just…its just is my passion n i just love playing guitar..saying dis c went n hucged him..sanskar was seeing his shona lovingly n thanking god to return a bit happiness to her life after such a tragic moment..
Sahil: Soo now tell wid whom ur going to come..
Sanskar: Wat come haan??c was just telling lyk dat c is nt going anywere ok..ryt shona??
Swara: M going to stay wid bth of uhh..n u shut up sanku..

All: Wat??bt how??..

To be continued..

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    I guessed correctly….. That it will be gifts….. I think u didn’t c my comments…. K…. This part is nice….

  5. awesome…. superb gifts and superb love and bond between all…. actually i forgot about bet so thought may be its from family,.. update next part soon… update tdy itself..

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