Pain trust love 2 shots (part -1)

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Hello here I’m with 2 shots guys I thought many times to stop myself to writThis buy I can’t able to stop myself my mind is not listening me and I’m so sry if hurt anyone bcoz I’m continuing a ff “pain trust love”

I will give only 2 shots and complete the story it’s just I can’t hold myself bcoz I like this ff but the author was not at alL giving update I have msg so many times but no use so I thought may there are many ppl like me so I thought write this ff in 2 shots not like I’m continuing her story it’s current track type

This currents tract of pain trust love story I hope u ppl like it if u want throw eggs so plz throw boiled one so that I can eat it ??

Plz forgive me for my typing mistakes u know right auto-correct is making me irritated I have checked few but still there will be may do plz forgive for my typing mistakes ?

Let’s start
Screen starts with Sanskar
Sanskar: laksh u hurted my princes now I won’t listen to anyone I will make sure u r life wI’ll going to hell And after knowing truth u itself come back to us
And haa laksh after knowing truth na don’t ask my princess to come back into ur life bcoz she mine now (future planing should be like this ?) Saying this he was going back taking his life

Laksh: Want u can do Mr Sanskar I will make ur life hell u can even have a single pence with u wt u will do to me if I started thinking about u na u will be without home
And about swara I have full faith on ragini she can’t betrayed me

But Sanskar see back with evil smile and left the place with swara

Laksh: how dare he to warn me I will see we he can do to me that stupid low class burger
Ragini: just relax laksh now we have to think about dadaji not about others
Sumi: ha beta ragini is right we shouldnt think about strangers
Laksh nodded his head and all left to see dadaji

Swasan side
Sanskar And Arjun was giving support to swara
Soon trio reached near Arjun cabin
Swara don’t want to spoil their celebration so she was trying to act normal but she failed in it
Swara: now chalo both leave it’s time for celebration not for sente types (trying to smile)
Arjun: princes u know wt u r bad at acting if u can’t do acting then stop doing it okie

Swara soon hugged him tightly and crying seeing this Sanskar can’t take this more now he decide he will prove ragini wrong at any cost by hook and crook
Sanskar: Arjun In ur ? there is any boat facility available
Arjun: (confused) y u want boat now that to in ?
Sanskar: ha ha if I don’t have boat now then how can survive from the flood of swara plz god save I don’t even no how to swim plz god save (dramatically)
Arjun laughed seeing his expressions But out swara stopped her crying session and started beating him
He ranned and went to Arjun cabin
Swara: Sanskar wait there itself I will kill u today
Sanskar: plz save me god I don’t want to die soon and I have so much I didn’t even became father till now
Swara: Wt!!!!
Sanskar realise wt he said all laughing seeing them Sahil Came forward

Sahil: wise Sanky don’t worry u will get good news soon
Swara glares at Sanky but out snaky was blushing listening him

Kavitha: hello ppl today we are going ? my anniversary and let’s concentrate on that okie
All laughed and left near the table now Arjun was seeing the room decorations till now he was engrossed in swara thoughts

Room decorated with full of balloons of white and blue combination with some quotes on middle and On the table with cake and rose petals where fulled in it it’s was Looking good

Swara: only nice I have decorated this all
Kavtha: princess wt did u said u decorated this all ur munching chocolate and u r saying u decorated not fair princess
Swara: ha I only decorated but not with hands with mouth by saying its gud or bad

All 3 laughed with silly thing but both are to see her back to normal again
Soon they all celebrated their anniversary all spender quality time with each other
After sometime it time to leave Arjun asked servant to clean the mess in the room all 6 left the place to enjoy

All enjoyed with Shopping movie Dinner and finally reached home

Swasan room
Both are cuddling each other tightly
Swara: thank u Sanskar
Sanskar: y thank shona
Swara: for make me normal again u know wt Sanskar i never thought even in my wild dreams that my own mom will distrust me I hate my self to be her daughter
Sanskar: clam down shona u time will change everything see when they will get to know truth na they back to u

Swara: no Sanskar I don’t want them back in my Life I hate them I Can’t forgive them sanskar
Sanskar: as u wish shona but they will get to know the truth one day and I will make sure if that
Swara: don’t do anything like that Sanskar I said I don’t them na so leave it
Sanskar: okie (he thinks I will not leave them so easily my love they have face hell)
Both soon dosed off

Next day morning
Sanskar: so Mr laksh maheswari bare the consequences of hurting my shona Smiles evilly
Soon he called and Sahil and share his plan with him he also nodded positive bcoz now he can’t take a word against swasan
Sanskar: Sahil now I will come in front of all I thinks it time to come
Sahil smiles and hugged him tightly
Sahil: Sanskar we had meeting tomorrow Morning and we are going to deal with project don’t forget that and come to meeting bcoz from tomorrow skwill be shown to the media ppl
Sanskar: yes Sahil I will come this time And I will see who will accuse Sanskar kanna and who has that much dare to Accuse me and small party at tomorrow evening for all important businessman are invited
Sahil smiles and left the cabin

Sanskar called swara
Swara: hello
Sanskar: shona I want to ask something to u
Swara: say na Sanku y r u asking permission
Sanskar: swara Im thinking to get Dida here I think Dida won’t be comfortable there bcoz she know the truth is they praise ragini she can’t take it more so Im thought to get Dida here
Swara: (unwillingly) okie as u wish
Sanskar: thank u shona now get ready we will go and get her
Swara nodded and cut the call

Both reached baadi hand in hand They directly went to Dida room and they already told Dida to get ready with packing laugage
Shemish don’t know that Seeing them they got shocked and angry

Shekar: stop there itself
But swasan didn’t paid any head and web inside Dida house
Both reached Dida home and shield to see her with luggage
Sumi: maa wt is this (shocked)
Dida:im going with my shoru (calmly)
Shekar: maa how can u go with this characterless ppl
Dida: mind ur tongue Mr gadodia And ha don’t dare to call me maa bcoz I don’t any relation with u ppl
Sumi was shocked to listening her
Sumi: maa don’t say like that plz don’t go they can’t afford of ur expenses they are like beggars maa
Dida slapped her I said stop calling me maa and I going with shoru wt if they don’t have money but they have love not like u both now leave my way
Raglak came to baadi to see dadaji seeing The scenery they got shocked that Dida was leaving baadi with swasan
Laksh: maa baba wt swasan was doing here
Sumi: they came to take Dida raglak say to Dida not leave with swasan
Before raglak should say anything Dida interpreted
Dida: I said I’m leaving with swasan and I don’t want interference in my decision and u both also stop calling me Dida bcoz I have broken all the relation with u all
In all this swasan didn’t even utter a word
Leaving Shemish And raglak shocked swasan left with Dida

Seeing the mansion Dida was shocked till now even Dida don’t know that Sanskar is sk
Before Dida questions them swara told them everything

Dida: matlab yeh sk ur favorite businessman
Swara: ha Dida Sanskar is sk
Dida : I’m so happy for u both
Soon she enters Arjun Kavitha Sahil and Kanya welcomed them

Swara cleared this also that they are Sanky frnds come my lovely brother and jiju

Sahil: if u don’t have any problem we all can call u Dida
Dida was shocked for his sudden question but soon she gave green signal to all of them

Dida was happy to see a small world which Swasan created by their own hand they are not even blood relation but they bond more stronger than that we can say this at 1st site only

Soon they all had spender some quality time all had their dinner went to their respective rooms

Swasan room
Sanskar was standing near window and thinking deeply about destroying maheswaries we can say mainly laksh maheswari
Swara came out of the washroom seeing him lost in deep thought she back hugged him which make him to came to senses

Sanskar: chalo we will sleep shona
Swara: no u have answer for my question
Sanskar: wt is that???
Swara: Y u called Dida here
Sanskar: I said reson na
Swara cupped his face and ask him into see in her eyes and ask the reason she know he can’t tell lie to his shona
Swara: now tell me
Sanskar: I wanna destroy mm and I want to prove ragini wrong
Swara: wt!!!

Swara: Sanskar I already told u not to do anything like that
And Sanskar they are ur family how can u do this to them
Sanskar: no they are not my family and my family is only u
Swara: but Sanskar u shouldnt do like this it’s wrong now wt will be difference btw u and ragini

Sanskar: (shouted) stop comparing me with ragini swara and there is a alot of difference and I will show u that
Saying this he went to bed and slept
Swara stood there and tears where making her way she was not crying bcoz he scolded her but she called her has swara not shona

Aftersometime even she went near the bed and slept on other side but she was unable to stop her tears she was sobbing silently
Sanskar now realised wt he told her he immediately turned and took swara in his embrace

Sanskar: I’m sry shona plz forgive me I didn’t did it intentionally plz forgive
Swara: (sobbing) no Sanky don’t say sry it’s was all my fault to compare u with ragini I’m sry
Sanskar: shona I love u and I promise u will be proud of me
Swara smiles and hugged him tightly and soon both dosed off in each other embarance

Next day morning

All are having bf
Dp: Laksh aj ki project Presentation is finished right
Laksh: ha papa every thing is ready I’m sure this project will get us for sure me and Adarsh bhai had prepared presentation personally papa
Dp: okie Adarsh we have to get this for sure if we lose this project na Then we have to face a huge loss in business
Laksh: no papa we will only get this project for sure We are confident that Sk company will give this project to us only
All had their bf and left to office

On other side
SK mansion
Dida was preparing bf for all she was not allowing Mary to even help her she prepared swara fav dishes

After sometime Dida said Mary to arrange the dishes on the dinning table
Dida asked servants to call all of them for bf

Soon all came down to have bf all are surprised to do many dishes dosa sambar Idly allu parata (guys this all are my favorite dishes?)
swara: Wow Mary aunty today all my favorite dishes is there any special
Mary: ntg special beta this all are prepared by ur Dida she only prepared everything without taking my help

Swara: (fake anger) Dida wt is this y u stressed urself more at least u should have take Mary aunty help na
Dida: shoru after so many days I’m preparing food for u so I don’t like to take anyone help when I’m doing it for my Shoru
Swara was about say but interpreted by Sanskar and Sahil (they don’t want to spoil Dida happiness)

Sanskar: wow Dida u prepared dosa is my favorite also plz serve soon I’m hungry
Sahil: even for me Dida I like samba idly
Arjun: for me allu parata
Dida served happily for all soon kavtha also joined but still swara stood there itself
Sanskar nodded his head in disbelief and took plate near swara and started eating we can say temting her

Seeing her favorite dishes in front of her she can’t able to resist more soon she snatched Sanskar plate and started eating like child
Sanskar: hey shona this is cheating u r eating my dosa
Swara: don’t disturb me there so many dosa there take and Eat
Sanskar: u r impossible
Swara: I know that (still eating with full concentration)
Dida smiled at their cute act all happy seeing both
Soon All completed their bf They even made Dida to eat with them
Soon all completed their bf and all left to their respective works only swara and Dida left in mansion
Both are spending their quality time with each other


@sk office
All came to conference mahewaries, oberio, Goinka’s and few more companies

Soon conference gets started
Sanskar PA : good morning to all thank u for coming today U All start ur presentation Sk will announce who crack the deal

Soon all have their presentation all are giving their best
After completion of all presentation Sanskar PA even checked the tender amounts

Sanskar PA: thank u for all of u u all companies gave it best presentation and the deal is cracked by oberio industries
In presentation both oberios and meheswari are the best but In tender quoting Oberios had won they quoted 2rps less than maheswaries

Sanskar PA: congratulations Mr oberio
Oberio: thank u
All congratulated oberio (SSO)
Maheswari where so disappointed with the loosing of a deal

(guys I want clear one thing project went to oberios bcoz they where best it’s not Sanskar plan)

Sanskar PA: and 1 more important announcement that is today night there is a party at Xyz place request u all to come to the party At 8:00 With all ur family and this humble request to all of u from sk sir side

All left the conference area laksh and Adarsh was dissapointed bcoz they didn’t get the tender
Adarsh: don’t worry laksh we will get another way
Laksh: sry bhai I have lost the project may be bcoz of me we lost the project we lost on tender quote bhai and that to which I prepared I lost it bhai
Adarsh: it’s okie laksh it will happen sometime so don’t worry if not this then we will Try for another one
Laksh: but bhai wt we have to say to Papa he had hopes on us
Adarsh: leave all that papa will understand now chalo. We will leave after we have to go to party even
Laksh: we are going to the party
Adarsh: afcourse we have too it’s business party if we didn’t go then how can ppl know about now chalo fast

Both reached mm industries went inside and said to dp and rp about this
Rp was scolding laksh but dp stopped him and said it was 1st na rp leave he won’t do this mistake again

Rp: bhaisa if u think like this then u should have given him a small project but y u gave big project to him
Laksh: I’m sry chachu but I will try next time pakka
Rp: kya milega yeh sry se kuch nahi laksh
Dp: (Shouted) ram now leave it he said sry na then y r u dragging that now all leave to their respective works leave
All left from there to their respective cabin

Sanskar cabin
Sanskar was siting on the chair and playing with paper wait and says now my game starts Mr maheswari
Sahil smiles seeing him
Sahil: acha chalo now call swara and tell her to get ready
Sanskar smiles and calls to swara

Swara: hello Mr Khanna
Sanskar: very bad Mrs Khanna calling ur husband with name
Swara: (giggle) Company is effecting me so much Mr khanna
Sanskar: acha company is effect u then y u r unromantic Mrs khanna
Swara: sanku have some shame Ur becoming shameless day by day
Sanskar: only for my wife shona
Swara: sanskarrrrr
Sanskar: shonaaaa

Swara: leave it y u called me tell that
Sanskar: get ready we have party tonight and have surprise even
Swara: wt surprise sanku
Sanskar: u will get to know soon shona but wait till night
Swara: okie bye and come soon I’m waiting for u
Sanskar: okie bye

All got ready for party seeing swara Sanskar can’t take his eyes off
Sanskar: beautiful swara Let us change decision
Swara: Sanskar have shame
Sanskar: acha I will have but after one kiss
Swara: wt ??
Sanskar didn’t give even time to shock he captured her lips and sucking them hard he was feeling completed With her presence his kiss showing all his love for her sensing swara was responding to kiss she bited her lower lip soon she came to senses and started Kissing him show her love to him both are indulged in kiss both doesn’t want to break the kiss but they have to break now both are breathing heavily

Swara cant face him more she hugs him tightly soon both came back to the world all went to party

All are present at party even mm and gadodia family even bcoz Sanskar guards have kidnapped and left at the party
Before gadodia family and mm could say something all attention have reached to sk

7 cars coming sk is written on of the car it’s our Sanskars car
Sanskar car is followed by Sahil then Arjun these 3 cars where guarded by 4 cars
Sanskar car stopped at the venue before the door open media ppl have entered there but ? have pushes all of then aside

Soon sk came out of the ? I mean Sanskar even kavhil and kavarj And dida also came out and stood near Sanskar
Sanskar gave hand to Swara to come down

Media: sir from these many years y didn’t show up ur face to society
Another one: sir who s this girl now
Like this all Started their question session to him

Sanskar: u will get to know y I didn’t came in front of society And about the girl let clear one thing she not any girl she my wife
Swara Sanskar khanna
Now plz leave my way

? clear the way for them soon all came inside the party
All are greeting Sanskar

Seeing Sanskar mm got shocked to see him in such a way
Laksh: (mummers)Sanskar again new drama now I won’t leave him Saying this he was about to hold his collar But one hand stopped him and thrower him down

All family members got shocked dp ap And ragini went and helped him
Dp: swara (yes guys she is swara) wt is this Is this the way to treat A person
Before swara could answer them they where intrepted by rp
Rp: wt bhaisa even laksh was also going to hold Sanskar collar na then y u didn’t stopped him
dp: (shouted) Ram
Sujata: galat kya hai bhaisa ram ji is saying correct only na
(Swasan where seeing them teary eyes bcoz they didn’t thought they will fight for him)
Ap: sujatha it’s is just laksh got angry for Sanskar new drama that it
Sujata: arey jiji y don’t we think swara also got angry that y she did that
Ragini: Stop this non sense chachi and swara y u all came here u don’t know this party is given by sk not A begger like Sanskar

Swara Can’t take a word against Sanskar
Swara: acha u came for sk party right bhai show them who is sk
Sahil smiles ofcouse doll Before Sahil could do anything
Sanskar: shona leave it I told u na I have a surprise for u now come with me don’t take strangers words to hear just leave that now come with me Dida Sahil kavitha come

Sumi seeing Dida she was about to go near Dida but she stopped her showing her hand
Sumi: (teary eyes) maa
Dida: I said don’t call me maa u r a stranger to me sharmista ji
Sumi broken down completely seeing Dida calling her with her full name shekar gave support to her
He was consoling her

Soon party gets started lights get off soon a flash light came up on swara
Voice: shona this will be most Beautiful day I know that bcoz today will be the day which he dreams will become trur that is ur dance school dream

Soon lights get on and Sanskar was standing near swara with some papers
Sanskar: these are papers if ur dream swara (she was having tears) And one more thing Ladies and gentlemen from today onwards SK industries will be ready named has SS industries which swara and Sanskar industries

Listening this mm and gadodia family got shocked listening Sanskar is sk

Sanskar: Mrs Sanskar now stop ur tears and smile
Swara: I’m not crying these are happy tears
Sanskar: pair bi I don’t want to see water in ur eyes
Swara hugged him tightly both lost in their world and Sanskar smirks seeing mm and gadodia family

Kavhil: Dida u wait here we will pour kerosene and come
Dida: wt kerosene
Sahil: arey Dida see they are burning let us enjoy more na
Dida smiled seeing them
But with that 2 more 2 ppl also left that Kavya and Arjun

4 went near them
Sahil: kavya see go romantic they are my doll is very lucky to have Him
Arjun: ohh not my princess ur Sanskar is lucky to have her
Here this laksh was burning in jealous and angry already he was angry seeing swasan they putting more on that

Screen freezes on laksh burning face Like tomato ???……..

Precap: surprise………

Guys u sujata and rp And uttara to be forgiven Or they should be forgiven after punishment or they shouldn’t be forgiven

And guys I don’t forgive gadodia and dp family if u want then I will

Plz leave ur valuable comments on comment session this my humble request to comment

Stay tuned to angel page…..

Keep smiling always ? ?

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