PAIN = LOVE – swaragini ragsan ss- 5

Ragini ‘s heart  Pierced seeing him in pain .
She neared him and wiped his tears  by kissing those tears . Sanskar at first was shocked but then left her abruptly and left from that place .

He went and sat in a lonely place in the beach . A smile crept his lips when he saw the caller ID on his mobile . He swiftly attended the call .

“Hello , Bhai where are u ??”

“I ‘m here safe lucky !!!! Don’t take tension !!!!”

“Bhai are u trying to hide anything from me ???”

Though sanskar tried to hide his feelings he couldn’t hide it from his chotu .

Sanskar broke down , “lucky u know what today I saw a girl in the bar !!! She is here working as a singer as well as dancer !!! She is suffering here lucky.  By seeing her eyes I could feel my kavitha is here !!!!

( Sorry guys Sanskar’s lover is kavitha not swara . Last episode I mistakenly typed as swara . I apologise for that )

She was so sweet and innocent . She suffered a lot  I guess . I wish she comes with me to our house ….”


“Obviously my wife only !!!!……”

Then he realised what he blabbered and without giving any time for lucky to take a chance to gain advantage of the situation he quickly cut the call and dozed off thinking about his lady love.

On the other side lucky was smiling like an idiot

Swara his fiancée neared him and slid her hand on his waist and hugged him

“What happened today my lucky is in excited state ???”

“What to do my Bhai started loving someone ????”

“Whatttttt!!!!!!!!!!”swara screeched no literally shouted .

“Why are u tearing my ear drum u Dumbo !!!”

“U see lucky …….!”

“Sorry sweetheart but u know what i ‘m really happy for my Bhai !!! At last he is trying to overcome his pain . I know Bhai cannot give that place for anyone but I ‘m sure that this person ‘ll create a special place in his heart .”

“Yeah sure lucky I hope sanky recovers from my sister’s loss and sets his life right !!!! I ‘ll be happy for him !!!!”


Ragini was sitting in the room . Her eyes clearly showed that she had been crying for hours . She encircled her legs with her hands and pulled her legs up to her chest and started crying , recalling her moments with her love her SID  whom she considers her life at first how he left her here !!!! And now sanskar !!! What an irony that at first she thought she would be happy but then god made her suffer but now he is again changing her track  !!!

A person came and pulled her and hugged her.

“Bhaiya !!!”

“How come u are getting correct every time???”

“That’s because it’s u my bhaiyyu . U know what u are such a best person in the world . In the cruel world where ur own parents left u to rape by someone and die , a brother from another womb helped me to come out of it !!!!”

“But u didn’t come out of it ragu !!!”

“How could I ???”

“By marrying sanskar !!”

“Whatttttt !!!! “That’s what ragini could gasp .

“I ‘m not joking ragu !!!!! I know by ur feelings I could get that u love sanskar !!!”

“Yes I do !!! But who ‘ll marry me ??? ”

“He ‘ll marry u !!”

“I need time !!!”

“See i told u didn’t forget !!!!”

“Don’t start ur melodrama !!!”

“So is it a yes ???”

“Do I have a choice ???”

“No ”

“Then yes !!!”

Karan showed his thumb up to sanskar as everything  cleared up .


After 2 months :

A table is beautifully served for two and the way were opulently adorned with red rose and lilies in a shape of a heart .

An handsome lad  blindfolded his gorgeous s*xy girlfriend and brought her in his arms !!!

He was wearing a white shirt where his abs showed up and she was wearing a black off shoulder shirt which was transparent exposed her belly and black trousers.

He made her to stand and went on his knees :

I sanskar Maheshwari , has fallen in head over heels with ragini Gadodia !!!!

“One life and one soul share them equally with love and care; no less and no more, make the balance exactly the same as we love each other; share pain and gain and make the life beautiful and loving forever. Love you.”

Will u be mine ???? Will u marry me ?? Will u give me a chance to me to bend on my knees to tie shoe lace for our kid ????

Ragini was speechless !!!

“Ragini relax now come with me let’s have our dinner !!!”

Both ate their dinner in silence . Sanskar then asked her for a dance .

They both danced for TUM HI HO .

Ragini and sanskar both did break their eyelock . Sanskar pulled her and then back hugged her and pressed her waist tightly . Ragini with her might pushed him and ran to the small  beach house near by.

She was tearing sanskar back hugged her and placed his chin on her shoulder.

“Haa ummm sanskar umm I really love u so much* sniff * I don’t want you to leave me like others . U won’t nah ??? * sniff *haaa haaa tell me *sniff* sanskar !! in between her sobs .

He couldn’t see her like that . he fell on his knees , ” see ragini I promise u that I ‘ll never let u to tear even for a moment . I promise you on that ” he was crying seeing her state . in these two months they both have understood each other to the hell !!!

seeing him like that ragini kissed his tears . sanskar remembered her kissing his tears when they were alone for the first time and smiled a bit .

Ragini then smashed her lips with his at first sanskar didn’t reciprocate but later he took the lead . they both were kissing each other passionately as if there is no dawn tomorrow . ragini was biting his lips too harsh that he hissed in pain .

“is it hurting hubby???”

sanskar was on cloud nine to listen this word from her !!!

They both parted away from each other due to lack of oxygen .


Sanskar kissed ragini ‘s eyes then bit her nose .

“ouchhhh sanky its paining !!!”

“sorry dear !!”

then he kissed her cheeks and then travelled down to her neck and started giving wet kisses on her neck . he traced his fingers sensuously on her cleavage and kissed there .

he then blowed off the candles and grabbed her waist and pressed tightly . Ragini moaned his name which made him turn on too the core. . he made her lay down and kissed her collar bone and made his way down to her br*ast . he kissed her each br*ast and squeezed it !!! ragini was hell crazy and held his shirt .  He then took her in a bridal style to their bed

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