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I am sry. ..if I have missed out any one…and thanks a lot to silent readers….

Hi guys I am swatantra,back with another episode. Hope you enjoy .

Early in morning the artistic golden sun got up like a baby and started painting the dark black sky into a bright blue sky. The bright looking milky clouds got up from sleep and started travelling around the sky visiting the wonderful environment.

Anika cuddled into shivaays chest enjoying her peaceful sleep which she craved for years.Soon she realised she was in shivaays arms.She got up without disturbing him.She had realised a new feeling which had grown into a sapling.She never realised when had she sowed the seed and nurturedo it.She had a urge to stay in shivaays arms forever but her min conquered her heart. (But how long can her mind battle against love which is eternal )

After an hour shivaay got up.He blessed the night that made him realise his arms.He understood anika had went to avoid facing him.Till yesterday he was SSO …..but from today he is Anikas billuji.

@Raizada mansion.
Anika walked on her toes and entered the mansion catching no one’s attention and hiding from the heap of questions if she was found to be missing last night.Soon she headed towards her room but a voice from pillar distracted her attempt. She made her way towards the pillar.Her eyes popped out as a reflex she hid behind the adjacent pillow .

She had seen her best friend malika rathore was in her bhai (arnav) arms.

Malika pushed arnav back .Tears flowed from her dark brown eyes.

M-stop it arnav……it’s been 4 years since we professed our love towards each other….still you haven’t informed your parents…u keep on delaying. …..few times I just feel I am alone in this relationship and you don’t even regard it.

Arnav’so heart pierced into million of pieces.He pinned malika against the pillar.His fingers danced along her bare waist.His love for her was so pure that it had the power to fade away the brightness around it .

Ar-malika…..never say that.When I saw you, I was afraid to meet you. When I met you I was afraid to kiss you. When I kissed you, I was afraid to love you. Now that I love you, I am afraid to lose you.
M-if you do….tell me arnav. …y r u hiding our relation .Answer me damn it!!
Ar-malika ….you know how is ani and dads relation.I want him to realise how important a daughter is.I want him not to accept you because of your NAAM ,KHOON AND KHAN DAN. I want him to understand the depth of our love and regard you as a daughter not as malika arnav singh raizada. Ani is my life .I want her to have all the happiness in the world.Before I return her happiness how can I see the mine .Will you help me in returning her happiness? ??
M-You could have told me this earlier. Idiot.I had a feeling. …Wat does anika say???mic….mihi. ….
Ar-(chuckled )michmichi? ?
M-yeah….I was feeling michmichi that you don’t love me ….and that’s the reason you r avoiding me.If it was anika….I will surely help.She is my sister,my BFF. I am ready to do anything for her
(Hearing this tears flowed from arnav eyes .He hugged malika tightly. She too reciprocated with equal passion and desire)

Anika felt bad that her brother was sacrificing his love and happiness for her.she cursed herself for being the reason of her best friends sorrow from past 4 years.She rushed towards arnav.


Hearing anika,arnav broke the hug and both of them pretended .
Ar-voh…ani…me …and malika….were…we’re
M-just talking
An-(with tears…..raised her voice)both of you stop lying….I heard you guys….you both know I hate sympathy. I want both of you to love me not showing sympathy.I will never forgive myself of I am the reason for my 2 loved ones sorrow.mine and dads relationship is just our problem .
Ar-ani. ..listen
An-bhai…. (grabbing his hand and placing on her head)swear on me that you will tell dad today ……come with me

She grabbed him down the stairs and malika followed them .she called her dad and mom out

(Prithvi-p;avantika -av)
P-what is it ani….y r u shouting
An-(scared)dad…bhai wants to speak to you
Anika signalled arnav
Ar-dad voh…me and malika. …voh…
Av (curious )-tell it out aru
Ar-mom and dad….me and malika love each other
Prithvi was at cloud 9 as his son had chosen a right partner with nkk
avantika was happy as she could see omens love in both their eyes for each other

Both Prithvi and avantika came forward and hugged them

Av-malika beta r u ready to be Mrs Arnav Singh raizada?
Malika looked at arnav …and arnav looked at anika who nodded him to give approval to malika.arnav nodded in return
M-yea aunty
Av-yeas mom
P-and call me dad ….. (he went and hugged anika)

Anika with his eyes filled with tears saw Prithvi and malika…she was happy for her brother and BFF

@Oberoi mansion
shivaay with a smile on his face humming entered

Omru followed him to his room

R-bhaiyya. ..u hv a different glow on your face today…..
O-today it’s not the gravity holding you ….it’s something else
S-(pretending )nothing like that
R-om. …u r worst than me in science…..u r insulting newton……it’s gravity which hold’s us on
O-shut up duffer
Rudy frowns
O-common shivaay u know…what I am trying to say….u know we never hide anything …..
S-fine….I am in love
R-on he is in love…. (after few seconds realising )WHAT THE GREAT SSO IS IN LOVE
S-shh….Rudy. …don’t shout
O-I am happy shivaay ……who is that girl who made SSO to skip his heart beat
R-bhaiya…she is the same girl …who fought in that restaurant to save a girls respect
“Kisi na kisi pe kisi ko aitbar ho jaata hai
Ajnabi koyi shakha yaar ho jaata hai
Khoobiyon se nahi hoti mohabbat sadaa
Kamiyon se bhi aksar pyaar pyar ho jaata hai”

R-uff….thank god he completed …’s time to celebrate. ….treat toh banthi hae boss
S-yeah….but don’t say it to anyone
O-fine….guys I hv exhibition to attend now….meet you at night ….
S-fine then……

Shivomru-dil bole oberoi

@art gallery

Investor -it’s a great accomplishmentioned sir.Ur paintings have crossed 9 lakh within a day.It’s just amazing.
O-Ithe would be a great accomplishment if ppl would sense the depth of meaning in it

On spots rudra
O-rudy…u here?
R-sumo….wanted to visit….she forced me to cm
O-seriously. …..Wat kind of a brother r u….u came by force to Ur brothers gallery
R-om. ..I don’t understand your painting. …it’s like someone has accidentally spilled paints on a canvas
O-shut up rudra
R-(pointing at a painting )tell what does this symbolise?

A voice at the back answers
“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” “Let the first act of every morning be to make the following resolve for the day: – I shall not fear anyone on Earth.”

Om was shocked …as for the first time someone had sensed the depth his paintings
appreciated it’s as sense

Lady-am I right? ?
Rudy hugged the lady
R-ishu Di. …..
Ishana-hi Rudy. ….I am sure saumya dragged you…
R-after all she is sauna sighaniya. ….naam mae hi sand ka Singh hae….
oh meet my brother…omka. ..
I-omkara Singh oberoi. …I know….I am a great fan of his paintings
R-om. ….this is Ishana Singhaniya. ….sister of sumo

Ishana and om shook their hands.Both were lost in each others orbs.they felt a link which tied knots in their heart.
Recap-love to enter the doors of heaven
Shivaay Anika
Ishana Om
Rudra saumya
Arnav and malika

Thank you guys for your moral support. Keep commenting ……..

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