Pacifying my angry sweetheart. #RiAnsh OS by Tanya K.

Hi guys, here’s my new OS. It was suggested by AshRiansh on wattpad I will write it in my own way, hope you’ll will like it.
It’s on Vihaan track…


Vihaan and Riddhima is seen standing in front of window in their room. Riddhima was adoring a beautiful whether of new season of rain while Vihaan was staring at her innocent face.
From deep inside in his heart he was sure that his SWEETHEART is innocent and can’t betray his Vansh but his ego and all the proofs were against his heart and Riddhima.
He was busy in staring at Riddhima when he noticed some tears in her  eyes and panicked.

VIHAAN: Are you ok dollar biwi? Why are you crying??

He asked her and his voice was filled with lots of concern for her. Riddhima turned and stared at his black orb which was holding many emotions for her. She stared at his eyes for good 5 minutes while Vihaan/Vansh was confused by her behavior.
After staring at his eyes she hugged him all of sudden. And cried her heart out making Vihaan/Vansh shocked by her sudden move.

RIDDHIMA: Why always this happen with me Vihaan?? Why always I have to feel the pain of heartbreak?? Why always my life get upside down?? Why always everyone I love have to leave me?? WHY!! WHY!! Why can’t I live peacefully with my love?? Why Bappa has to take my tests only??. Vihaan I’m not that strong. I’m broken, I can’t take it any more. I’m tired with all this shit.

She said in her broken voice while Vansh was more confused about her innocence and unknowingly some tears escaped from his eyes also. Riddhima broked the hug and ran towards the washroom still crying. Here Vansh was trying to understand that is she really innocent or she is trying to act her innocence.


It’s been half n hour since Riddhima didn’t came outside from washroom. Here Vansh was waiting for her impatiently. When she didn’t came outside he marched towards the washroom with all the bad thoughts occupied his mind. He knocked the door for 2 minutes after not getting any response from inside he broke the door and was shocked seeing the scenario in front of his eyes.
Riddhima was lying in the bathtub in her own pool of blood while blood was oozing from her wrist, it was like she cut her wrist with something sharp and tried to do suicide.


Vansh shouted her name and ran towards her. He took her in his arms and walked towards the room. After reaching there he made her lay on the bed. And shouted Angre’s name. Listening his voice Angre came running there followed by the whole family.
All were shocked seeing Riddhima like this. Vansh instructed Angre to call the doctor.
Angre nodded and called the doctor. After sometime she came their and examined Riddhima and bandages her wound.
Doctor came outside where everyone were waiting for her. When she came outside everyone showered her with questions.

DOCTOR: Mr. Vansh, how can you be so careless?? Your wife is going through serious trauma and several depression issues and you left her all alone. Maybe something is bothering her from inside that’s why she tried to do suicide. These types of patients tries to commit suicide again. That’s why I’m suggesting you to talk to her and don’t leave her alone at any cost. Please try to make her environment happy. I’m giving you some medicines, give it to her on time. Now I’ll take your leave.

She said and leave from there. While the whole family was shocked. But Vansh was drowning in the guilt. He didn’t said anything  and ran towards his study.
From there he called Angre. Angre came there and Vansh looked at him.

VANSH: Angre I want the CCTV footage from the day I fell from the cliff.
ANGRE: Yes boss.

He said and went from there. After sometime he came back with a laptop in his hand and handover it to Vansh.
Vansh sees the footage.

Vansh standup from his seat and started throwing everything in study in anger.

ANGRE: Boss plz calm down.

Vansh looked at him with blood shot eyes.
VANSH: Are you even serious Angre?? You are asking me to calm down?? How can I calm down Angre?? How can I do this with that innocent soul?? I thought that my sweetheart betrayed me but the fact is that I betrayed her, I cheated her. She loved me unconditionally and what I did with her?? I came into her life as Vihaan thinking that she betrayed me taunted her for no reason while she was crying for her love her Vansh and was trying to protect my family from my so called mother and half bro. I broked her heart. I forced her to take that dramatic step. She tried to commit suicide just because of me and my so called family. But I promise myself and my sweetheart that I will take revenge from our culprits and will give them the punishment which will worse then death.

He turned towards Angre.

VANSH: Angre you know naa what you have to do. Aur I don’t want anyone to know about this.

ANGRE: Yess boss.

They both were unknown with the fact that someone was listening to their talk and was in tears.


Riddhima was still sleeping with a pout on her face looking like a small child who get to sleep peacefully after so many days.
Vansh came back to their room and looked at her cute and adorable wife. He went towards her and sat beside her stroking her hair softly not to disturb her sleep.
He bent down a bit and pecked her pout while she smile in her sleep.
Vansh looked at her and holded her hand with tear in his eyes.

VANSH: I’m sorry sweetheart, your Vansh is very bad. I know I did very wrong with you but please try to forgive I’m sorry!!

He said to the sleeping Riddhima, he cleaned his tears and pulled her closed to him and caged her in his well built arms cuddling her close to his heart and pecked her forehead and slept in her embrace with small smile on his lips.


Everyone were doing breakfast when some inspector came there. Everyone looked at them and asked why are they  here.

INSPECTOR: We are here to arrest Mrs. Anupriya Raisinghania and Mr. Kabir Raisinghania.

DADI: But why what they did?? VANSH!!

VANSH: Dadi they came here because I called them.

DADI: But why are they arresting them.

INSPECTOR: Ma’am because they killed Mrs. Uma Raisinghania, Mrs. Dsouza, Mr. DSR, Miss. Ragini and tried to kill Mr. Vansh, miss. Siya & Mrs. Riddhima.

Everyone were shocked and looked at Kanupriya who were sweating out of fear.

DADI: Vansh what are they saying?

Before Vansh can say anything they heard a voice.

SIYA: Truth dadi!!

Everyone looked at the direction of the voice and was shocked to see Siya standing glaring at Kanupriya with blood shot eyes.
Vansh ran towards her and hugged her tightly.
Siya tell the whole truth while everyone was shocked excluding Riansh.
Dadi went to Anupriya and slapped her tightly making her stumble from her place she was about to fall but was supported by Kabir. Inspector took them with the while Kanupriya was begging in front of the whole RAISINGHANIA FAMILY.

Riansh looked at each other with pain in their eyes. Vansh was about to go to her but she showed him her hand and he stoped at his way. Riddhima went towards her room while Vansh followed her like a puppy. They reach in their room Vansh was about to enter when Riddhima closed the door on his face. While Vansh was pleading her to open the door.

VANSH; Sweetheart please open the door. Look I’m not any Vihaan I’m Vansh your Vansh now please open the door.

RIDDHIMA; Vansh what you think that you are very over smart Mr. Raisinghania haan? so you re mistaken highly mistaken. I know that you are Vansh from yesterday night when you were talking to Angre.  But now I’m gussa and you need to pacify me. GOOD LUCK.

She shouted at him from inside while Vansh again knocked the door while riddhima was giggling from inside.

VANSH: Ok sweetheart tell what I have to do to pacify my angry sweetheart.

Riddhima opened the door and looked at him.

RIDDHIMA: Ummmmm!!! Go and make lunch for me and no help from others.

She said and gave him the menu for the lunch while Vansh looked at her shocked and his mouth opened in O shape.

VANSH: Are you sure sweetheart?? Will you able to eat this much.


She shouted at him and glared and he ran from there to the kitchen.
He wore a Apron and started doing his work. Siya and ishani passed through the kitchen and was shocked to see him like this.

SIYA: bhai what are you doing??

She asked while suppressing her laugh  while Ishani was also having hard time for controlling her laugh.

VANSH: Your bhabhi is angry with me because I came as Vihaan and now she want me to pacify her. And she forbidden me to take help from anyone.

He said while ishani & Siya looked at each other and burst into laugh. And went from there muttering him ENJOY.

Vansh continued his work and at last completed making lunch for his queen she is the only one after Dadi who can order her.


Vansh served the lunch to everyone as Riddhima instructed him to do and everyone ate and praised him. While Vansh looked at her with puppy eyes.

RIDDHIMA: Vansh food is really nice but I will think to forgive you.

She said while Vansh looked at her shocked. She made him do many things like head massage, room clean and many more

RIDDHIMA: abhi bhi you have to pacify me.

Riddhima said and went from their.
AT 6 PM:

After sometime Siya came to her room with a box and letter in her hand and handover it to Riddhima. And went from there.
Riddhima opened the box and was surprised to see a beautiful dress in it.
And then she took the letter and started reading it which was from Vansh.

VANSH: Sweetheart I have a surprise for you so wear this dress and come to the pool area at 7. Will be waiting for you.
Your loving husband

After reading the letter a smile crept on her face and she slowly caressed the dress given by her love.

She looked at the time ran towards the washroom to get ready. She took a good shower and did her makeup. And wore that dress bought by Vansh. She was looking like a princess of her prince charming in that purple dress.

After getting ready she ran towards the pool area and was surprised to see the decorations. She shouted Vansh’s name and heard a voice of a whistle and saw in front of her there it was written ‘SORRY & I LOVE YOU’ with beautiful fairy lights.
She turned around and was shocked to see Vansh on his knees.

VANSH: Riddhima I’m sorry!! I I know that I have played with your feeling coming in your life as Vihaan. Please maaf kardo mujhe. I love you Riddhima I don’t want to lost you. Please never leave me. I love you.

Riddhima was having tears in her eyes. She also bent down and hugged him and then kissed his forehead.

RIDDHIMA: I love you too Vansh. I’m sorry I troubled you a lot naa…

VANSH: I loved to pacify my my angry sweetheart.

He said and again hugged her. And after sometime they danced with each other. And spend some quality time with each other.

Screen freezes on their happy faces.


End of the OS hope you’ll liked it do tell me how was it in the comment section and do vote.

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