Paaya Hai Maine Fir Tujhe! (RagSan) 4

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YO; GUYSSSSS WASSUUOPPP!!!!!!! BACK TO BACK chapters coz part was not uploaded here before;!!!!!

Happy Reading!!!!!!

Recap – ragsan

Ragini and Sanskaar have been married for 7 months now. Everything is going fine and smoothly. Ansh is in love with his new family; Papa, Dadu and Dadi. Though Sujata loves Ansh but is still not willing to accept Ragini. Ragini has found solace in her husband and father in law.
DP and AP often come to meet the Sharma’s. Dp is happy to see his daughter smiling. He knows its not easy to forget first love but he always encourages Ragini to take up challenges and accept the colours of the life. Ragini is still very close to DP. She sometimes shares her insecurities with him which she cannot with Sanskaar or Ram. Dp always shows her the right path.
Ap has accepted the fact that her son is no more. But looking at Ansh, she always feels her Lucky is beside her, with her. Ansh has same love and respect for AP-DP which he had earlier.
Shekhar and Shomi too are happy seeing Ragini happy. Their only wish is that Sujata accepts Ragini. They both have moved to Bangalore with their son, Dev. Dev works in a MNC and his wife Sonakshi is a doctor. They have a daughter named Rhea and a son, Rohit. They are a happy family with Shekhar and Shomi joining them.
Whereas Sanskaar, who’s madly in love with his wife has accepted her friendship for the time being. He’s sure that one day she’ll also love him with whole heart. He often finds himself in terrible situations where his mother asks him to choose between her and his wife. He somehow gets out of it without hurting anyone. His music album has topped the chart and he’s slowly and steadily growing as an artist and musician.

He never leaves a chance to show his love towards Ragini and ANSH. Ansh has got a father and a best friend in him. He keeps the atmosphere of the house happy. Whereas Ragini is often lost in her thoughts. She’s not willing to give any name to her relationship with sanskaar other than friendship. She feels sad when he’s on his tours but her heart flutters with joy when he comes back and gives her and Ansh gifts. He has never forced his love on her and this sometimes makes her feel guilty and bad. She’s confused about her feelings for sanskaar but she also fears that if she takes a step towards him, she’ll be betraying Lucky.


So the scene starts in Sharma house, it’s morning and ragini is running here and there. She shouts while combing Ansh’s hair.
Ragini : sanskyy hurry up we’ll be late…
Ansh ( rubbing his ears ) : mom you shout so much…..
Ragini : offo ansh… if you had learnt how to comb your hair, i wouldn’t be shouting… and i don’t know why your papa takes so much time to get ready…
Ansh : well my papa is handsome like me so it’s obvious he’ll take time….
He chuckles while she sighs in disbelief. They were getting late for Ansh’s PTM. It was the first time Sanskaar will be meeting his teachers and Ragini didn’t wanted them to be late. She was already dressed in a salwar suit and her hair open with glasses. She ran towards kitchen and gave the milk to Ansh.
Ragini : drink it fast … i’ll check on sanskyy..
She makes him wear his glasses. And then She runs towards their room and crashes with sanskaar, who holds her in a nick of a time. He adores her whilst her eyes are closed with her hands on his chest. His heart was beating so fast.
Sanskaar : ginni… why are you running?
Ragini ( standing properly ) : and why do you take so much time to get ready? We’ll be late sanskkyy…
Sanskaar ( holding her shoulders, takes her to the living room ): no ginni.. we wont be late…. am i right champ?
He high fives with ansh and they both chuckle. Ragini pouts.
Ragini : great now you guys make fun of me… now go alone.. i’m not coming with you…
Ansh hugs her from back. He’s standing on a sofa.
Ansh : common mummaa…
Sanskaar also hugs them. Like he’s behind ansh and his hand reaches on ragini’s stomach. Ansh’s hands are around her neck. She feels butterflies in her stomach by his touch.
Sanskaar : common mummaa….
Ragini jerks them both. Trio look at each other and burst out laughing. Ragini hugs ansh. Ansh calls in sanskaar for the hug and trio have a family hug. Sujata is watching this from the kitchen. Her eyes are filled with tears.

“ have i done right with ginni? My son loves her then why can’t i accept her? She has grown up in front of my eyes then why? Why i’m not able to accept her?”
Her thoughts are broken when sanskaar calls her out.
Sanskaar ; mom we are going to school. We’ll return by afternoon.
Sujata nods. Ansh goes and kisses her on his cheeks. Ragini smiles.



Teacher : Mrs. Ragini, i must say Ansh has improved a lot this semester. Not only in studies but in art and sports as well.
Ragini proudly looks at her son.
Ragini : thank you ma’am. In fact he’s happy at home also now.
Teacher ; i’m sure. And i think Mr. Sanskaar’s presence has brought a positive change in him. His friends no longer complain about him. aNd look at his drawings, the paintings now have more colors.
The teacher shows them the paintings and drawings of Ansh. Ragini feels emotional seeing one drawing where he had drawn himself, ragini and sanskaar but hasn’t forgotten Laksh. Laksh is shown the sky who has now become a star. He has mentioned – Mumma, Papa, Me and Buddy.
Sanskaar feels proud of his champ. He keeps his hand on his head. Ragini controls her emotions and thanked the teacher. They met his other teachers as well who gave positive remarks for ansh.



Ragini is still thinking about that painting, teachers praises and recalls how after Laksh’s death, his grades had fallen, he used to be ill and there were so many complaints about him. All those negative things have turned positive just in 7 months. She looks at sanskaar who was driving and also talking to Ansh who was sitting in the backseat.

“ sanskyy because of you my kid is so happy. No words can express my gratitude towards you. I hope you’ll never leave my son.. no.. our son alone. And i promise i’ll always be on your side.”
She smiles looking at them. Ansh says he wants to have ice cream. He’s so stubborn he doesn’t want to listen. Sanskaar then pulls over at the ice cream cart and takes 3 ice creams. They have a family moment together. Ragini adores their bond like always.


Its night, Ragini is tucking Ansh in the bed. Sanskaar is out in the balcony for call.
Ragini : ansh, shall i ask you something?
Ansh : yes mumma
Ragini : do .. do you miss your buddy?
Ansh ; yes mumma, i always miss my buddy…..
Ragini looks on surprised with teary eyes. Because he never showed what he was feeling.
Ansh : but i have papa now. And papa says my buddy is in my heart and he’s always with me.
Ragini smiles and caresses his hair.
Ragini : and what about that family drawing? You never told me about it?
Ansh : voh.. i had got an assignment of drawing to draw something which is very special to me. I didn’t know what to draw. You know because i have so many special things. Then papa helped me. He asked me to close my eyes and whatever i saw first that is the most special thing for me…
Ragini ; then what did you saw ansh?
Ansh ; i saw my family mumma.. you, papa and me…. but buddy was also there. But he’s not with us. I again got confused. Then papa told me that yes, buddy is always there with me, in my heart and also that he has become a star. He always looks at me and smiles. And that’s how he helped me draw that drawing/

Ragini gets overwhelmed and emotional. A few tears escapes her eyes. Ansh gets up and wipes her tears.
Ansh ; mumma do you also miss buddy?
She presses her lips and nods. Ansh hugs her.
Ansh “: don’t worry mumma… i and papa are there for you now. And you know he loves us. He’ll never leave us like buddy.
The little kid also gets emotional. She hugs him tightly and kisses his forehead. They both wipe each others tears.
Ragini ; yes kiddo. Your papa will never leave you.
Ansh : and you also mumma. He told me how much he loves me…. and you also.
Ragini turns silent.
Ansh : ohho mumma you are blushing. I knew it. you both love each other.
Ragini’s cheek turned red, unknown to her. She hits him lightly and tucks him again. Ansh chuckles. Sanskaar also comes in by that time. He smiles seeing them smiling.
Sanskaar : what’s going on?
Ansh : mumma loves you papa..
He shouts suddenly before ragini could say something. Sanskaar eyes grew wider. He looks at ragini who was glaring at ansh. He smiles and nods his head in disbelief. He lies beside ansh.
Sanskaar ( naughtily ) : of course your mumma loves me… ( ragini looks at him astound ) i’m her best friend na….
Ragini looks down, embarrassed and red.
Ansh : offo papa… i think you are the first man in this world who’s friendzoning himself from his wife.
He smacks his forehead. RagSan looks at him, shocked!! Sanskaar started tickling him.
Sanskaar : friendzone ke bache…. who’s teaching you all this naughty stuff??
Ansh ( in between his laughs ) : papa… you might be old fashioned but i’m not. Everybody knows about this. Dadu said you were in London for so many years, still you didn’t learnt anything, papa….
He nods his head sadly. Ragini too giggles at his last statement. Sanskaar throws up his hands in air.
Sanskaar : oh god… what did i marry into??
RagAnsh laughs. Sanskaar jumps on them and they all tickle each other and laughs until they are out of breath.

They make Ansh sleep and lie on his either side.
Ragini : thank you sanskyyy for everything…
Sanskaar ; ginni…. i don’t need a thank you for my love. I love ansh and i love you. Please don’t say thank you every time…
Ragini ; sanskyy i wish… i could….
Sanskaar : ginni we have talked about this. I just want you to be happy and by my side. Nothing else… now sleep.

They both turn to opposite. Tears roll down sanskaar’s cheeks. Ragini is also in deep thoughts. Moreover, ansh is also awake.

Ansh ( thinks ) ; if papa loves mumma then why mumma doesn’t love him ??

He looks on! Episode ends with trio sleeping on one bed!
( well i know they were not there in the last season but i have to add new characters. )
And also, in this story sanskaar is a musician i.e. he composes songs and also writes them for Bollywood but he stays far from the media and lives his life as a normal human being. You know like Arijit Singh. He never shows off.




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