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Paani Waala Pyaar”


1.The diary letter
2.Him & Her
3.Their love

Guys, so here comes the fourth installment, its a very light fun piece..hope you guys like it, please ignore typos & mistakes.

Splash! Om & Rudra turned their faces away in shock. Anika had tipped the entire contents of the jug over Shivaay. He was fully drenched and had gone completely pale.

A: Yes Mr. Akdu Singh Oberoi…I’ll..

With this, Shivaay’s expression changed into a wide idiotic grin.

O: Shivaay..close your mouth..

Shivaay jumped on to his feet and pulled Anika into a deep passionate kiss.

R: Chepde! Ye bhaiya!

Rudra’s remark made Shivaay aware of his surroundings & he parted from her blushing heavily. Anika’s face went into an O, as she couldn’t decipher what just happened, she turned wine red..!!

Later the Obros & sissy enjoyed Shivaay’s specially prepared delicaces. Shivaay was finally at peace, that she had got back his old Anika. His eyes moistened as she laughed heartily at one of Rudra’s antics, the evident sparkle of her hazels returning.

A week later they married again with all proper pre marriage rituals and also did all the post marriage ones with utmost care. Anika found out a mangalsutra in Saumya’s room when she questioned her, their truth came out. Although Shivaay & Omkara was furious about it at first, they calmed down and helped the kids to convince the rest of the family. Eventually they all agreed to respect and accept their marriage but only when they get old & mature enough to handle such responsibilities.

Present: Pool side meeting

Om, Prinku, Rudra, Saumya & Anika

R: Baabhi..bhaiya did such a romantic proposal..

O: Now you can do something Anika..

P: To make bhaiya happy..

S: Morever tomorrow its your first month anniversary..

R: Of the ‘Pyaar waali shaadi’ Sumo..

S: Haa..

A: What will I do..you guys tell na..

R: Actually not like that…you should give special that type surprise( wierd expressions)

A: What type??

O: Shut up Rudra..

Dadi: Ani Bahu.. (from inside)

Anika goes inside as Dadi calls her..rest of them disperse..

R: I need to do something…Sumo you are helping me..

He tells plan to her…

S: O..No..Its risky.

R: Come on.. I’ll manage.its for ‘bhaibhis’

S:Ok… (hesitantly)

Shivaay had returned from office, he found a note on the front table which read ‘bhaiya all of us are going out for Mr. Thakur’s daughter’s wedding, we’ll only return by tomorrow, I had messaged you earlier- Rudra’.The only thing that Shivaay wondered was that whether Anika had accompanied them or not?He turned the chit..”no naughty thoughts bhaiya we are taking bhaabi with us”.Shivaay felt upset

S: Why did she have to go?..she didn’t tell me either..& Rudra I’ll not spare you this time..

He walks towards his room feeling exhausted.

The power went off suddenly, and I somehow managed to enter my room. Before I called up Khanna, the lights returned. I quickly changed into a white kurta. I can sense Anika somewhere near. I walked towards the pool, to find it very beautifully decorated with candles and roses, a sweet fragrance lingered in the air soothing my tired senses. Chocolates & Oranges..Anika!!

She sat near the pool making patterns in the water with her feet, her anklets chiming invites. I was surprised as well as shocked, she was always the bold & beautiful type, but when it came to intimacy she always shied away. I chuckled at the memory of our first kiss. She slowly approached me and made me sit on a cushion, she then gently massaged my forehead and neck with some lavender oil. I felt relaxed, I had been working my ass off since the past week since I had took a fairly long break for our marriage & to get things right between us.She was wearing a rose coloured, light, saree with minimum makeup and jewellery, simple is s*xy.She stepped into the pool and let out her hair loose, they rippled over her shoulders. Dripping wet in the pool she raised her arms out for me, I dipped in, my mind troubled by our previous experiences in the pool. As if she could read my thoughts, she met eyes and gave me an assuring look. Sliding her hand over my neck, she kissed on my right cheek, near my lips. I felt happy bubbles exploding inside me. I noticed a floating matrress in the middle of the pool. My siblings are definitely into this. I picked her up and made her lie on the bed. I slowly removed her kamarbandh, it was a thin string of pearls, they scattered in every direction before drowning in the water. And we made love for the first time.{Im really bad this..so guys just imagine shivika in pool, pink & white, suhagraat, romantic setting…ooo…play the song for feels}

Kaise Yeh Ishq Hai
Kaisa Yeh Khwab Hai
Kaise Jazbaat Ka Umda Salab Hai
Din Badle Raatein Badli, Baathein Badli
Jeene Ke Aandaz Hi Badlein Hai
In Lamhon Ke Daaman Mein
Pakiza Se Riste Hain
Koi Kalma Mohabat Ka
Dohrate Farishte Hain
Samay Ne Yeh Kya Kiya
Badal Di Hai Kaya
Tumhe Mene Paa Liye
Mujhe Tumne Paya
Mile Dekho Aise Hai Hum
Ke Do Sur Ho Jaise Madham
Koi Jyada Na Koi Kaam
Kise Aag Mein
Ke Prem Aag Mein
Jalte Dono Hi The Tan Bhi Hai Maan Bhi
Maan Bhi Hai Tan Bhi
Tan Bhi Hai Maan Bhi
Maan Bhi Hai Tan Bhi 

She leaned over my shoulder and whispered..”I love you Shivaay”. I really don’t know why..why it feels so magical every time she says it, so tender and pure like honey bubbles bursting. She hung back & broke into giggles.

Why are you laughing now?..no response ‘Anika’ I called out. She had become almost unconscious, I got tensed. But she again started mumbling and giggling. I smiled and carried her inside and somehow made her wear dry clothes and dried her hair, I didn’t want her to catch a cold. She cuddled closer to me and slept on my chest. Although it had happened before when she had fallen sick, this time was different and I loved her over me. That time I was too worried to notice.

I woke up first, she was still in her angelic sleep. I freshened up made some coffee and sandwiches for both us. I saw her rubbing of the sleep, she looked adorable. But now she seemed to have a hangover.

A: Billuji..what happened yesterday..I can’t remember a thing..


A: Ah..my head is paining..

S: You don’t remember anything?

A: No..I remember Rudra feeding me, a bitter cake, that’s all I can remember.

With this she kept her head on my lap and went to sleep again..

S: Rudra!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A: Why are you screaming billuji..

S: Actually Anika..yesterday everything happened…

A: And what do you mean with that..

I gestured her with both of my hands to make her understand. And as soon as the realisation dawned upon her. Her eyes went wide as saucers and she jumped on the bed, and threw her arms around herself turning away from me. And yelled in the highest pitch of her voice.”Cheapde”!

Thats it..so I’ll wrote this chapter long before and also posted it elsewhere. Please leave your a feedback, even a word (detailed fbs help a lot)..it works as a fuel.Thank you for all the love..

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