Paanch 9th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 9th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The epsiode starts Roy realizes that Gauti was in the Car..Rosh comes out and Sees Gauti body..Yudi tells that he will take reverse and kill Rosh Gauri tells that they will get many chances
In reagens and she cannot see her gang in bad situation..Gauri asks everyone to get out of care Zaara asks where they are going Gauri replies to do “gupshup” All the gang comes out..Gauri checks if Gauti is Alive or not with her leg..Gauri tells Rosh she have done all this So that Gauti and Rosh kill at a time..Rosh says she want to End the game Gauri says is she scared Rosh says can think whatever she want..She says that she did”nt planned about Roy(as he became handicap) but it happened and says that her Mission is Complete..Gauri says ok and leaves..Nikhil tells that first time Rosh taken sensible station and was about to leave till that Gauti cries for help..Nikhil and Rosh takes him along with them In the truck Gauti thanks Rosh for saving his life Rosh gets furious and raises piston against him but Nikhil stops her Saying Gauti would get very Easy punishment..Rosh gives Gauti to Police..The Police officer thanks Rosh and tells that they have set example for other people..Doctor comes and says that patient(Gauti) is checked there are fractures on body and shoulder..some nerve is damaged he cannot walk for sometime and they are shifting him a private room..While Gauti is being shift to another room in a streature the constable tells that he is in much pain Rosh says that he Deserves that..As Rosh and Nikhil leaves..A girl hiding her face enters into Gauti”s room. Gauti sees it is pariva Yudi”s sister comes and tells that is over with him..She tells that no other girl will attract to him seeing her face nd says that this injured face suits him..Pariva calls him a Ugly and disguisting man..Says that no one will accompany him in jail..Gauri and Gang comes and asks Gauti”s Room in the reception..Pariva takes out knife and threatens him till that Gauri and gang comes…Nikhil and Rosh comes to hostel they see Shivani leaving home Rosh tells Shivani that in two days exams are starting..Shivani tells that she miss her home and not fit in this college Nikhil asks why she is leaving..Shivani tell Nikhil that he did”nt understood her feelings..Shivani Cries and says she cannot see them together and cannot control her feelings.Rosh insists Shivani but she denies..Rosh tells that she helped in her bad time Nikhil says Sorry..

Gauri along with Gang enters Gauti room..Gauri says what he has become running behind girls Gauri slaps Gauti and says he is being punished for the Crime that he didnt done..Pariva records al this..Gauri admits that he didnt killed Neha..Rosh is going to leave Shivani along with Nikhil. Till that Constable calls hee sand says that they want her signature in some papers Rosh replies taht she will come in a minute and keeps the phone.

Another side Gauri tells Gauti that he would be thinking how Neha killed.Pariva drops the recorder Yudi goes and check in the washroom but does not find anyone..Nurse comes and asks them to leave.Gauri leaves Saying “Get Well Soon”..Pariva comes out Gauti asks her help Pariva says why could she help him..Gauti says to tell the whole truth to Rosh in Return he will become his Slave whole life Pariva agrees and goes out the Room..She sees Gauri and gang standing Yudi catches him and asks what she is doing here..and when she came Pariva replies she came jst a minute ago and goes..Roy says that how could it happened as they didnt see her..

Precap:Gauri caught Rosh and says never to leave revenge in middleway..

Update Credit to: Ansari

  1. Intresting very Intresting…

    1. Jennifer Krishnan

      @kajal – seriously????? how old r u?????

      I happened to watch only 1 episode… it was like watching a hollywood horror movie… (creators of this serial – pls do not take this as a compliment)… I mean college students always indulging themselves in torture, revenge, cyber crimes, plans for murders, cruel treatments of their own classmates…. (ROSHNI BRUTALLY BEATEN, HUNG UPSIDE DOWN, CUT HER HAIRS etc …,PACKED IN A SUITCASE AS IF SHE WERE SOME DRESS MATERIAL????) & GAUTI TAKING THIS SUITCASE N LEAVING IT I N COLLEGE PREMISES…. A/ONE IN ROSHNI’S PLACE, WLD HV DIED DUE TO SUFFOCATION!!! WONDER OF WONDERS, SHE WAS CRITICAL BUT JUST UNCONSCIOUS….) IT WAS SIMPLY HORRIBLE, I cld not stand it… It was disgusting…. It is way far from reality… I lost my sleep that night…..

      Yes, ragging & rich gals & guys dominating others do take place, but 24 x 7????? These guys do not seem to realize they are in college and there is s/thing called studies and foundation for future career……

      I wl sincerely be grateful to a/one taking steps to ban this serial…

      Pls show the below caption at the beginning of each & every episode… based on humanitarian grounds…..

    2. Jennifer Krishnan

      Rich guys and gals have pistols!!!! lol!!! where do they get these from????

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