Paanch 9th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Paanch 9th January 2014 Written Episode, Paanch 9th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Roshni calling Nikhil regarding her plan and Shivani being on the other end. Rosh goes on talking but when no reply comes she keeps asking abt Nikhil ‘s whereabouts finally as a response Shivani clears her throat n says hmmm…diconnecting d phone and looks at Nikhil.
scene changes to Nihaal clicking away Zaara’s pics and finally asks Zaara to giving a winning pose which she does…but is worried and in her nervousness/guilt asks Nihaal if one can be forgiven for there bad deeds..he says y are u suddenly being so senti and she initiates d Neha topic..Nihaal asks her to zip it as all 5 of them had promised to never talk abt that case again.
In Rosh-Shivani’s room..Shivani asks for a clarification as to what relation RoHil come they

talk etc..Rosh asks her to read the msg and d pic attached 1st…she signals Nikhil that its safe to give her the phone..Shivani sees a perfume bottle..and Rosh clarifies that she really is sorry and hence had asked Nikhil to do online shopping of Shivani’s fav brand perfume on her behalf as he’s too much into online sopping she really wanted to compensate for her deeds and gift it to her..Shivani is satisfied with the answer and playfully asks her to sponsor an entire spa set to her to make up for their old frndship, she hug each other and let it go..while Nikhil breaks their embrace and asks for his leave, taking his phone back ,when the coast is clear RoHil meet up and Rosh tells him abt the plan.
Flasback : Zaara cornering Neha asks her so she complained Mishra abt the CCTV Zaara had setup in her washroom…Neha realizes that Mishra is a part of them and threatens Zaara to go to the Dean…Zaara in turn takes a blunt object in inserts it in Neha’s mouth which causes severe throat infection n Rosh says Neha couldnt even utter a word for 10 days. so now they’ll have to pay…for Zaara..its her voice thats dearest to her ..n the music competition means alot to they’ll make sure she looses her voice..
then their plan is shown in details wherein they plan to switch the anti-anxiety pills with some pills which taken in right amt are meds but in excess freezes the throat and swells it..and Nikhil brings the pills for Rosh..
scene shifts to Zaara rehersing ‘Main pareshaan’ on the stage among the gang’s cheering..they plan to party hard after Zaara’s win..and Gauri’s proud of her girl. While Rosh complements Zaara for her beautiful voice..they are all abt to leave when Rosh gets a text and is delighted to see that finally all’s well between Gauti n her.
night time
the show is inaugurated ,but Zaara is hell nervous and guily..Rosh enters her room..and Zaara confesses that she did something wrong..she knew Neha,she used to bully her alot..and then she…died…but it was an accident and the 5 had nothing to do with her death..but still she feels guilty and says she wishes she could say sorry to Neha..she hugs Rosh…while Rosh replaces the pills…Rosh comes back and sits next to Gauti .
Zaara’s name is announced and the Dean goes onto praise Zaara as one of the best singers of Reagent to the judges…Zaara comes in…and dedicates the song to Neha which comes as a shock to the gang but when they hear the cheering Gauri concludes she’s trying to gain some sympathy from the audience hence d mention…she has a terrific start and Nikhil wonders if Rosh successfully replaced the pills…Rosh asks Gauti if an apology asked out of fear is even valid…Gauti looks confused but Rosh simply says she’s glad he forgave her n appreciates Zaara’s voice. Zaara’s song is in its peak when she suddenly looses her voice and gets all tensed everything back back to her in flashes the way she bullied Neha n her fortune cookie
the gang is tensed while Rosh is shown in a corridor..saying A sorry out of fear of ur ruined future is simply cheap…she replaced those pills coz Zaara’s still lying and these 5 only deserve her REVENGE

doc checks Zaara’s throat and says its severe infection and is badly swollen.
Rosh is eyeing the pills bottle and thinks abt replacing it before someone finds out when her phone rings and Gauri says what if someone switched the pills..Rosh looks on tensed
Yudi is holding the chemist by the collar and asks him who bought these 2 pills from his shop..the shopkeeper indicates towards CCTV camera..the gang sees the footage and look shocked to see the person buying them!!

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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