Paanch 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Paanch 9th April 2014 Written Update

The epi begins with YuRi conversation wherein Yudi asks Gauri to spend some time with his parents ,she simply states that his mom HATES her , Yudi suggests her to wear Indian attire just to please his parents once(OMG !! Can’t even imagine her in an Indian attire)

she simply refuses and asks him how many nights have they spent together? offending Yudi stating the fact that on that basis he can definitely tell his mom how much of a “girl she is”
Yudi simply gets annoyed and YuRi are interfered by Rosh who asks them to join Yudi’s parents for breakfast!! Yudi leaves and Gauri asks Rosh where wud she get those stupid sati savitri type cloths then asks her to leave it coz she ‘s comfy in her tees and shorts only,Rosh suggests Gauri to plan a surprise date by the lake for Yudi and maybe

wear something special to please Yudi Gauri rejects the idea saying if she thinks she’d wear a white saree and dance around Yudi to please him then she must be out of her mind
Rosh mentally makes a note to plan something different .

Next scene :
Nihaal plays Sunny sunny from Yaariyan in a tape recorder and all the 3 couples dance around the pool and while others have a great time in the pool Rosh simply escapes away from Gauti ‘s grip and leaves Pavira had been secretly watching all the while Gauti was chasing Rosh .

when Rosh’s all alone Pavira drags her in her room and shows all the cards n gifts Gauti had given her and also makes her listen to the recording wherein Gauti confessed his love for her ,just then Gauti arrives and says you’re right Pariva I still love u and wont ever leave u and blah blah and asks her to take her meds she gets hyper and starts throwing things at him saying she isn’t mad .with a load of difficulty and MP Kharbanda and the servant’s help they pacify her and inject her,so that she goes into a deep sleep,

On Rosh’s inquiry Gauti says that when she started threatening him to kill herself he didn’t have any other option but to say things that pleased her,she had been driven insane of her obsession towards him so he wud send cards , gifts n bouquets so that she feels better and by Yudi ‘s description it was clear that she was getting better when he did such things so she might have recorded his confessions then,( chal jhoote…I dont buy ur story!! Am I the only one who noticed that whenever he talks abt Pariva he just doesn’t meet her eye and speak,he simply turns around!! why is that may I ask?),Rosh buys his story and TaSha have a romantic moment!!

On the other hand Roy tortures Shivani to spill out the truth who is responsible for all these attacks she does’t budge so he tortures some more, in between Nikhil calls Roy puts the phone on loud speaker and on hearing the voice he cuts it…he recognizes Nikhil’s voice immediately and questions her why is she still in contact with him!! he tortures her so much that she says okay she’ll tell him everything!!

precap : Pariva warns the gang that Rosh is planning against them and they should be careful around her
the gang are searching for Rosh while she’s roaming abt in jungle and hears a lions roar…and fears that an animal is actually quite near her !!!!

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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