Paanch 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The epi begins with a cat fight between Roshni and Gauri which is called off by dean.
Shivani and Roshni go to attend a class where Gauti comes and sits next to her , Roshni gives a stern look but manages to smile when he smiles at her, the gang wait for the package to arrive via Gauti all tensed up in an empty classroom, the bell rings and they all go out ,Roshni hands over the music system to Gauti ,Shivani is unsure of the fact that continuing with the plan is a good idea but keeps it to herself, Gauti leaves and fakes an I love you before leaving ,he goes to Yudi and hands over the package to him in Roshni n Shivani’s presence. Roshni gives a sideway glance to a guy washing cars, Yudi takes the package from Gauti and is about to open it when Gauri stops him, she comes with Dean and says that the package contains a music system which is tampered by Roshni, ROSHNI denies, stating that if Gauri is so afraid of her then she can prove her point , Dean asks her to plug in and operate the Music system in front of everyone, she agrees while Shivani looks scared recalling how Rosh had tampered with the music system in front of her.

She goes on to plugin the Music system, the 5 look expectantly ,but nothing happens, the Dean asks her to switch it on from behind, nothing happens, she increases/decreases the volume,nothing happens, Dean shouts and Gauri for misleading him, and asks Gauri to apologize in front of everyone, Gauri tries arguing but Dean doesnt budge , she finally apologizes ,when Dean leaves Rosh goes upto Gauti and says its over, he’s doing all this for his sister right? well guess what, she’s here to revenge the 5 who tortured her sister to no end ,he should stay away from it otherwise she’d not shy away from taking revenge from all 6 of them!!!! Gauti simply leaves!!

Rosh addresses the 5 and says if they think she’s here to revenge them on a small level confined to the college premises, they should think again, she’s here to destroy their careers, their friendship , their relationship, from 5 she ‘ll make sure they become 4, 3 , 2 ,1 and finally 0!!!

Yudi tries hurting her saying how dare she try hurting him,till the 5 are here she cant hurt them and get away with it but Gauri backs him off, in his frustration he leaves, thats when Rosh reveals who said her plan failed and who says Yudi wont be harmed!!! the gang look shocked to see Yudi getting shocks after starting the ignition!!! Gauri shouts out and Nihaal somehow manages to turn off the ignition!!!!

Shivani looks as shocked as others and Rosh reveals how Nikhil disguised himself as a car washer and cut off the wires creating A short circuit!!!!
The 5 take Yudi to the hospital, MP Kharbanda swears he wont spare Rosh if she’s behind it, Dean disagrees saying Rosh was no where near Yudi when tragedy struck him!!!
The police come to the hospital and ask Dean abt 5 and Roshni, as he heard from students there is a huge fight brewing up and asks for the reason for the same, Dean is left speechless!!!
In the hospital, Yudi comes to semi consciousness and Rosh dressed as a nurse mocks him leaving him baffled, outside Gauri asks the doc abt the severity of the case, she says she will only be able to tell once the intensity of the current is determined , Gauri says but he was hardly exposed for a few seconds, the doc says if the intensity’s high ,even 20 secs exposure is enough to kill someone, Gauri grabs hold of her throat and the others somehow back her off, in the meantime Rosh slips out of Yudi ‘s ward!!
The doc goes inside and see a restless Yudi she asks nurse to sedate him!!

Rosh calls Nikhil and asks if he’s destroyed the short ciruit, he says he’s in the process of doing that , she asks if someone saw him here, he denies it,Shivani takes the phone and asks if Yudi is okay? Rosh says he’s suffering the same way her sister suffered , maybe more!!!

precap : the gang plan to kill Rosh and Gauti goes against the plan, Gauri mocks him!!!

Update Credit to: Serndipity

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