Paanch 2nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Paanch 2nd January 2014 Written Episode, Paanch 2nd January 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with Rosh crying and telling everything to Nikhil who doesn’t approve of her actions and points out that She is deviating from her goal she was here to revenge them to justify Neha but now she did exactly the opposite now who will fight for Shivani’s justice? He goes on to say what prove does she have that the 5 were responsible for Neha’s death? maybe what everyone says is true maybe it WAS a case of drug overdose..Rosh slaps him abd says that Neha wud never take drugs on her own will!! But Nikhil goes on taunting her saying today Her father n Neha would be really proud of her!! making Rosh cry more out of guilt.
scene shifts to her room where Rosh is trying to apologize to Shivani for her doings and tries explaining when GAUTI makes an entry with a bday cake and celebrates

Rosh’s bday dragging Shivani into it..and finally making them patch up…when he’s leaving Rosh catches up with him outside her room and tells him its not her bday he says he knows it isnt he’d just cama for here for Shivani’s sake so that she doesnt have a nervous breakdown and taunts her that its her re-birth today…Rosh-the dangerous girl everyone should be afraid of..Rosh tries explaining but he shuts her up and leaves…Rosh is back in her room…and breaks down recalling Nikhil, Shivani n Gauti’s words she breaks down and says no matter what please Neha di never hate me and calls home…she tries talking to her dad but cant stop her tears her dad assumes she’s missing home and asks her to come back!! she wipes her tears and says she’s coming!!
In hospital Gauri apologizes Zaara for her behavior and narrates her how Rosh became a part of their gang now!! Zaara smiles.
Rosh packs her stuff and leaves a sorry gift for Shivani and is leaving but stops at Gauti’s room…knocks..sees its open so slips in to place a sorry gift for him..
Gauti comes in and asks whats she doing? Rosh is taken off guard and drops some of Gauti’s books and sees Neha’s pics…she’s shocked and so is Gauti he tells her that he loved her but couldnt express his love…he feels Neha only considered him a friend..he says he befriended Rosh coz she reminded him of her she too had challenged Gauri but unlike Rosh she’d taken a stand he admits The gang had asked her to kiss him but she did not and he respected her for that…also her death was the reason why he’d failed coz he cudnt get for it…he also gives her the same story of Neha drug overdose and says he cannot fathom what lead Neha to take drugs…and then snaps back to present taunting her as she leaves
on the other hand when Nikhil goes to give his resignation letter Dean is busy clearing Mishra’s cabin and asks Nikhil to clear previous yrs files as Mr. Shukla hadnt come yet..he is abt to browse the 2012 file when Shukla arrives..and seeing the yr gossips abt Neha’s suicide case..err accident…Nikhil gets suspicious and evedrops on Dean-Shukla conversation realizing there’s more to it then what meets our eyes…He reaches in time to stop Rosh and says its clear that it wasnt drug overdose but suicide THE GAME IS ON!!
Gauti sitting in his room opens the gift and finds a photoframe…he takes out Neha n Rosh’s pics and is confused who’s pic to place in d frame
Rosh is determined and all charged up and heads back to hostel sees Zara coming back to hostel and waves back!! Change she thinks…I have to change now she doesnt know where will all this lead but is ready to revenge the 5!!

Zara-Roy-Rosh in room..Rosh says only a day left for ur auditions how will u prepare she asks her to take some anti-anxiety pills..Zara says she doesnt have any..Roy says he has…and brings them for her…once out of site she sees the pills and reads the label..she says maybe these are the pills given to Di..and calls Nikhil and asks him to buy a box of these plls..she’s sending the photograph…she says why isnt he saying anything..while we see Shivani on the other end of the phone!!

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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