Paanch 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Paanch 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Paanch 29th January 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with Nihaal showing Roshni where he’s fixed the camera in the corridor where Roshni would have to come running out and Nikhil following her…in the end Of which Rosh has to shout Rape and get Nikhil out of clg..Rosh compliments him on his plan and he tells her the action begins at 8am..Back in the hostel room Rosh is pacing around tensed while Shivani wonders how will they manage it all Rosh admits she’d been clueless that the plan would be executed so early in the morning and right now she doesn’t have a plan. Shivani questions why is he back in the 1st place Rosh is too worried to reply!! Nikhil calls her up and she says she doesnt have a plan now but she’d come up with something soon for sure she wouldnt let anything happen to him!!
At night Rosh gets up and is

abt to leave when Shivani asks her whr she’s leaving she tells her that she cant think of a plan and needs to go to Nihaal’s studio to see what they are planning so that she can catch some weak point and make plans accordingly.

At Nihaal’s place Nihaal sees Zaara still looking at that contest Pamphlet and cheers her up saying now they’d be revenging Nikhil soon.He is seeing various videos and comes across Neha’s bathroom video he says its abt time he sells the video Zara doesnt like the idea but he keeps insisting n retorts dont act all innocent u were the one to put Up those camera’s in the 1st place!! Outside Rosh is listening to their convo…and gets worried how is she gonna save Nihaal as well as stop Nihaal from selling her di’s video !!She has to get in touch with Nihaal’s laptop somehow that way she might get some evidence against Nihaal too !!
Zaara ets irritated with Nihhal’s words and excuses herself..she asks Roy if he’s comin he agrees Nihaal taunts him he says he’s only going to drop her as its late and its not safe for her go alone…Rosh hides and waits for Nihaal to leave the room!! but Nihaal doesnt .

Next morning Rosh is taking a walk when she sees 2 men going somewhere with their mouths covered ..she is puzzled and asks a sweeper what are they upto he tells her they are going to the tree to burst a bees nest by generating smoke ,let all the bees leave and extract honey she gets and idea…she goes back outside Nihaal’s room… burns some paper and throws it in a nearby dustbin!! which creates smoke Nihaal gets alarmed as smoke fills his room as he goes out Rosh enters his room and copies as much of his data as she can in her pendrive she tries finding Neha’s video on his lappy but cant find it anywhr…she’s determined to delete it somehow but gets no luck!! she tries finding Nikhil’s CCTV footage but no luck there too .
so she just starts copying all that she can on the otherhand Nihaal finds out the root cause and diffuses the fire . Rosh is still copying files when she realizes Nihaal’s coming back…she takes out her pendrive and leaves before Nihaal enters .

She calls up Nikhil and asks if he can create Viruses he says ofcourse she gives him 1 hr to create a virus and send to Nihaal’s lappy without actually touching his lappy while she looks into his files to see what all she managed to extract.
Gauri calls up Rosh n asks her to get ready in 5 mins.
Plan is on…the 5 are hooked to Nihaal’s lappy whr they get to see the live footage..

Rosh asks Nikhil if she could come in as her Lappy is giving her probs Nikhil lets her in..The 5 are excited and betting whether she would do it or not when Gauti enters.
On the other hand Rosh informs Nikhil that there is a file which would come in handy against Nihaal while Nukhil tells her he’s ot a soln to hack Nihaal’s lappy without getting direct access to it. Rosh saying to hurry up they just have 10 mins..Gauti keeps insisting he wants to know what’s going on and Gauri tells him abt the plan…
The time for Rosh to come out arrives right then they all receive an email with the title REVENGE…
since Nihaal’s lappy is on they open the email via his lappy which has 2 attachment 1 of Zaara-Nihaal making out the other the virus file ..Gauri immediately Calls Rosh to come back as the plan is cancelled they feel threatened that Nikhil might leak the video. RoHil celebrate their victory!!(awesome scene..a must watch)
Nikhil is descending the staircase when Shivani meets him and asks what happened he says Rosh saved him. Nihaal gets a text
ye toh shuruat hai chhore and looks worried

Rosh on the otherhand disposes off the no. and turns around to find Gauti getting out of his car..he’s mad at her..she tries reasoning but he doesnt wanna listen and breaks the photoframe Rosh is hell shocked while Gauti leaves .She meets up Nikhil-Shivani and says she doesn’t wanna lose her frndship they question her who she’s talking abt.

Rosh sees Gauti entering Boys loo and enters inside she tries explaining him when he reminds her its boy’s loo and if someone finds out she’s here with ppl may think bad abt her she says she doesnt care what others say but his thots abt her matters a lot to her Gauti corners her and they are just inches apart ( a treat for TaShi’s definitely blossoming)
Rosh’s phone is ringing and she has a sly smile on her face..she is abt to pick when Gauri snatches the phone and asks who is she talking to.

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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