Paanch 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 25th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The epsiode starts with Rosh in the jail saying that how could Nikhil know that someone killed Neha di..The other women”s in the jail asks Rosh is she the culprit How did she Shot the boy Rosh says that triggered pressed automatically The person whom she shot dead was not good was trying to get close to her & because of him her Sister dead On the other hand Shivani and Nikhil standing outside the jail Nikhil is sitting on bike while Shivani is standing Shivani says Nikhil that no lawyer is Ready to take Rosh Case Till that Gauri comes in car and gets out Stands boldly and Stares Shivani and Nikhil He tries to beat Gauri saying that because of him rosh is jail In this condition while .Gauri says she is not the one responsible to for Sending Rosh jail ..There is someone else. AND tells someone is responsible for Neha”s death Nikhil tells how can he believe hee Gauri shows the clip to Nikhil in which Gauti is arguing with Neha in Terrace …Nikhil tried to Snatch but Gauri pushes Gauri tell that she will give the Evidence on only one Condition to Bring the clip of her From gauti in which she was planning again Nihal..”s death… she tells that she has but fake bullets in the pistol but gauti shot from the back…Nikhil asks how can he believe her if she wont give the clip Gauri tells they have no other option left and she have to take revenge of Nihal s death and leaves Shivani asks if is gauti is main Root behind all this…Nikhil tells yes and says that if she couldnt have turned off the Camera they may be having proof against Gauti and tells she was the who was forcing Rosh tl get close to Gauti On the otherside Rosh thinks what proof will Nikhil get against Neha”s death us worried request the constable to make a call but he denies..The women (head prisioner) orders the Constable and he Agrees…

On the other Nikhil makes a plan Gauti is standing with a girl in the college..Shivani goes and tell that Rosh is very worried and thinks all the time about hime Till that Nikhil in the costume of gardener watering the flowers back Comes and takes out his Cellphone from his pocket and Replaces it with the Diary. He takes out the memory card and tells with the help of that he can track all the data….Shivani checks while talking to gauti is Nikhil work is over or not..Gauti tells Rosh is responsible for Nihal”s death and she is getting the punishment…Now nothing is left between him and Rosh…Nikhil is about to put the phone in Gauti pocket…But Gauti was leaving…Shivani pretends to cry and tells that How Rosh double crossed both of them and used them. Gauti hugs her till that Nikhil puts phone and After that Gauti leaves…

Rosh calls Shivani and Asks that they got any evidence they got and whose the murder.Shivani tell Rosh that Gauti is the culprit.and tell all about Gauto..And keeps the phone….Rosh cries thinks How Gauti flirted with her…She find photographs of neha in his books How she spent all the time with Gauti The women comes Rosh asks for help On other side Nikhil tries to tracl the data Gauri calls her and tells if he got the clip he Tell that password is there in all Gauti”s file Gauri tells to crack as fast as possible and keeps the phone…Rosh fights with women in jail…they beat one another pretends..So that Rosh can run out from jail and are hurted. They are taken to hospital and somehow Rosh escapes and Run. Constable informs the Police that Rosh ran away….

Nikhil is trying to hack but it does not contain any clip tells that they have to hack Gauti Password Till that Rosh enters Nikhil and shivani is shocked and Rosh somehow she ran as it was important…Rosh shouts and cries tel that she doesnt knew that Gauti may be the responsible for all that…How can she spent all the time with her sister murder…Now enough she will take revenge till that police comes and searches for Rosh somehow Rosh and Nikhil jumped from balcony and runs police comes closer to them till a car rescues them..Its gauri Rosh is shocked to see Nikhil tells that he dont have an option…Gauri tells that they are one team Rosh tells that she will never Forgive her Gauri tells that she wil also never Forgive her….On other side Gauti asks hacker that now Hez laptop password are same nobody can hack that…He says yes Gauti says the hacker that he have to hack Gauri laptop and take out the clip a The hacker asks when was the date of clip Gauti says one year before The tracker demands 5lacs..Gauti agrees and leaves

PRECAP: Gauti comes to hostel along with his frnd Rosh is hiding in a burqa Calls Gauti and Raises piston against him….

Update Credit to: Ansari

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