Paanch 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Paanch 23rd April 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with the sweeper opening the latch of the box and the crowd sees Roshni inside,she opens her eyes and everything is blurry for her she somehow gets out of the box and starts walking the crowd around looks disturbed around her and a girl covers her with the scarf while another lady overs her with a shawl they take her inside.

The Paanch make a grand entry in the hostel and as soon as they reach MP Kharbanda calls Yudi and asks if everything is okay he says they’ve just entered ,the gang question abt the Police and Kharbanda assures them that hes taken care of it he’s faked a story .

Dean and is assistant make a plan to find a coverup story such that the blame comes on Roshni herself ,they hear a commotion and sees students lined up outside the hospital wing of the college where Roshni’s kept ,he reassures them that everything will betaken are of ,they cant her as shes in shock and asks them to leave .

Nikhil and Shivani come to visit her and Nikhil can’t stop his tears from falling after seeing her condition ,he holds her by her shoulder and she starts with a panic attack hallucinating what they did to her,Nikhil reassures her and says its him Shivani too reintroduces herself and Rosh calms down, they are still calming her down when Rosh’s dad calls Nikhil he attends the call and informs him that they’ve found her but in worst conditions Shivani insists they take her home and Nikhil agrees and informs Rosh’s dad the same . Shivani says she’d go pack Rosh’s stuff and is about to leave when she sees the paanch coming and stops ,the very site of the Paanch scares the hell out of Roshni and she hides in a corner ,Shivani goes to comfort her while the 5 mock Nikhil and Nikhil-Nihaal get into a fight, the nurse tries to calm the commotion but in vain , just then the Dean comes and stops their Fight Nikhil tells him that these 5 are responsible for her conditions and should her strictly punished , Dean simply reminds him that he’d asked Nikhil to stay away from the college and he knows who’s responsible for whatever happened to Roshni,she herself left the college premises late at night breaking college and hostel rules and was attacked by some roadside cheapsters and threatens Nikhil to leave or else he’ll call the police and send him to jail for that rape case ,he also asks him how he knows Rosh and Nikhil informs him that they’re from the same place and he’s her childhood friend Dean asks Nikhil to Take Roshni home.

Outside some students are discussing about Roshni’s conditions and speculate Gauri’s gang’s involvement Gauri hears it and starts bullying them they simply ask for forgiveness and leave!!

The 5 reach the canteen and ask everyone else to leave . Gauri is delighted that its good to back the way they were they look at an unperturbed Gauti enjoying his meal and thank him all of them making fun of Roshni and her constant Gauti will come to save me chants and tease him why he didn’t go to the hospital wing and false sympathized on his girlfriend’s conditions ,Gauti gives a thumbs down to the idea ,Gauti questions Gauri why could’t they wait till he had s*x with her that was part of the deal, Gauri apologizes and says they had to execute it Gauti says he understands and thats why saved them , Roy asks him why does he con and pose like a goody two shoes only to lure girls to bed , they all call for a celebration and Gauti cribs he doesn’t have a reason to celebrate as he couldn’t get what he wanted Gauri says they did give him a chance the previous night!!

Gauti says he doesn’t want to reveal his self becoz 5 look good as 5!! besides its their wish to follow everything that Gauri says he’s the kind of person who lives by his own rules , just then Gauri who’s in her room packing suddenly asks abt Gauti’s whereabouts and starts beeping her watch The gang teases Gauti that his Juliet is missing him,he simply smirks and throws the watch in his coffee mug!!

Shivani asks Roshni to hurry up as Nikhil’s waiting for them but Roshni keeps chanting Gauti’s name just then Nikhil calls and Shivani informs him how Rosh’s asking for Gauti’s whereabouts Nikhil asks her to go find Gauti maybe he’ll be able to comfort her since they are hardly successful, Shivani leaves ,and the Paanch knock and Enter Rosh’s room and mock and bully her ,while Shivani knocks at Gauti’s door who’s busy listening to music on his headphones she tries calling him and he cuts her call ,Shivani gets suspicious .

The Paanch mock her and ask her to leave ,when she finally manages Yudi mocks her that she’d come for revenge and now what happened? she’s scared and running back to Nagpur,the 5 have a good laugh while Rosh looks on.

precap : Rosh Reaches home along with Nikhil and Shivani and cries her heart out apologizing to her dad that she couldn’t do justice to Neha di.
Nikhil is shown reading the newspaper and Rosh sees MP Kharbanda’s photo she gets into an uncontrollable rage and tears the entire newspaper while Nikhil and Rosh’s dad look concerned

Update Credit to: Serendipity

  1. Hate that gauti….now I’m sure that he has killed neha also because of the same reason

    1. wat is dat reason ?

  2. pls help roshni to revenge againt that paanch…… enter a new person in the story who is more powerful than yudi’s father…..

  3. i hate gauti now but at last he will realize his luv

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