Paanch 1st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Paanch 1st January 2014 Written Episode, Paanch 1st January 2014 Written Update

The Episode begins with Roshni discovering Zaara unconscious and Drugs foaming out of her mouth..she calls out for help and rushes her to the hospital…once there she prays that Zaara doesnt die..coz Yes Rosh is here for revenge but she’s NOT a MURDERER !! Outside the ward Roy is pacing around having flashbacks of hiding his drugs in Zaara’s room to avoid getting caught and feels guilty and responsible for Zaara’s conditions. All the 3 boys are there and Roy-Nihaal get into a heated argument which is resolved by Yudi who clearly states it was both of their fault.Gauri makes an entry and seeing Rosh inside the ward,drags her outside as she remembers Nikhil telling her name ..coming outside she clearly asks why is doing all this…1st helping with the drug case, Gauti’s match,bringing a guitar

for Zaara and now bringing her to hospital on time!! She takes out a copy of the mail she has and asks whats this do to know…Rosh just denies closing her eyes..but Gauri goes on to say that she knows who the well wisher is ,its You !!! the new Lab assistant Nikhil cracked the account and told them Yudi agrees…everyone including Rosh shocked!! But when Yudi reads the mail…its a mail stating Gauri as a very efficient student and singing praises of her…the 4 stare at her while Rosh secretly thanks Nikhil in her mind for saving her YET AGAIN!!( WHOAAA!! Knew thr was a catch..and this was superb!!)

A doctor comes by hearing the commotion and asks them who admited Zaara to the hospital Rosh says she did, he says its a police case now and he needs her statement Rosh lies that they’d gone to a party where their drinks had been spiked which she’d refused to take the drinks Zaara had obliged and had landed in this mess!! when the doc leaves Gauri asks for an explanation and Rosh clearly states if she hadn’t lied it would have become a suicide case plus the presence of drugs would have been questioned!! Roy comes forward and Hugs Rosh..thanking her saying he cant thank her enough,Nihaal follows the queue and Hugs her ( OMG!!Shazzy u still alive…RoHal feels that hug was tooo close) Yudi comes next and shakes her hand…saying they had a wrong opinion abt her..Gauri simply looks on…but then to Rosh’s utter shock (and mine too!!!) comes forward and Hugs her!! They have a group hug then which Gauti sees from behind and leaves!!

Gauti enters Gauri’s room and finds her emptying a box…on being questioned she says its for Rosh she feels its time that Rosh joins their gang…and advises Gauti to not be too emotional about her as Rosh is a strong girl not his type!!

Inside Zaara’s ward..Roy is trying to cheer her up and Rosh too tries to do the same but in vain…she asks her if music is her passion Zaara says it is..her mom was a great singer but couldnt pursue it but wanted her to pursue music…Rosh says its good that she’s trying to ulfill her family’s dream while thinking to herself that even Neha di had her own dreams, dad n herself too!!! She calls Zaara lucky and states not all get a chance to fulfill their dreams…she puposefully drops Nihaal’s name and Zaara gets all hyper saying doesnt want to talk abt him…perfect timings Nihaal enters and apologizes while Rosh excuses herself..Roy-Nihaal have a small showdown and Zaara clearly states that its OVER between them..Nihaal leaves..Roy gives her a side hug..(awww…) Rosh makes a re-entry and asks if Nihaal’s left…Zaara is saddened and says Nihaal’s changed!!

Rosh in washroom ,washing her face and saying the words CHANGE..flashbacks..Neha telling Rosh to grow up and change for the better..she comes out and finds Gauti in her room…Gauti says he saw Gauri’s gang hugging her in the hospital and asks her to promise that she wont change and become like them she promises..just then Gauri calls her and invites her for pyjama party.

Nikhil knocks at the door and Shivani lets him in…he openly flirts around bringing chocolates and flowers for her and says he’d come to fix her lappy..Shivani is a bit apprehensive but chhers up on seeing the gifts and his flirtatiousness..Nikhil enquires abt Rosh but Shivani in turn asks him if he’s here for her or her room mate Nikhil goes back to his flirting mode and Rosh makes an entry…Nikhil leaves no stone unturned to tease Rosh offering Shivani flowers again in front of her and also making Shivani eat dark chocolates in front of her!! he finally leaves..and Rosh smiles and sends him a thank you msg..the 2 have a cute moment while texting ( their friendship’s just so adorable).

Rosh then reaches Gauri’s room..where all 4 of them are waiting for her…Gauri informs her that the 5 of them have decided to make her a part of the gang..and asks what she likes abt their gang..Rosh says FEARLESSNESS !! Gauri says correct answer now Rosh needs to prove her loyalty to them!! Just then Shivani enters and Gauri asks Rosh to lock Shivani in the box she’d earlier emptied and torture her..Shivani keeps saying no…Rosh is having flashbacks of the 5 locking and suffocating Neha di in the same box…the gang cheering her…she is in a dillema (nooo…dont do it…have some dignity girl) she also has flashback abt her sis saying change is neccesary and finally holds Shivani’s hand and lock her up!!

Back in her room Rosh breaks down apologizing to Shivani for what she did to her today , apologizing to Neha di for breaking her promise!! and says she had no other choice (bullshit!!there’s always a choice!!) She says now that she’s one of them..she’d revenge them within the circle!!

precap : Nikhil says he’s leaving coz Rosh seems to have forgotten her mission she was here to avenge them not be one of them!!!
SCREEN SPLIT Rosh crying in middle and both Nikhil and Gauti leaving her and going!!
she breaks down and calls home..and is crying her dad asks her to come back home!!
Rosh with her luggage moving out…
inside Gauti’s room…trying to place a sorry gift in his room before leaving when Gauti enters and asks her what’s she doing here…in a hurry she turns around and Gauti’s books drop on the floor and Rosh discovers Neha’s pic..she asks him who she is..and Gauti says she’s the GIRL HE LOVED!!!

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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