Paanch 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 19th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The epsiode starts in jail the prisoners teases Rosh asks her to follow the orders Rosh tells that she is a murder Shivani was called by the dean for Police Interrogation Dean scolds Shivani Police asks shivani whether Rosh called Nihal or not Shivani tell Rosh call Nihal and tells she dont know anytng and leaves..Nikhil comes to Policestation…The constable asked whether he took permission or not..The constable insults Rosh sayin that she only texted Nihal and seduced him he rejected then she killed him…Nikhil says to talk properly to rosh Constable shouts at him scolds and says to get out…Nikhil apologises constble says if he trying to act smart and pulls him outside…On otherside The prisoner(the women who is threatening Rosh) tells if the jail was not there they would hav seen a lovestory….till that Gauri thinks about nihal”s death …how roy sent to jail..zaaara ran and Yudi waz paralysed she is left alone No one is dere to help her Gauti comes and pulls the chair gauri asks to take permission gauti laughs and goes…

Nikhil waited the whole night outside the jail The policeofficer comes Nikhil says He is friend of Roshini and wanted to meet her ..The officer asks him to bring a permission letter Nikhil again pleases but officer disagrees and goes till that shivani comes Nikhil gives a phone shivani to give to Rosh…As shivani Enters Police officer is shocked tells that you gave a statement against her and now going to meet Shivani keepa quiet somehow allow Her Shivani is screamed as The women in jail is threatening her to do her services Shivani is scared and says its important…Women allows shivani gives the phone to her and cries tells that she is a Murder..

The women throw glass .and tell enough.Police officer tells shivani that because of her Rosh could never be free no option is left….Shivani leaves she is on terrace Nikhil comes and talks to shivani tells how can Rosh kill nihal…Shivani Admits that she turned off the camera…because Gauti said her he wanted privacy..and tells that Shivani gave a statement against her…Nikhil gets angry and asked why did she hav done that …she replies as she loves him gauti and nikhil both love Rosh She cannot see that…In the quarrel Shivani pushes nikhil from terrace nikhil was falling but Shivani Catches him…Nikhil thinks something and says Shivani again to push him….Nikhil says that the paramid of terrace is not to deep if someone falls can save themself…Nikhil finds out that someone pushed her she was killed Shivani tells that it means someone killed Neha from PAANCH..Nikhil text Rosh that someone has killed Neha di…

Rosh is crying imagines Neha di sayin she is a murder and jumped from the building..On other hand Gauri goes to Gauti “s room and searches the clip everyevere but didnt find..Gauti Comes and smiles..and tells her to sit..tell that she would never find the clip..Gauti tells that he will complain the managment…And gives her shoes to polish them..gauri tells that they will Compromise…And tells that they both wil exchange the Clip Gauti laughs and says that he knoe That gauri may have made many copies of that clip and admits that he had made 1000 copies of her clip…He tells that they both are equal now……

Gauri is annoyed pushes the shoes and leaves from the Room….The prisoner in the jail get furious at Rosh and beates and Slaps her..Rosh defends and try to save..finally both fight and Everyone watches..

PRECAP: Gauri tells Shivani and Nikhil that she knew that Rosh is innocent Nikhil says its Your new plan…Gauri replies she knew Neha was murdered Nikhil is Shocked…….

Update Credit to: Ansari

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