Paanch 18th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

THE epsiode starts with nihal raises pistol against Rosh ….Rosh says to stay away she will inform the police..Nihal says that she only texted him and called will show the msg to the Cops..Rosh is worried falls on sofa
Meanwhile..shivani tries to kiss Nikhil but he somehow pushes her…. Nihal tooks of his jacket and asks if she missin Neha di.. says how he beaten her father Meanwhile Gauri instructs Gauti to replace Nihal with a dead when Rosh shoots him…Nihal holds Rosh tightly Rosh shouts…Rosh snatches the piston anyhow and tells Nihal to stay away…But Nihal tries to come Rosh shoots him…Nihal fall dead…Gauti enters and asks Rosh says thay he tried to Rape her Gauti says Rosh to run….Gauri comes and shouts…Gauti gives Rosh keys and tells her to Run….Gauri shout Dean comes along with Police…Police Comes and check tells that Nihal is dead Gauri is shocked…Gauri says Police that Rosh killed Nihal..Rosh is running in the backyard Police catches her..Dean tells He thought Rosh innocent He says that he should hav reacted before ..Nikhil calls Rosh Police picks up and says Rosh killed nihal nd is Arrested..Gauri is stunned in a shock tells that how can Nihal die…Gauti comes in and says to get relax…Gauri slaps Gauti and tells Nihal is dead How can she relax..She says that who replace the fake bullets with newone..Gauri says that her plan was perfect But Gauti says that his plan was perfect He replaced the fake bullets with real one…Gauti says that he planned as his shot is accurate He shot gauti from back of the room Rosh is just a puppet…Gauti says that he is “Gauti laada” ….He says that love her expression as he have never seen Gauri worried and captures her photo..Tells that Roy is in jail..Yudi is paralysed and zara ran away Now he only Can help her…Gauti recorded the video of gauri in which she planned about Nihal” s death which was placed on gauti”s shirt…Gauri tries to slap but Gauti holds her hand and slaps And punches her for blackmailing him…and threatens if she planned anythng will giv to police…Shivani comes to college and is shocked. Shivani asks Gauti what to tell in police Interrogation.. Read update at Gauti replies not to tell that she turned off the camera…He says that he will Tell all the truth that Rosh came to Reagen take revenge from this PAANCH…..Meanwhile Gauri says only Yudi can help her she calls him and says that Nihal is dead..and she trapped Yudi is angry on hearin dis..Gauti comes and Snatches the phone..And tells that she was trying to kill him with the help of Yudi”s father….Gauti again Warns Gauri tells that He will show the Video to Police And leaves from there…..

Precap:: Nikhil asks the Cops to behave properly with Rosh..They pushes him out of the Police station Rosh says that she is a Murder….

Update Credit to: Ansari

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