Paanch 17th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 17th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

ZAra finds oxygen mask and uses it…Rosh tell that it is chamber no 3 they find a box in that they will find the key…Gauri tries to touch the box but she get shocked and falls Rosh says Gauri to do somethng Gauti tries to open the switch but falls…Roy tries to open the box gets shocked and fall.helplessly..Gauri breaks the box and find the question and tells Rosh from next time to give task of her Standard The question was “who Made Neha”s mms “?

Gauri tells Nihal made the mms and he died ..Rosh tell she is lying…Gauri tells she has planned to make mms but the plan failed..As per the plan Gauti would molest and Gauri will make her mms….Rosh tells now is Roy”s turn Rosh presses the button and Injection pierced his body Rosh tells…the injection contains poison and Roy will die slowly… 30 seconds.Roy shouts to tell the truth..Gauri tells that on that day in the party Gauri have said Neha that She has refused Gauti soo he cut his viens..Neha goes on terrace finds Gauti but she finds out he is alright..Gauri tells that Gauti pushed him from terrace…Gauti shouts that it is not true….Rosh tells that this is 3rd chamber and she will open the door of 4th chamber for few seconds..As the door get opened Gauti goes in next chamber.. Roy shouts Gauri for help…Gauri pulls Roy along with him but the door gets close Gauri leaves him.. Roy pulls Gauri”s leg tells that he has helped Gauri in Every bad situation they are friends..But Gauri pushes him and goes away in the other room…Now Rosh tells Gauri to accept that she killed Neha…Gauri refuses…Gauti tells that he will tell the truth He says that…After he molest Neha and pushed neha from.Terrace…Neha was still hanging and was calling for help…Gauri came along with Yudi..Zaara..Nihal…and Roy…Neha cries for help…Gauri stares her and have said that she had made her life a headache since she took admission here…Complained against them…And didnt listen their orders…Neha cried and said that she will listen all their orders and would leave Gauri tell Goodbye Neha kataria” all the PAANCH pushed her…This what happened says Gauti…Rosh tells that she have listen the Confession of Gauri….Gauti tells that he will kill Gauri if she didnt confess…Rosh tells that She will Explode the bomb If Gauri didnt confess….Gauri finally agrees and Asks what to do …Rosh tells to press the the 2button..The first button is for Gauti..As she pressed the Button the door will open for only few Seconds and Only One person can Exit…Gauri press the button…Gauti beats Gauri and tries to escape through the Door…Gauri pulls him and beats him..He falls on floor…Gauti gets up and beat Gauri…Gauri punches him…Both gets out of the door..And both Falls…Rosh and Nikhil on terrace Gauti and Gauti are hanging…Gauti calls for help…Rosh tells Gauri that she have not give her Neha di any chance but she will give…Rosh gives Gauri hand but she refuses tells that “Gauri Laada will only decide her faith”…Gauri tells that she will not Die alone…She leave her hand and pushes Gauti along with him…Both fall on the ground dead…

In the next scene Rosh asks the Policeofficer to arrest her She confess that she took Revenge of her Sister”s death…Police officer appreciater her and says He will help her to reduce her Punishment…Zaraa…Yudi..and Roy are arrested Media asks them question but they hide their faces..One journalist says that this is the dangerous Ending of brother and Sister..One is alived that is not known

After Somedays is passed it is shown that Rosh puts flowers on her Sister”s photograph saying she have given her justice taken the Revenge…Nikhil and his father are standing..Rosh tells that a cell is made on Neha”s name and Dean has realized his mistake and resigned from his post….Nikhil..Rosh and his father lived happily together the Epsiode ends…


Update Credit to: Ansari

  1. Nize ending

  2. Really the best show with best ending unlike s if it was some other show the heroine would have given the paanch to the police …to get legally punished …..but this is the best show……love u rosh and nikhil muaah

  3. Did u notice ,what i did not understand was when they showed coming up for last part .. they show the mob phone ringing bt in actual there was nth like that

  4. @Riya what mob show ringing what does u mean be clear?

    1. Watch the last part nd may b u will b clear.

  5. wow great ending…. and the update is very nice too.. u have done a good job.. 🙂

  6. nice show……………………… u roshni and nikhil…………..ii just love this show….

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