Paanch 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 15th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Gauti’s grand entry in the magic show, he begins with a simple illusion trick wherein he wraps his sheet of knives and when he jerks it open flower petals shower on the audience ,the next act is the much awaited Maut ka khel and he chooses Roshni to volunteer ,while taking Roshni up the stage he tells her he’d tell her Gauri’s plan while doing the trick, he pins her with his knives and the last knife hits her, much to everyone’s shock,Roshni is immediately taken to hospital, while the gang smirk!!

Nikhil reaches the hospital to see Roshni and is outraged on seeing Gauti there he tries hurting him when Rosh stops him and tells him how she isnt hurt and how Gauti had asked her to put a sponge in the place he’d hit so it was all fake to show the gang the plan worked, Nikhil doesn’t trust or believe in any of Gauti ‘s words as he goes on to tell them that Gauri’s his step sister and he absolutely hates her ,Nikhil keeps warning Rosh not to trust Gauti who goes on to let them hear their (Gauti n Gauri’s) phone convo by keeping it on loud speaker!! Roshni asks Gauti one reason why she should trust him, he says he’d become a part of the gang an tell them their plans, Nikhil still doesnt look convinced and says what if he’s (Gauti’s) double crossing both the sides!! Gauti apologizes for everything and says he’s in their side,Roshni doesnt file a complaint againt Gauti for the case but the inspector gives his number for future correspondence anyway!!

Gauri comes upto Gauti and asks how come nothing major happened to Rosh? she warns him if he tries double crossing her ,he’d be in trouble!!!as Gauri Laada’s always a winner and Gauti Laada always a LOSER

Roshni calls him up soon after Gauri leaves and says she wants to meet him and talk abt the gang ignoring his flirtatiousness!!After attending the call , Gauti gives a creepy smirk saying this is what he wanted!!! now he’ll gain confidence of both Gauri n Roshni, make them battle each other and finally become the ultimate WINNER!! the REAL GAME’S BEGUN!!

precap : Gauri mocks Roshni why she isnt yet ready for the race,while the gang show Gauti the plan, they’d be putting up a very thin thread across the race track ,sharp enough to split anything/anyone into 2 pieces!!!
Gauti tells Rosh n gang the plan but says he doesnt know where the thread would be put up exactly!!! Nikhil looks on interested!!

Update Credit to: Serendipity

  1. Plzzzzzz next tym se paanch ke written updates upload kar dena. Can’t wait so long …..plzzzzzz

  2. gauti u sucker…asshole kamini…..get lost saale….bloody beast
    innocent face…..evil soul….
    i m done wit tis serial….faith in humanity lost!!!

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