Paanch 10th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 10th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pariva is running through the stairs..Yudi along with gauri..Roy and Zaara..runs to catch pariva..Rosh along with Nikhil arrive at hospital..Pariva bumps into Rosh and places her phone in Rosh”s bag..Rosh asks what happend what they are doing with Pariva Gauri says its none of her buisness.. Yudi catches Pariva and asks why she is running she says she is Scared as Yudi will beat her that why..Gauri asks where is her phone ..she says forgot at home..Yudi checka her bag but finds nothing Gauri calls her phone but the phone is on silent Mode Pariva remembers while running through the Steps she switched the phone to silent mode..Pariva goes away..Nikhil fights with Yudi but Rosh stops her and goes in the hospital..

In the night Yudi closes Rosh”s room water supply..Nikhil asks why Rosh stopped him fighting with Yudi..Rosh says she dont want any fight..Nikhil says to continue studies but Rosh says she want want to go back her home ..along with Nikhil both look at each other…Rosh finds Pariva”s phone in her bag and opens the recording and they comes to knoe all the truth that Gauti didnt killed Neha Till that electricity goes off and Gas comes in Rosh room.both of them are fainted..After sometime Gauri and gang comes in the room throws all the water in the kitchen and opens the gas cylinder .Closes all the window..Gauri tells that in Some time their room will be Exploded..Rosh shouts for help but Roy says that because of the chemical Nikhil and Rosh vocal cord is destroyed and thier Voice cannot be heard by anyone..Yudi says to shout…and they never can Escape because room is locked from outside ..Gauri says never to leave the revenge in the middle….Roy tells Rosh has said 5..4..3..2..1 and finally their gang will broke but nothing hapened and they are only two no one is their to help them and says that it is Nihal”s revenge…Yudi says bye…Roy says bye and will see them in hell..Rosh says that she can never die because she have to take her Revenge back Nikhil says to open the rope with the help of corner balcony..Nikhil and Rosh opens their hands..Nikhil says to get out as soon as possible..Rosh says wait and searches for Pariva”s phone while Gauri and gang comes down from steps..Roy says he forget to tell Rosh tht they killed Neha kataria Gauri says it good that they didnt said because it was Rosh”s strenght..Gauri and Gang comes sits in jeep and see Nikhil room exploding..Pariva comes to Gauti says that Rosh and Nikhil is death..Gauti says that no one will save him now from Gauri and her gang Pariva says shame on him as he dont have any regrets..that Rosh and Nikhil.get killed..Gauti says atleast they would have saved him..Pariva tells their is no difference between Paanch and him and leaves..Gauri comes to morgue and checks Nikhil and Rosh dead body..Doctor says the girl is aged between 18-19 nd boy is 23-24..Gang becomes happy and leaves..One week later Gauti is discharged from hospital and is being shifted to another jail.. On the way a old man comes in between the jeep and falls…Crowd gathers around and Police helps the old man to get up and helps him to go..After that police sees Gauti ran…Someone kidnap Gauti in a car..Gauti shouts who are they..It is Rosh in the scarf and old man”s costume..Both Rosh and Nikhil smile seeing each other..Gauti is shocked asks how they are alive Rosh says when the gas was about to explod they Somehow managed to escape from the window of washroom..Gauti says that he did”nt killed Neha… Nikhil says they know that he is innocent thats why they freed him..Nikhil faints Gauti..On another side Gauri along with Yudi..Zaara..Roy..Enjoying and drinking alcohol at Yudi”s house Roy says that in a week they should take a holiday like this..Pariva enters and ask Colddrink Yudi shouts at him..Pariva says that she will Complain to her parents that in their absense Yudi brought Gauri at home..Gauri tells okey she can take whatever she want..Pariva takes the softdrink and leaves..Gauri and Gang is fainted..Pariva comes and check.and inform Someone on phone that the work is over..She mixed tablets in the alchol..

Precap:: Gauri…Yudi..Roy..and zaara are tied in a dark Room along with Gauti..

Update Credit to: Ansari

  1. well done Roshini

    1. Jennifer Krishnan

      kajal, what is wrong with u???? how come u r an addict to this horror serial???? I had watched only 1 episode where roshni is packed in a suitcase like a dressmaterial…. an attempt of murder on her… and voila!!! she is just unconscious… a/one in her place wld hv sure died of suffocation…… i lost my sleep that night… it was horrible, disgusting gauri cutting her hairs, hanging her upsidedown, beating her brutally… the whole concept is way far far from reality…..come out of it… college goers having pistols, using drugs, involved in murders, cybercrimes, revenge…. when do these guys have time for studies?

    2. It’s a matter of perspective dude some people like to watch some don’t…even I watch paanch as it has a different genre storyline as compared to the rest of the show shown on Channel v which makes it so unique….

    3. Jennifer Krishnan

      @ amit – have u ever watched SADDA HAQ telecast mon – fri 6.30 p.m???? that is 1 serial which u may call unique when conpared to typical saas-baahu serials & ofcourse this PAANCH… I don’t know abt the others…. but I cld not see such horror scenes in that 1 episode itself…. well may be as u said it is a matter or perspective……. A/ways, that 1 episode was the end of my watching it… request wl u watch atleast a few episodes of SADDA HAQ… & let me know ur views?????

    4. Jennifer Krishnan


  2. @Jennifer Krishnan i am will u……i am also a fan of SHQ…………….

    1. Jennifer Krishnan

      SH is my fav show… I watch & wait for hottie PARAM SINGH BHATIA …. King of expressions!!!

  3. @jennifar i am not “addicted” i like the Roshini fights back..she came to regens to take revenge she is alone but equal to that paanch…she is courageous..motivating.unique..and its storyline is diff i too was shocked to see when the tortured Rosh but storyline is diff…jenifer everyone have differnt choices I watch sadda haq also its my fav

    1. Jennifer Krishnan

      PAANCH : It’s ok… I accept e/one has a diff perspective just as @ Amit has said above… Well a/ways I do not have the heart, the guts to watch such serials….. with so much painful moments.., & yes I was not being sarcastic… U wl not see any comment from me here, henceforth…….. adieu!!!!

      SH – Param Singh Bhatia is a hottie….. cho choooooo chweet, he is so adorable, I have read & watched his interviews…, he is such a down-to-earth guy…….

  4. mee tooooooooooo………

  5. @RENY what you too?

  6. nice update

  7. @saleha i am a fan of SHQ……

  8. @RENY not fan of paanch??

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