ove is stronger than religion — (chappy 1) A beautiful night

that night:
the lights were off and om came back rom hanging out with his friends. he looked at the time: 11:00.
om: viren must be asleep. that’s good. now to my jaan. but why are the lights off?
he decided to not care about it and kept his phone touch light on then he goes upstairs to find rose petals on the floor and candles. slowly and slowly he walked to his room with shock. he found his room lights off with candles everywhere and flower petals. he observed every decoration properly blinking a few times.

he couldn’t find gauri anywhere.
om: gauri?
gauri came out in a beautiful black dress, her hair was down and curled, she was looking so beautiful:

Image result for very short black dress
gauri: hello handsome.
om: gauri, you did all this?
gauri: yes why? you think viren did all this? no no it was me.

om: it’s beautiful jaan.
gauri: thank you.
om: so sibling?
gauri: yes. let’s try for a little girl. i need a little gauri.
om: as you wish.
he carefully unzips her dress and tosses it on the floor. in return gauri unbuttons his shirt and tells om to take off his jeans. she lies on the bed and om goes on top of her, crushing her tiny body with his weight. he starts to leave kisses on her ear and closely leading to her neck.
he bites her earlope and gauri moans his name. soon this romance led to a liplock and soon gauri allowed om to enter her. the scene went blur and they made love once again.
precap: a phone call
before anyone dares to throw a shoe at me, you all know i am very very very very very VERY crap at mature scenes. 
so who is calling?
find out in the next chappy.

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