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“Maa” Shivay calls his mom as maa very less often. He being taught in high class elite school he just learned to call his mother as mom and not maa, same condition with his brothers and sister.

But now when he is calling her as maa and not mom then its obvious that his mother would look at him with the affection that mom doesn’t has.

“You at this time Shivay?” Mrs. Maa turned back towards him and his father looked up.

“Nothing maa… I just wanted to sleep with you two today just like I used to sleep in my childhood” he walked in sat on the couch placed in his parents room by the side of the bed.

“Ohh no… then how would I romance my wife today… not happening beta… you go and sleep in your room” huh… the buddha… I mean Shakthi Singh Oberoi and romance… this is very natural but like this right away in front of his son is a bit embarrassing for both mother and son duo.

“Shut up Shakthi ji… at least think what you are saying in front of whom” Pinky ji blushed stating this comment and Shivay grinned and felt proud to have such parents.

“Why? He is also getting married in a month… he should also know how to romance his wife to keep his wife happy” this father is definitely going to make his son’s face a red tomato as all his comments is making Shivay feel a bit more shy.

“Nothing can happen to you” Pinky said sitting over the bed.

“Papa… I won’t allow my wife to be unhappy anytime, this is my promise to you” Shivay neared their bed and stood still at the right corner.

“Come… lie down and keep your head over my lap” Pinky welcomed her son gladly and he too like a good boy lied down over his mother’s lap.

“Shivay… if you still want time before marriage then it’s fine beta… we will wait for you to be ready” Shakthi affectionately patted his son’s back.

“No Papa, I should get married now… and believe me Anika would be the best girl anyone would get into their life as a life partner” he voiced out his liking about the girl.

“Yes… she is seriously a nice girl, the way she easily gets along with everyone is the best nature I found about her” Pinky ruffled Shivay’s hair.

“Yeah… she respects everyone although she becomes straightforward when she dislikes something” Shakthi remembered the last day incident when Anika said a big no when Shakthi made a plan to eat sweets to his heart full on Shivay’s marriage neglecting his diabetes.

“That she did good… doctor has advised you not to have sweets and here you were planning to have rasgullas” the saas of the bride too scolded her husband.

But the groom is there to support his father “don’t worry papa, I will bring sweets for you, no one would get to know” Shivay winked only to receive a light slap from his mother on his cheeks.

“This father-son duo won’t let me sleep peacefully ever” Pinky said.

“Hawww… so this was your love towards me? Only your son is important to you right… okay go… I am not talking to anyone of you” Priyanka Singh Oberoi stood at the door step and watched how her elder brother is getting pampered although she is the younger one.

“Haaww Prinku, what will happen now… see Maa and Papa loves me most” Shivay teased her more.

“This is not correct, you just get up from my mother’s lap” she demanded and pulled Shivay’s hand while he clutched Pinky’s dupatta more and buried his face.

Priyanka failed to get him up and looked at her father.

“Papa… you know what you two have destroyed him fully, see he doesn’t have courtesy to get up when his sister is requesting” she made faces but the Teaser Singh Oberoi is in no mood to get into his sister’s emotional blackmail… sorry whitemail, as they named it, this time.

“Hawww didn’t Papa and Maa said to you that they have brought you home from a dustbin and I am their only real son… this is not done Maa Papa” he is gone… he is definitely gone now.

“I came from dustbin… okay then you came from garbage, hahaha… Garbage Singh Oberoi” she teased showing him her tongue and he immediately got up to chase her, while she continued teasing him while running.

“And yeah bhabhi would love me more… you will just see… who loves garbage huh? But people do love dustbin as dustbin keeps the environment clean… yes… bhabhi would be in my team… hehe… huhu… haha” she in front running away and making faces while he is chasing her from back.

“You just stop… today you are gone for sure, why will your bhabhi love you more huh? She will love me the most and then if the love would be left then it will get distributed for the rest” knowingly or unknowingly he has claimed her as his only, he can’t even share her love with his siblings… such a selfish man.

“Why? She would be my bhabhi first and then your wife… go and ask her whom she loves more… me or you” practical challenge but if Mr. Oberoi calls to ask this then won’t it be awkward but he accepted the challenge.

“Let me catch you first and then I would call her” he continued chasing her when suddenly a plan stroke his brain.

“Ahh…” he held his chest and sat down with a thud as his eyes were on the verge of closing.

“Bhaiya” the happy faces suddenly changed into tensed one as everyone neared him and Prinku ran to him and took his head over her lap and tears formed in her eyes.

“Bhaiya… wake up… bhaiya” she jerked him while he shot open his eyes and with the biggest smile just like a fool he said…

“Yaayyy… got you… this technique is so working, yeah… got you” he got up and smiled more bright.

“I am not going to speak to you… what kind of joke was that?” Priyanka looked away crossing her hand over her chest.

“Awww… look at me… okay Papa Maa loves you most” no response from his sisters side.

“I love you mostest” his weird words.

“I know that” she agreed but no response.

“Your Om bhaiya and Rudra loves you mostestestest” will he stop making words?

“I know that” simple response but no response.

“Your bhabhi will love you more than anyone else” he had to agree.

“Yeahh… of course she will… I am not dumb and stupid and naughty like you three” she completed and looking at her brother’s faces she could not help but broke down into laughter.

“Naughty girl” the three brothers said and hugged their sister.

“Now let’s call Anika bhabhi to know whom she loves the most” as soon she completed her sentence instant… instant reply came from one’s mouth.

“Me… without any doubt” poor he… stupidly he made excuse for his brothers and sister to tease him more.


“Tring tring… tring tring…” Anika’s phone rang.

“Tring tring… tring tring…” it repeated.

“Yeah hello…” at last the owner picked up the phone.

“Anika di… I want to ask you a question” as instructed by Anika none will call her bhabhi until they get married so di… yeah… di is the only relation for them now.

“Yeah say Priyanka” Anika sat on her bed as she just freshened up and Priyanka’s call came.

“Wo… whom will you love the most after you get married to this stupid fellow named Shivay” how can this sister leave a chance to call his brother stupid nth time that day.

“Of course you three… Om, Rudra and my dearest Prinku” woaahh… what a relation.

“Yaayyyy… thank you… see bhaiya I told you na… now listen I have won the argument so you just keep quite and go back to your room… I love you Anika di” Prinku squealed in happiness.

Shivay though felt a bit jealous because his wife will be loving his siblings more but he managed and the brothers sister teasing session continued.


“Ishana di let’s do something for our siblings, they two are so shy still in front of each other” Rudy boy said as they walked down the lane. He and Om is out for a walk.

“Yeah we should, but let’s give them more time and I think they would themselves come close gradually, so just relax and tell me how is your studies are going?” wasn’t  Om enough to ask the question.

“Yeah good, but why are you asking di?” little poor child ahh…

“Just concerned about you or else if you did not get good marks this time then we would fix a marriage of your’s then enjoy the wedlock life” Ishana teased but this boy took this on heart.

“No… no no… I will study hard, you just dont worry” he was jumping while saying this when he didn’t notice and stumped his foot over someone’s.

He looked up and a girl was standing staring him back.

“I am sorry” he said and went forward though the girl didn’t utter a single word.

“Wait mister” she called him and he stopped.

“Di… I would call you back in a while” he cut the call and looked back.

That girl went close to him and jumped on his foot.

“I am sorry” she said and walked off without listening to his ‘who the hell are you’


“You are very cute you know that right?” Indian clock read that it’s midnight when the groom called his bride to talk to her… reason, they have not met after the day their marriage got fixed and hardly they got time to speak over phone.

So this night he is adamant to talk to her, and she too badly wanted that.

“Why buttering me suddenly huh?” she always catches his cuteness and his antics to impress her.

“Not buttering D… that’s the truth, do you even realise that my siblings just love you so much that they call you any random time and you never ask them to cut the call while you just force me to cut the call whenever I call saying that you are busy” this seriously happens that whenever he calls she remains busy and whenever his siblings call her she is not at all busy.

“It’s because you always call me at working hours” she cleared his doubt though he didn’t bother.

“But… I am your fiance, I must be the most important to you” this childishness in his voice… ohhh… she loves this childishness so much.

“You are bub… but everyone else related to you are also equally important right? After all I am going to be a part of all of them” her every point is correct but then too he just wanted to hear that he is the most important one.

“Anika… you won’t leave me ever right?” his tactics to hear that she would be only his ever and forever.

“Why would I leave you? See… if I leave you then you won’t leave me that easily so yeah… nothing could be done and I will have to bear you the entire life” she chuckled.

“Then for now bear me in your room, open your window” is he crazy.

She ran towards her window and saw him trying to climb the pipe and at last he succeeded as he jumped into her room.

“Are you crazy?” she asked.

“We have not met since long and I just couldn’t take this anymore so I came” he sat on her bed. Fortunately Ishana is sleeping in another room that day.

“You are okay… you are not hurt right?” she checked his hands to spot any bruise and scold him but the next thing he did just stiffened her.

His hands suddenly brought her up and wrapped near his chest tightly as his breath fanned over her hairs, his heart beats were uneven and it’s soothing down slowly.

“Shivay…” she could just take his name in his embrace.

“Please reciprocate” he requested as her hands were still stiffened and hearing that she pulled him much closer smiling broadly as ever.

“I won’t leave you… and don’t do these stunts again okay?” she asked brushing his back.

“I just couldn’t stop myself from coming… wanted to see you once… don’t tell this to anyone” he feared teasings now.

“I won’t… I also don’t want to get teased” she clutched his kurta more.

They sat on the bed and she kept her head over his shoulder. He too pulled her close and the time went slowly and steadily.

Suddenly his phone rang disturbing him but as he saw that the call is from New York he picked it up soon.

“What?” the ground beneath his feet slipped away while she stared at him not understanding what has suddenly happened.


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