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Few days passed and everything was going well. Although Zoya didn’t opened up more to aditya,she started considering him as a good person by heart now. 

It was a random day in the college and after completing the classes Zoya saw AnuPre fighting.

Anurag: Prerna stop being so possesive. Why are you behaving like a typical girlfriend?                                        Prerna was teary eyed: I am sorry for my behaviour.                                              She immediately left the place crying and Anurag was startled by this behaviour of her.                                         Zoya told Noor about seeing AnuPre fighting and then decided to talk to Prerna.                                                          Zoya and Noor went to Prerna who was crying in her room.                                    Zoya turned Prerna and Prerna hugged her crying. 

Zoya:shh Prerna. What happend? Why are you crying? Who hurted you?            Prerna: I am so stupid. I can’t control my emotions infront of Anurag.              Zoya broke the hug and wiped her tears. Noor sat infront of Prerna holding her hand.                                      Noor:calm down Pre. It’s just that you love him.                                                    Prerna looked away.                                  Zoya: Prerna what is the matter?            Prerna:he didn’t talked to me properly and I didn’t mind it but I saw him talking to his childhood friend mishka so nicely today. I just told him this and he said that I behave like a typical girlfriend. I am possesive. Why don’t he understand I am just possesive for him. 

Zoya and Noor both gave her a side hug and calmed her down.                              It was evening and Zoya decided to talk to Anurag about this matter as Prerna and Noor went to see a movie so that Prerna is distracted from Anurag.

As Zoya knocked the door of boys room Aditya opened it.                                      Zoya: hii…umm… Where is Anurag?      Aditya: he and Arjun went in park to play cricket. They will come in a while come sit.                                                Zoya smiled and came Inside.

Zoya: you know what happened between Anurag and Prerna today… How could Anurag do this?                    Aditya: don’t say anything to my bestfriend ok. Prerna is possesive.          Zoya: don’t you dare say anything to Prerna. She loves Anurag that’s why she reacted like this.                                        Aditya:huh you know much about love!! And listen if she loves him then be clear okay tell him don’t fight with him.          Zoya:why can’t Anurag say this same thing to Prerna that he loves her.          Aditya: because he don’t may be…         Zoya: how poor Aditya Hooda don’t you know about your best friend ?                 Aditya : hey don’t you dare say all this… Zoya: why ? You can’t listen truth?        Aditya: I think you were here to stop the fight of your bestfriend but instead you are fighting with me like my wife.          Zoya blushed at the word ‘wife’ bit was amazed by this words of aditya.             Zoya: hold on no one is eager to fight with you like wife its just that Prerna is like my sister so of anyone will hurt her I will screw him.                                        Adi

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  1. Jasminerahul

    oh guess prerna didn’t like anuag mishka friendship n This led to anupre fight. was.hope they reunite.adiya talking about them esp wife part was cute

  2. Wow amazing , so after so long , aww that alst dialogue that she was fighting like a wife ????? superb and post soon

  3. Wow amazing , so after so long , aww that alst dialogue that she was fighting like a wife ????? superb and post soonish can’t wait anymore ??

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