Our Limitless Love(A Riansh FF) chapter :: 65


Next day VR mansion!


In study room,

Angre:- days are passing off and so are the changes of getting her back, according to you!


Vansh:- I know!!!! (Busy in file)


Angre:- all the best , then! I am not helping you!!!!


Vansh:- areee!

Saying he shuts his laptop and sees angre moving out of the room!


Angre went out without letting him complete!


Vansh’s pov,

Woaahhhh!  Behaving as if I was dying to take his help… 😑!

Not helping, fine!!!

I will help myself!

Pov ends,


He gets up and walks to the kitchen and takes a bottle if water, drank half of it and kept the bottle back on the kitchen cabinet platform, and walked off to his car,with his  one hand in his pocket and whistling, busy in phone.

He droves off somewhere!







Meanwhile KR mansion,


Ridhima reached there! As she again took leave today!

Sejal:- what a pleasant surprise!

Ridhima:- u liked!

Sejal:- loved!


Aryan who was standing back!

Aryan:- am I visible???


Ridhima:- yesss!

Saying she hugged him and wished afternoon!


Then she saw Kabir descending down the stairs in extreme stress, distraught and fear!


He asked aryan to come out till car near the gate, completely ignoring ridhima!

Ridhima was confused by his sudden unexpected reaction!


Aryan and Kabir went near the car, Kabir told something to him and he returned back, even he seemed shocked!


He was taking slow steps in the house back, his face showing stress, fear, pain!


Sejal and ridhima were totally not understanding what was happening to them and there reactions!


Sejal pov

What happened to Kabir?

He never ignored ridhu like this?

Pov ends


Ridhima’s pov

What happened to Bhai ?he never ignored me like this and it was visible that he was stressed and fearing and shocked but about what? and Aryan also after you came from the gate is behaving the same, what happened? Is everything ok?

Let mee aşk!

Pov ends!



Ridhima jumps on sofa like children to sit, expecting aryan to get irritated!

But he didn’t reacted!

Upon seeing that he didn’t reacted, she asked him directly!


She saw sejal’s face sitting in front of her and sejal nodded , as if she asked her should she ask and she allowed! In sign language


Ridhima-: if you don’t mind! What bhai told you that you are so stressed like him?


No response!


Ridhima:- aryan! (Slowly)


No response.


Ridhima:- (loudly ) willl youuu telllllll, aryannnnnn???


Aryan got irritated and shouted back in the same voice!


Aryan:- what! Bhai went to an accident spot!


Ridhima:- so, it’s his work !

She said in a cool tone.


Aryan:- but that work turns difficult when, someone close is supposed to be met with an accident!


Ridhima:- what you mean!?

She said looking at aryan’s face.





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